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Romantic and action-filled, the rich world of Steel Maiden is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like,Throne of Glass, Graceling and The Girl of Fire and Thorns. IN A LAND WHERE MAGIC IS BANNED and cruel high priests rule, Elena steals the most valuable jewel in the Empire in the hopes of selling it to start a new life. Yet in that moment she is given a choice — death or become one of the high priests’ champions in The Great Race.
She is the author of the SOUL GUARDIANS series, the MYSTICS series, and the DIVIDED REALMS series.
In the Crown Shop you can hire a high leveled Henchman Wizard from any school to come to your aid!

Elena is catapulted without warning into the bloodiest race in all the realms, forced to compete with a man she hates while she develops a growing passion for another. Kim’s books are available in print editions, and translations are available in over 7 languages. She struggles to understand her special skills and her mysterious healing powers that she must keep secret. There are also mounts to suit any school that not only look really cool, but let your Wizard travel 40% faster to get game quests done much faster. Within a world built on religious sects and dangerous secrets, she becomes a woman torn between obligation and desire, between a man she supposedly hates and another.

As Elena comes to terms with her own secret, she discovers the truth behind the race and must stop the ancient, wicked evil that threatens all living things before it’s too late.

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