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Instead of searching and wasting time over internet for some good free music, you can just visit Streema and play your favorite music station in few clicks. Need not to mention that you don’t require paying a single penny for accessing your favorite radio stations at Streema. Registration is not mandatory and anyone visiting the website gets instant access to all radio stations. Alternatively, you can pick a free online radio station selecting the category for featured radio station. You must know that some of the online radio stations might not be functional for a number of reasons. You may also read our posts on these InternetRadio, Live365, and free internet radio sites. Free Radio Stations Online: Listen or Create - ElleXRay Toggle navigation HomeMusic Education Mindset for Songwriting Vocal Exercises From A Pro ! Most of the media players out there are more geared towards playing music from the files that you have on your system, and some provide option to play YouTube videos as well. Muziic comes from a start-up company, and is developed by a 16 years old developer David Nelson. In terms of customization, Muziic lets you change the skins of the player, and provides tons of free skins (My favorite skins still continue to come with Winamp – they not only change the color of the player, but change the whole shape).
Muziic is a really great music player, that has been well thought of and addresses the need of today’s music lovers.
Some of the internet radio stations are absolutely for free to use by the users, but some radio stations offer premium and paid version to broadcast quality music and entertaining programs without ads.
You can browse a radio station by countries, cities, and music genres including jazz, Indian, pop, folk, rock, R&B, classical, Caribbean, blues, and others. AccuWeather focusing on weather updates, C-SPAN broadcasting current affairs, Radio Paradise, KissFM Romania and many other streaming radio stations are available for users to listen around the globe. Free internet radio stations allow you to preset your favorite songs’ or artists’ list using a media player toolbar.
Samir Karnik Films Samir Karnik, is a movie director, producer and script writer of bollywood family dramas like Kyun Ho Gaya Na, Nanhe Jaisalmer, Heroes, Vaada Raha, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Char Din Ki Chandni etc. Anyhow, by registering you will be able to create list of your favorite online radio stations and access them directly without searching for them again. I tried many free online radio stations at Streema; most of them streamed properly but not a few.

The main highlight of Streema is about availability of so many online radio station in multiple niches. Free online platforms are readily available for you to exploit and I use them every day for inspiration or for discovering the next person I want to collaborate with.
However, they have still not accustomed to the fact that most of the music that we like to hear is from internet, and trend of downloading the music files is going to decrease down the line.
Surprisingly, it still beats those top of the line media players in the way it integrates everything together.
Muziic then searches the biggest music catalog in the world for your specified keywords – YouTube. Only thing I wish it had was the option to download YouTube songs to the local hard drive so that I can play my playlist even in the rare case that I am not connected to internet.
Almost 18, 000 internet radio stations are broadcasting news, sports, music, and multiple entertainment programs.
And through that media player toolbar you can add an unlimited number of radio stations of your own choice, and accordingly you can remove a radio station from your presets.
You will also be able to access talk, news, and other sorts of online radio stations as well. The list of available radio stations at Streema is quite large and we suggest you to devote few extra minutes. Being up to date and original is crucial for the longevity of a songwriter’s career, I can’t stress it more. So, its high time they start they start integrating all these sources of music together in the player, instead of as separate options.
Internet radio uses streaming media to play an audio document; you can not replay or download an audio track from an internet radio station.
Free radio stations provide you an online listening of your desired music; yet with a free internet radio station, you encounter 50% ads.
Muziic also lets you surf YouTube channels to select your favorite channels and listen to those directly. In a survey, it has been documented that more than 20% of population only in US is addicted to listen an internet radio. You need to register yourself for free if you want to access of an internet radio’ services.
Muziic also shows a video screen on the right that shows the video associated with your chosen song.

Here is in my opinion the best free radio stations online you can find.  Not only for those who want to listen to music!
You require a network media player like Winamp, VLC, or Realplayer to listen your favorite music over internet radio stations. Apart form this, Muziic also lets you stream videos from any other cloud based services by providing URL of the file. This means that you do not have to switch between tabs (as in other players) to play songs from different sources.
The charm of an internet radio station lies that you can get an access to your desired radio station from everywhere in the world. Once you have created your playlist, Muziic automatically manages where should it pull that song from – Youtube, your local drive, or from cloud.
It means that if you are living in Asian country and want to listen to an American radio station, you feel not to be panic because through your internet connection you are able to access your desired internet radio station.
This happens completely transparently to you, and only thing you need to do is just sit back and enjoy your music.
Yet it is also to be noticed that some internet radio stations are available only within its country’ territory because of music licensing policies forbidding some radio stations to broadcast music in all over the world. A super cool mobile application which makes broadcasters’ life easier when it comes to managing their radio stations. I’d love to have my own radio station and operating from the beach of my favorite island, under the sun with a cold cocktail by my side.
The App allows you to manage your radio station from anywhere I in the world.VIP 5 day trialWith 5000+ radio stations to choose from, as a listener you can enjoy a 5 day free trial. But you can also listen to it in the comfort of your home on devices like SONOS, Roku, WDTV, Grace Digital Wireless Radio, Tangent, TiVo, and others.Get money, Get money!If you are an artist or a DJ broadcasting your music on Live365, the site will help you earn money by giving you a portion of the subscription fee of your listeners.
Ok it’s another good way for them to encourage you to push your fans into subscribing to the VIP option, which is a great marketing technique. Nevertheless, it’s a good incentive.I don’t think you should look further for free radio stations online. 1421 Views The Secret Behind Successful DJ Drops 1007 Views 13 Top Songs You Never Knew Were About Touching Yourself!

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