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General view of the atmosphere during The American Express Publishing Luxury Summit 2013 at St. XOJET Inc Senior Director of Marketing Cynthia Badiey (L) and Automobili Lamborghini America LLC Head of Marketing and Finance Sascha Doering attend The American Express Publishing Luxury Summit 2013 at St. That's the Spirit!A customer who practiced in Flight Sim flies a rare airplane and writes to tell us about it.
Old-Fashioned NavigationBefore GPS, pilots relied on landmarks, maps, speed calculations, and the compass for guidance. Importing Aircraft into FSXA two part series outlining the nuts and bolts of adding more aircraft to your virtual hangar. My friends at Flight Ontario, a freeware scenery design group based in you-can-guess-which-Province in Canada, are working on a project I'm personally very excited about: they're going to be doing scenery add-ons that recreate all of the World War II training bases in Canada that were part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP). The BCATP was the largest aviation training program in history, graduating more than 167,000 aircrew from countries all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the United States, to name a few. Anyway, the Flight Ontario team needs help, and I'm more than happy to pass along their request. A much older but equally unusual aircraft that is also slated to fly at AirVenture is Jack and Kate Tiffany's beautifully restored 1932 Pitcairn PA-18 Autogiro.
I got this note a while back from reader Jim Dhaenens who'd set up a Flight Simulator display at a recent event, and thought it was too good not to share. I'm not a Community Evangelist, but I played one yesterday at the Museum of Women Pilots during their open house here in Oklahoma City.
I went at he behest of the Oklahoma Chapter Chairman of the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots, Liz Lundin. Being a relatively recent convert to Flight Simulator (I got my first copy 4 years ago) I thought that everyone knew what it was and what it did.
Our ongoing appreciation goes out to everyone at Flight Ontario for building great scenery and for bringing the world of flight simulation to so many people!

In Free Flight, we'll share news and stories about Flight Simulator and the people who use it. Maus – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Maus is a graphic novel completed in 1991 by american cartoonist art spiegelman. Graphic design tutorials : graphic design software, Graphic design resources directory graphic design graphics portal resources. Stuart Foster, (R) Vice President of Marketing, Luxury Brands, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, and guest attend Peacock Alley by Waldorf Astoria during The American Express Publishing Luxury Summit 2013 at St. Pilots were trained largely in Canadian-built DH-82C Tiger Moths, which is where my interest truly began. These bases, as you'd expect, were covered with row after row of airplanes - Moths, Finches, Cranes, Ansons, etc. Looking like a cross between a Fleet biplane and a helicopter, the Pitcairn and Cierva autogiros of the 30's were wonderful innovations that eventually gave birth to and were eclipsed by the modern helicopter. They had the usual stuff I guess: helicopters landing on the lawn, pilots of all ilk, male and female wandering about telling stories.
She also happens to be the Executive Director of Curtiss-Wright Wiley Post Hanger, Inc., the folks I intended to benefit from my Wiley Post Airport scenery. They also pack up computers and people and joysticks and things and set up Flight Simulator demo stations at seemingly every aviation event north of the US and east of Manitoba. To get the scenery just right, then, they'll need as many of these different types of aircraft as possible modeled as low-poly static scenery objects, and, hopefully, some models that can be used for AI. The Museum has some pretty cool stuff on women in aviation but as with most world changing applications of physics, the differences are overshadowed by the subject matter. Some folks couldn't believe they could go out to the local Wal Mart or Circuit City and get it. I'm humbled by their dedication, grateful for their contributions, and always a little embarrassed that we can't do more to help.

Gyros, to sloppily lump them all together, have been right on the cusp of a second renaissance for the past decade or so, thanks to companies like Carter Copter, Groen Brothers Aviation, and the Butterfly LLC, makers of another retro-futurist dream, a flying motorcycle!All of them owe something to Harold Pitcairn and his designs - the chance to see this PA-18, one of only two original Pitcairn autogiros that are known to be flyable, simply can't be missed—I can't wait! Their most recent demo was at an open house at Vintage Wings of Canada in Gatineau, Quebec.
Again!June 20, 2008Inarguably one of the best things about the Flight Simulator series (and, arguably, one of the best kept secrets) is its extensibility. VWOC is home to a beautiful collection of old airplanes that, like our local Flying Heritage Collection, are flown regularly. They've got a Mustang, a Spitfire, a Hurricane, and even a Fairey Swordfish, to name but a few.
Some of the most famous (and, ahem, second-most widely used) flight simulators in history are the Link Trainer series, produced and sold from the 1930s through the 1950s.
There were a number of different models, but most of them were enclosed cockpits on motion platforms with fully functional panels and no external display.
A friend of mine refers to it as the only piece of software he owns that gets upgraded every single day. There are a number of surviving examples, and it's common to see them set up in museums (the picture at right is from the Hiller Museum in San Carlos, CA.) What's considerably less common, however, is the chance to actually try one.
One group of people that always goes above and beyond in terms of expanding the hobby is a group of scenery designers called Flight Ontario.
Well, if you're a student in North Carolina, you can have that chance and even log the time, thanks to Ed Frye, the chair of Guilford Technical Community College's Transportation Systems Technology division.

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