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As always, the shopping cart website layout comes as a Photoshop file with full layers in folders, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your design needs. The infographics advantage is that, using them, you can make complex materials understandable and entertaining. We took care of the design quality, you can download a Infographic PSD template for free, and use it in order to visualize data.
If you want some more, and the contain of the package isn’t enough for you, and if you want to get all the elements in a vector format, you can purchase the premium version of this pack.
Thanks for the freebi but seriously, putting the download button after the comments section and not in the article(both at the start or end works) is one of the best examples of bad User Experience I’ve ever seen.

However, creating a piece of infographics is quite difficult, since you need to collect a lot of information and provide it with quality design.
The question should be formulated so as to be able to present it in graphical design, and so as to let the answer be brief. Using infographics is quite comfortable, when you need to quickly and efficiently explain some complex information or statistical data. However, it would be surprising, if there was no possibility to create infographics on your own in the Internet. You will surely make a good first impression to your future employers, just download the CV template and edit it with Adobe Photoshop.

We’ve designed various column styles and paragpraphs for your biography, employment history, skills, contacts and any other info that could be important. We made it easy for you to edit the CV template – all layers are grouped and named properly, so you just need a few minutes to graze it.

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