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This Reading Comprehension Worksheet – Grandma is Always Sewing is for teaching reading comprehension.
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Sometimes you just want a quick check to make sure they understood the book and to maybe get some measurement for rewards!!! I love this, with a kindergartener and a 1st graders it would be a great way to see what level they are at as the years go on.
Alphabet worksheets are perfect for preschool reading lessons, especially when it comes to phonics. When teaching reading using phonics, first teach the sound of each letter, then lead the children in blending those sounds into words.
I do not believe that reading always has to serve some great academic purpose but still you want to make sure the kids are understanding what they are reading.
There are some great sites with quick and simple reading comprehension tests for tons of books.
You input what rewards are available to your student and then track what quizzes they take.

Not only do they have a ton of quizzes available for K-8th but they also have a Young Adult section(with the Hunger Games;)!
It’s best to start with consonant letters, as they are the most concrete in their sounds (though there can be exceptions). There are a lot of good sources for these plans, so just do some looking around on your favorite search engine and you’ll find plenty of things to use. An occasional book report is a great option or even a story board or lapbook but you don’t always have time (or care) to do a huge project. Even with all the technology we have today, with CDs, DVDs, and computers, there is simply no substitute for good worksheets for teaching reading to preschoolers.
Vowels, which can be a bit more fluid in sound, should be taught next, with clear distinctions made between the short and long sounds of each vowel and where and how those sounds are used. You can print these worksheets out over and over again for students whenever they need them, and can keep a master copy for yourself to use year after year. They are also great tools to make sure your children don’t suffer the summer slide when it comes to reading by them staying engaged and reading!
You have your choice of HTML version where you answer all the questions at once or a more quiz like format.

Knowing how to teach the alphabet using phonics allows students to connect spoken to written language. You can use the lively graphics on the worksheets to engage children while you teach them the sounds of the various letters. Worksheets with diagrams that show these concepts and that are entertaining to children help reinforce the sounds and help children learn to read better and more quickly than children who don’t have the benefit of phonics worksheets. Of course, you’ll probably want to go online frequently to find new and updated worksheets to keep new classes of children entertained while they are learning. I think that most of the books are really 4th grade and under but there are a variety of Harry Potter books also. After all, phonics is all about associating the sound of the letter with the appearance of the letter. Just remember, the foundation of reading begins with alphabet worksheets, so choose them well and they will give your students a skill they can always use.

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