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To design, produce, and prepare my non-ficton book, An Artist Empowered, I relied excluisvely on the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat 8 Professional (the suite is also bundled with Flash and Dreamweaver, which I used to create my website). Bookmark this page for future reference when you do begin your adventure in POD publishing. Finding a publisher, from mainstream corporate to smaller independent houses, for your manuscript is possible, an approach that most often, although not necessarily, involves finding an agent who thinks your work is marketable. If your book will be limited to yourself, relatives, and friends, Word may be sufficient for your POD needs. Also, note that 140 publishers had rejected the bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul, and that The Celestine Prophecy was first self-published before it caught the attention of a mainstream publisher—and went on to hit the big time in sales. My first book Kiteworks was published in 1989 by Sterling Publishing; then, in 2002, a revised paperback version was released titled The Magnificent Book of Kites. Having learned from the traditional system and now POD publishing, I would of course want to work with an established publisher who would champion my work and offer an advance against royalties.
The POD route to publishing as described in this article is for those with a fire in the belly who can muster the required stamina to compete and stand out. While having creative control over content and design through Lulu, writers are, however, limited to certain formats in size. The aide took the report in hand and went about rewriting it; the next day, he proudly handed the work to Kissinger. Grammarian PRO X, the writer's toolkit, is an arsenal of professional writing tools: a universal interactive grammar checking, smart spelling checking, dictionary, thesaurus, autocorrect, and styled-text autotype tool that works with virtually every program on your computer. Keep in mind that proofreading for typos and grammatical consistency is not editing—which is about clarifying your meaning. Another tool I found to be indispensable during my extensive research phase is NoteTaker from AquaMinds. NoteTaker allowed me to see everything at a glance, which greatly simplified the task of structuring the complexities, content, and chapters of my book as it developed over time. After your manuscript has been proofread and fine tuned, you will have to layout the content in your desired format with a page layout program.
After designing the layout of your book with InDesign, you’ll have to import your text into the page layout program. InDesign provides all the professional tools you need to construct the look and feel of your book—from text to images to cover design.
See the sidebar for my tutorial picks—I used them all to help me understand and, to a satisfying degree, master the necessary basics of InDesign. Instead of fitting into a template, designing the layout of your pages and cover will make your book stand out from the POD herd. In most cases you will want Lulu’s Published by You distribution service for $50 (limited time offer).
Interior page design and book cover considerations are essential for all formats; take the time necessary to develop your master pages (unique InDesign templates for the pages in your book). Regardless of the format you choose, you have to allow adequate space for margins—inside, outside, and top and bottom. Non-fiction books are typically more complex to design, as they have more elements on the page. Here are further clarifications and a few tips for the book elements required for retail distribution. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN), which goes on the copyright page, is assigned to you through Lulu when you publish your book. A Library of Congress catalog card number is a unique identification number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalog record created for each book in its cataloged collections.
The preassignment of an LCCN does not guarantee that the Library will catalog the title to which it has been preassigned. When publishers provide a CIP block on the copyright page of a book, they are helping librarians (including the Library of Congress) enter information about the book into the library's on-line catalog (OPAC). You might be tempted to do the CIP block yourself; I would discourage this impulse, as the block must conform to cryptic notations, including the correct number for the Dewey Decimal System. In addition to the physical layout of your text, you will have to choose a main typeface (font); when selecting one typeface family, choose one with a number of variations for flexibility with your text design. Keep in mind that readability and legibility are paramount; readability refers to whether a long block of text, such as an article or book, is easy to read.
Kerning is the process of adding or subtracting space between specific pairs of characters. As you explore the basics of typography, you will find yourself reading about hanging indents, the em-dash, vertical justification, baseline options, a hairline white space, and so on—all typographic tools designed to make your words in print appear in an appealing and readable manner. As you will come to appreciate, InDesign automatically flows text through your columns with good results; however, it still requires your attention to address issues, most often minor, that crop up. Like a widow, an orphan is a single word, part of a word or very short line, except it appears at the beginning of a column or a page. Note too that when you add or delete text (or adding a white hair space between letters that are too close), InDesign may also reflow (adjust) text within the entire column—you can see this happening as paragraphs reflow.
Another issue you might run into is the length of a chapter, which may fall short (too much white space) on the recto (right hand) page; again, as the author you can either add content to flesh out the page, or edit out text as required so that the chapter ends on the verso (left hand) page. For your non-fiction work to be considered by libraries and readers as well, you will need an index—a formidable project that separates the indexers from the wannabes.
I had marginally thought about an index while I was writing my book, but doing it only hit me when I came to that point in the production. With Index Pro, you don't have to mark entries or search endlessly for every entry; my book has over 125,000 words. Success with Sonar Bookends Index Pro depends largely on comprehending the accompanying manual. After you have your index, you must then flow the listings into your InDesign index layout, which you have prepared in advance with proper (usually 3) columns (set up with master pages), styles, etc. Once I got into the rhythm of this well-conceived InDesign plug-in, Sonar Bookends Index Pro saved me many weeks, if not months, of tedious work. Book cover design is a profession, and you can hire a designer (make sure this person is a book designer, not another type of designer). While it may seem to be self-evident, begin by examining book covers in your local bookstore with a critical eye for what appeals to you and why; how was the design (color, type, images) accomplished? I’ve included screenshots in the sidebar of how I prepared my PDF documents for printing with Lulu. Dragging the PostScript file from the desktop into Distiller’s window automatically launches the process of converting the file into a PDF, which Distiller saves to the desktop. Now that you have run the file through Distiller and Preflight, this final PDF of your book can be uploaded to Lulu through their website—which is a simple and straightforward step-by-step process.
You will have to go through a similar route with a few minor changes for preparing the color PDF of your one-piece book cover. In addition to Acrobat 8 Professional’s great print production tools, I enlisted Acrobat as an integral part of my editing process. Once your book is uploaded and accepted, it is now published through Lulu, but not yet for distribution through other retail booksellers like Amazon. Going in I realized that Lulu would be an excellent way to publish, market, and sell my book through website booksellers. Bookstores depend on the economy of scale available to large publishers and print distributors—which involves wholesale and retail pricing, and the benefit of returning unsold books to the publisher for a full refund. In addition to your book in print, you can also market your work as an ebook PDF download (for a lower retail price) directly from Lulu. It is in your best economic interests to drive customers to buy through Lulu, as your royalty will be significantly higher than when your book is, for example, purchased through Amazon.
You will have to confront many marketing decisions to successfully drive readers to your book. Admittedly, we have covered a lot of ground in this article, touching on many tools you will need, and decisions you will have to make if you decide that designing your own book for POD publishing is for you. In addition to the advantages already mentioned for designing your own book, I encountered an unexpected benefit.
I noted that many new thoughts and insights came up during the design and typographic process of laying out the text.
Being in control at the design stage of book production gave me an edge in fine-tuning my words, as I was the author and could make changes quickly in the InDesign document. Of course, I also styled the text and subheads, and added typographic touches to my own satisfaction; again, its doubtful that a mainstream publisher would have invested as much time and passion in the production of this book as I did.
As the writer, designer, and publisher, I often felt like that image of a one-man band—someone who played a variety of instruments with, at least, some virtuosity.
InDesign CS3 is a professional page layout program with all the power tools required for getting the job done. Also note that POD publishing is not the same as a vanity press, which most often involves thousands of dollars up front with a minimum order of books.

However, should you find a mainstream publisher, your book is married to their marketing effort—for better or worse. Lulu allows you to design your own book cover; faq's on their website will answer most of your questions on how to proceed. Lulu binding options: while you can control the cover and interior content of your book, you must still choose the size and binding type from a selection of popular formats. Grammarian Pro X: I used this top of the lIne Spelling and Grammar checker with great results. InDesign: Word import filters and mapping allow you to control Word styles so they don't conflict with any existing InDesign styles upon import. BarcodeMaker, an InDesign plug-in from Teacup Software, generates a professional barcode for your book.
Typographic tools: kerning is the process of adding or subtracting space between specific pairs of characters.
Typefitter, an InDesign plug-in, automatically loosens or tightens selected text to suit your needs.
Index Pro: with preview hits engaged, you can view each hit in context to decide whether the word is indexed or not. Lulu requires those creating their own covers to upload the book cover (front, spine, and back) as a one-piece PDF file. Lulu's Content Creation Wizard is a step-by-step guide for uploading your content for publication.
10 Microsoft Publisher Brochure Golf Template Options: Download & Customize These Great Templates! Some of the golf brochure templates listed in this guide are free of charge while others are available for a fee, but they are all compatible with current versions of MS Publisher and are customizable to suit your needs. This month’s expansion of Facebook Instant Articles to all publishers and the recent inclusion of AMP formatted articles in Google search results, means publishers need more options and tools to help them distribute their content in these new formats. Workbench delivers traditional web content in Instant Articles format and places Facebook Audience Network ads automatically within those articles. Checkered flag graphics are so widely used because they are so easy to apply to a design of the artist's choosing and will add that traditional racing touch incredibly easily. The Checkered Pattern: There is the checkered pattern itself which is the bare bones design that isn't attached to anything.
Books distributed by conventional publishers are perceived to be of higher quality in both presentation and content than POD books. You can write your book in Word, as I did, but you will then need a dedicated page layout application like Adobe InDesign. On balance, however, if that's not possible for whatever the reason, writers now have a viable and wonderful alternative. If your work does dovetail with previous norms of success, you might interest a mainstream publisher. The Internet is rich with resources; Lulu, for example, offers helpful user forums, plus information on how the publishing industry is organized, including retail and wholesale pricing, and how distribution channels operate. While both were enthusiastic (we see you on Oprah) about my work, after some time, however, it became evident to me that they were intent on squeezing the theme out of the book.
Still, don’t enter into any written contract (literary agents or publshers) that ties up your work for an extended period of time.
I was resistant to confining my work to a choice of templates and standardized book covers offered by the various POD houses. However, later that same day, Kissinger called the aide into his office and asked him to rewrite it. Again, later that afternoon, Kissinger gave the report back to the aide with the instructions to rewrite it.
Grammarian works interactively or in batch correction mode and automatically starts working in your applications to correct spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation. I found a reliable and thorough proofreader (Angel Editing) at a reasonable rate through the Lulu website; and even then I reread the manuscript several times, and both my mother and sister were pressed into service as a proofreaders.
There is a learning curve to comprehending the fundamentals; fortunately, help is available through books, online and DVD tutorials, and the Adobe InDesign user-to-user forums.
While most of these links are for CS2 tutorial versions, the CS3 versions are also now available.
This Lulu service allows you, the author, to register and become your own publisher, and purchase your own unique ISBN from the official US ISBN Agency.
If your book contains artwork that extends into the margins, then, to insure that the image prints (bleeds off the page) properly, you will need to allow for bleed: the amount of artwork that falls outside of the printing bounding box, or outside the crop marks and trim marks. Your ISBN also appears, with the retail price in most cases, in the barcode label that goes on the back cover. Librarians use it to locate a specific Library of Congress catalog record in the national databases and to order catalog cards from the Library of Congress or from commercial suppliers. I found a reliable Cataloger-At-Large who provides a CIP service for $50, a reasonable rate. Typefaces are readable when the reader doesn't stop to think about the typeface instead of the message. Educate yourself in what looks good on the page, how words look (too loose, too tight), and how they break in a sentence. A widow is considered poor typography because it leaves too much white space between paragraphs or at the bottom of a page.
In composing your pages, if all else fails to achieve the desired look, you, as the author, can adjust the text by editing the copy. Make sure additions or deletions don’t cause other problems with a visual check of the text in the rest of the column, and onto the next page. Keep in mind that not all indexes are created equal: some are good while others fall short. InDesign provides a comprehensive Index building engine, which requires a methodical and time-consuming approach to each entry. You can build an index based on word frequency, proper nouns, subjects of sentences, a list of words and phrases you supply, or any combination of the four.
Fortunately, Sonar Bookends has a feature (which you can select if so desired) that makes verification of hits a lot easier. After Index Pro sorts and builds this list (words and phrases are listed as Boolean expressions), you then select appropriate settings in the create index dialog box. For those designing their own book cover, you must follow Lulu's format specifications (which include proper spine dimensions, barcode placement, etc.) for your one-piece PDF (one document) cover. While I have read about freeware PDF for Windows and other PostScript alternatives for Mac users, I have no experience with these alternatives. Open the newly created PDF with Acrobat and check a few random pages to ensure the content is correct. This means each copy costs the same to manufacture, as there is no economy of scale as when publishing thousands at one time.
Many books have been written about marketing—you will have to discern what works in the real world, and how you fit in, or better yet, stand out. If, however, you’re looking to sell your book primarily through bookstores, then Lulu might not be for you.
Since there are no production costs when you offer your work in the download format, Lulu will host your published work for free. Unless you have a particular motive, don’t volunteer that your book is either POD or self-published, unless, of course, someone asks. Of course, if you opted for a distribution package (which includes other retailers) offered through Lulu, most customers would still buy through Amazon—where your book will get more traffic and exposure. You must have a clear idea of who will most likely buy your book, as this will temper and focus your marketing and public relations effort.
As the publisher, it is your task to make the public aware of your work—this represents a significant commitment in time and effort.
You might want to investigate other POD publishers to find out whether their features might best suit your publishing needs. Everyone, it seems, is asking for attention, so give your public a compelling reason (benefits) for listening to you. Working with my own words within an InDesign layout allowed me to further develop my thoughts where needed. In the movie industry your published book would be billed as: written, produced, and directed by you. If you need golf-related publications, check out this Microsoft Publisher golf template collection to help you produce custom brochures quickly.
Click on any image to view a larger version of it and click on the download page link to access a particular golf template.
This article contains five examples of checkered flag graphics as well as the uses and differences between several popular designs.

This can range from animal races, such as horse, dog, and ostrich to vehicle races such as NASCAR, Formula One, and Motocross.
It is highly popular amongst companies that design, sell, or race vehicles because it is so recognizable, identifies well with enthusiasts, and symbolizes how their products are going to see the checkered flag first. This design can be easily be edited and applied to just about anything like the border of a page, a page separator, background for a banner, or along the binding of a scrapbook. My experience with preparing my book for POD publishing over this past year will give you a picture of the workflow. Your book production and presentation values must be of a standard considered professional. A publisher or agent may not grasp the inherent value of what you have written, or that there is a market for your book. It's clear that if you can produce a professionally designed book and market it yourself through whatever means necessary, then the reward is equal to your dedication.
However, should you find a publisher, your book is married to their marketing effort—for better or worse.
This way, if things don’t work out as planned, time will release all concerned from their mutual agreement.
Then, one afternoon, I had lunch with a friend who is also a senior acquisitions editor for a major New York City publisher. A few months later I discovered Lulu, a POD company that also featured an option for writers to design the entire book themselves, and there were no hefty setup charges, either. When he was Secretary of State, one of his aides was responsible for a writing assignment that had to be completed by the next day. Grammarian Pro X from Linguisoft (MacOS X System) is the top of line for checking spelling and grammar. Use the built-in dictionary assistant to look up definitions and verify the correct choice of words. Typos and other grammatical mistakes break the flow of your words, diffusing the power of the content, regardless of its merit. The import dialog options box features style mapping, a new feature that provides greater control and insures that the imported text looks as expected. For an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of InDesign, I recommend beginning your education with the InDesign tutorial by Steve Holmes from Total Training.
Lulu has partnered with print vendors for printing books on demand when booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent stores, and libraries place orders for your book. Find a published book with a format that appeals to you, and then reverse engineer, adapting from that model to develop the design for your book.
Legibility most often refers to whether a short amount of text, such as a headline or subhead, is easily recognizable. There are excellent books available on typography, including InDesign Type by Nigel French.
Adding or deleting a word or two in an appropriate section of the paragraph most often resolves the typography issue. After evaluating my options, I opted for Sonar Bookends Index Pro, an InDesign plug-in from Virginia Systems; this excellent plug-in is both an automatic index and table of contents generator.
First and last names can be reversed automatically, duplicate entries removed, and a multiple-level index generated.
For example, each occurrence of each phrase being indexed can be viewed in context to determine if that occurrence should be in the index.
Begin by selecting all the files (the interior of the book) in your InDesign book palette; then, from the flyout menu, choose print book.
When laying out the cover with InDesign, you did follow Lulu’s cover specs, including, among other elements, how wide the spine must be to accommodate the number of pages in your book and the proper placement of the barcode. From this arrangement I was able to search my entire book and make any necessary corrections to my InDesign documents; and with the full two-page spread in view, I could also make an onscreen visual check of page design and formatting. Also, whenever you edit your InDesign document, you can also easily compound things by adding a new error through incorrectly selecting and deselecting text, and page hopping. The economics of print on demand prohibits the large discounts required by bookstores to stock books.
And, of course, it is also possible to convince a local brick and mortar bookseller that you have a quality product—and there are POD writers who have been successful via this route. While the focus of my book is about empowering artists to persevere, there is also material about Zen Buddhism, art history, psychology, motivation, and the art market—related areas of interest for my public relations strategy.
You can, of course, hire professionals to handle marketing, public relations, reviews, and endorsements. Seeing your text in a professional layout spread helps you focus and see relationships in the content that’s not possible when reading the same information in your word-processor document. When you are not thinking about writing, or art for that matter, originality of form and insights spontaneously emerge with regularity. Checkered flags represent the finish of a race as the winner of the race crosses the finish line on the final lap of the race.
The graphics are also great for those putting together a scrapbook both traditionally or digitally for racing enthusiasts or families that partake in the sport as a racer. The only downside to using the checkered pattern itself is that it is not a checkered flag. Free advertising flyers and templates are available both through Microsoft Word and on the Internet.
Most non-fiction gets the green light on the basis of a sound outline, a few sample chapters, and the author's marketing plan, which describes the audience. You might have to experiment with this import filter, which when running smoothly is an incredible time saver! Under certain circumstances, however, a card number can be assigned before the book is published through the Preassigned Card Number Program (PCN).
Although InDesign does a fine job of automating many typographic functions as in kerning and tracking, you will run into situations where you will have to adjust text manually within the text frames of your document. Occurrences can then be selected or deselected for indexing quickly and easily, with all the information needed to make the decision at hand. Your book cover, back cover, and even the interior, will also be scrutinized by potential buyers on a website bookseller.
My website and book press release, for example, notes that books purchased through Lulu allows me to make a donation to the Human Society of the United States.
If you plan to hire talent, do your homework and get referrals so that you end up retaining reputable professionals. I did quite a bit of writing, and general tweaking directly in my InDesign documents, sometimes using the Story Editor. The signature checker pattern can be seen on a lot of different designs both on and off the track because it's so simple and well-designed.
Though since it is one half of the puzzle it's not difficult to open up Photoshop or GIMP and add your own flag pole either from an existing graphic or one of your own designs.
Use any of these free examples, customize it to match your company colors, and you'll have a personalized flyer to use with minimal cost and effort. Like each generalization, there are always exceptions to the formula—so be creative and don't give credence to naysayers. Buyers also respond to titles and subtitles that inform them about the subject and benefits of the book. Here's an informative article on blog tours from The New York Times, and take a look at BookTour as well. The contrast between black and white is probably the starkest and most recognizable while the simple alternating square pattern can be easily made to fit any dimension and is easily drawn.
Using a pre-existing checkered pattern to do this can speed up the process to making a checkered flag of your own design. Here are a few of the free examples of advertising flyers in which you can use as templates. Fiction is significantly easier to design and layout than non-fiction, which often contains many complexities, as it did with my own book. Some of these have been created by me and available as a free download right here on the Bright Hub website.
Generally, publishers allocate most of their marketing dollars for their bestselling authors. Others are recommended places for top templates - the links to these are included at the end of the article.

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