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Comprehensive word templates repository to download hundreds of free word templates, including resume templates, calendar templates, invoice templates, etc. When a new patient walks into a hospital or to a health care organization to get some treatment about their condition, there will be a new patient registration form that they need to fill out.
Some information that they need to fill out are their name, address, email, sex, weight, height, date of birth, emergency contact and health history.
This kind of form will provide the healthcare organization not only about their new patient personal detailed information such as name and address but it also can help the medical staff in there to make a quick assessment of the patient condition based on the information that the patient provides in the form.
While the first part of the form was a standard thing that almost every form for any purpose must be filled out, there are several items that make it different from any other form.

You will need to arrange the time, the place, the content of the event itself, and in some cases you will also need to arrange the guest attendance to your event. Emergency contact for example, it will allow the hospital to contact the closest person just in case something happen to the patient. But since the information that needed would probably different for every event, you will need to set it up to fit at your event.
You will also need to register your event to the authorities or else making a register form for your visitors. For example when you have a seminar event, you will need some main information like the email address, the organization or institution where the visitor comes from, or even maybe a meal choice when you decided to offer a vegetarian meal for the visitors.

This part is the most challenging part in making an event registration form because you can’t miss any information that need on the form.

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