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There are a number of factors that should be considered before buying a vacation home to determine if it’s the right decision for you. In that way, your seasonal tenants at least partially subsidize the cost of you owning your vacation home. As a rule, vacation properties make poor investments anyway, at least from an income standpoint.
As a company we can offer you the alternative accomodation type while you are staying in istanbul. Sirketimiz A°stanbul ve Marmara bolgesinde kA±sa ve uzun sure konaklama yapmak isteyenlere kiralik daire ve ev hizmeti vermektedir. Taksim Cihangir Small Flats :Taksim Flats are will meet your expectations at a superior level of service. Taksim Entes Studio Flats :Resting in Entes – Apart Otel is an impression of living Istanbul like an inhabitant of old Pera. Palace Walls.Besiktas Housez Suites :With its modern architecture and ultimate comfort-providing design, there is now a new hotel in Macka! Sultanahmet Flat has 5 Floors & located in the center of old town just behind the Byzantine hippodrome.

If you develop a strong attachment to a place you want to go to again and again, owning a vacation home in that location makes a lot of sense.
It could be house at a favorite beach or even one located close to a major attraction, such as Disney World.
Though it isn’t universally true for vacation properties, there are some in such premium locations that there is strong potential for rental income. If you are earning a sizable amount of rental income and the property is also increasing in value, that will be a double win.
One of the most compelling reasons for buying a vacation home is because it is located in an area that you like to return to again and again.
One of the qualities that makes a vacation home a vacation home, is that is located in an area that’s very different from where you normally live, and probably a substantial distance too. If you are the type of person who likes to take different vacations in a variety of locations, you probably don’t want to be tied down to a single vacation home. As much as you may like a certain vacation home or location, if the a local rental market is weak, you won’t be able get any help from potential tenants in paying for the cost of the property. Even in strong vacation rental markets, the fundamental problem is that everyone wants to be there in season which is also when you want to be there. Though it can provide incredible benefits, think long and hard about the many mechanics that go into it, and whether or not you feel ready and willing to take on all that’s involved.
Located just central of the Taksim Square,like an oasis for our guests preferring long term accommodation in Istanbul.

Let’s say for example that you love to ski and you have one specific ski resort that you particularly like to go to. You may not be able to earn enough rental income to cover all of the expenses of the property, but you may be able to earn enough to offset at least the majority of them. By its good location you can walk almost every historical remains in the city.Our flats are fully furnished and all the building is served as a rental flats. In that case, buying and owning a vacation property in or near that resort can work very well for you.
If you own the house long enough, you may also be able to payoff the mortgage on it prior retirement. And if you’re the kind of person who prefers to vacation in hotels, a vacation home will serve no purpose anyway. Not only will the house be a familiar place to take vacations, but it’s also an excellent place to store your ski equipment in between. If you can, you will not only have a very desirable place to live, but you will also be mortgage-free just in time for retirement.

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