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No Installation, Instant Access from anywhere, work or home, delivered by a qualified instructor. Text books can be great to learn Sage Accounting, but videos offer you so much more with actual step-by-step screen instructions showing you exactly where to point and click. Our online Sage Line 50 accounts training videos will also help you learn Sage faster and are suitable for Sage Self Study Course. You can subscribe to improve your Sage Accounting skills or to get Sage Certified by completing the Sage Self Study Course. Our training can help you reduce the cost of your book-keeping expenditure by showing you how its done, learn Sage online step-by-step so you can do it yourself. If you are a new business owner then our online Sage accounting training videos are perfect for you. Reading books on accounting to learn sage, calling Sage Line 50 support or calling your local accountant is all good, but simply watching an expert showing you how to perform the tasks you require in simple step-by-step instructions on-screen means an instant answer to your Sage accounting question, enabling you to learn Sage faster. No, YOU don't have to be techno savvy to learn Sage with SVT, we have the solution for all your Sage Line 50 learning requirements.
Our expert is certified by Associate of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Survival of your company means helping the country and keeping people in business, to achieve this we have made our Sage Line 50 training easily accessible, cost effective and 80% cheaper than traditional training methods. The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. CBA is Arizona’s Premier Diamond Level Sage 50 Certified Master Consultants (formerly Peachtree), also serving clients in California and nationwide. We offer the full line of Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) accounting software including Sage 50 Quantum 2016. CBA is also proud to offer a number of supporting business solutions including VersAccount's ERP solutions, document storage, data backup, and invoice management. Make your business life easier with Sage 50 2016 Accounting, the solution that adapts to your needs and helps you organize and manage your business. Sage 50 is designed and delivered by people who understand small businesses and are ready to give you relevant advice and support when and where you need it. Sage 50 Quantum 2016Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) Quantum 2016 is the answer to all your workflow and inventory control challenges.
Sage 50 Accounts is the entry point to the Sage 50 accounting software range, it has all the standard features you need to help manage your customers and suppliers, and to ensure an efficient cash flow for your business. Watch an overview of the latest features in Sage 50 Accounts 2014 here: See our full blog post on the version 2014 new features here See Sage's own Sage 50 Accounts page on their website. Whether you’re starting a new business, upgrading from Sage Instant Accounts, moving from a competitors product, or computerising your manual accounts, the My Business Set-Up helps you quickly configure your software to meet your specific needs. If you engage an accountant to prepare your final accounts, and they also use Sage software, you can share information much more efficiently with the Accountant Link.
For detailed regular reports and analyses, Sage 50 Accounts links directly to Microsoft Excel. If you want to access your accounts data whilst on the move you can now with this app for iPhone and Blackberry.
The Accounts Analyser demystifies your accounts by unlocking the information held in your nominal ledger – the heart of your accounts.

The Audit Assistant checks for duplicate transactions and helps make sure your books balance, plus the software contains a suite of VAT audit reports approved by HM Revenue & Customs. Sage 50 Accounts 2014 helps you control cash flow, such as highlighting outstanding payments, prioritising payments, and automating regular bills and invoices. Transactional e-Mail enables you to trade electronically, speeding up the order processing cycle by reducing the time and cost involved in placing, receiving and processing invoices. Provides credit histories for customers and suppliers, and allows you to use online credit checking agencies, for complete credit control. Includes features designed especially for charities, such as fund management, charity-specific financial reports and a chart of accounts for charities. Virtually everyone needs help using Sage 50 at some point, from new users setting up an invoice template to experienced users working with a chart of accounts. For both new and seasoned Sage 50 Accounts users the Year End and Vat Returns are performed annually. Since Line 50 Accountant was renamed to Sage 50 Accounts there has been a focus on making the interface more user friendly and simplifying what used to be complex accounting procedures for the new user. If you found this page whilst looking for Sage Line 50, this is the right product, it was rebranded a few years ago. Over 800,000 UK businesses already use Sage software, not surprising when you discover that Sage have been developing business applications for 30 years and provide solutions from start-up companies with basic requirements right up to large multinational corporates. Do you have someone, or are you dedicated to managing your accounts on a regular basis, for example daily or weekly? Sage 50 Accounts (used to be called Sage Line 50) is Sage’s most popular version and unlike Sage Instant Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts can be upgraded which future-proofs your accounting procedures as your business grows. Sage 50 Accounts is suitable for a wide-range of business types as it can cope with product (stock) activities, service type organisations, charities, social enterprises, partnerships and multiple business activities. Automatically calculate the profit on your sale before you commit to sending any invoices and quotations.
All VAT schemes are supported and the VAT return can be submitted to HMRC straight from Sage. If you would like more information on how as Sage Consultants we can train your team, install and configure Sage or provide business integration then contact us. Our expert is AICB certified, which assures you of the quality, and more importantly years of book-keeping experience, which means that we understand accounts properly. You will find Sage Certification easy when you watch our online Sage Accounting Videos to learn Sage. We even have a video detailing the difference between varying versions of Sage Line 50 so you know you are covered.
Purchase from CBA and get 1 hour of FREE training on Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting with a CBA Certified Sage Intelligence Consultant. We do Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) classes and training online via webcast worldwide and in person in Arizona and the surrounding states, including California. Computerized Business Associates is independent from Sage and is not authorized to make any statement, representation, or warranties or grant any license or permission on behalf of Sage regarding any product, service, or website content. The program is easy to use, with step-by-step process maps to guide you through tasks, while analysis and reporting tools mean all business decisions will be fully informed. We send the disks out same day and with the free download service we can have you set up within the hour.

Helpful Wizards guide you through this important stage, enabling even an accounting novice to set their software up tailored to their specific business needs. Plus, with drilldown analysis throughout the program, you can see the detail you need at any time. Plus, Excel Integrated Reporting means that key members of your company can analyse and report on essential business information directly and securely from Excel, without using Line 50 themselves.
You can look at your current financial position on screen or instantly compare this year with last year.
They also show you how work is flowing, how effective each stage is, and where any hold-ups are – helping you keep your business running at its best all the time.
For your security and peace of mind, the Event Logging feature ensures that user identity is logged against all activities.
A powerful discounting engine enables you to see and change discounts as you enter invoices and orders. The new improved Help Centre is just a click away and all the help files are now located in one place For immediate information related to the specific feature you are trying to use press the F1 key on your keyboard. The new Quick Tasks make it even easier to create invoices and process cash sales whilst updating stock, a feature which was previously only possible when using the Purchase Orders in Accounts Professional.
If so, visit our shop for the latest discounts, or if not then perhaps Sage 50 Accounts Plus or Sage 50 Accounts Professional will have all the features you're looking for, our Feature Comparison makes it easy to choose, but please remember to check the applicable System Requirements too. Keeping pace with customer requirements and emerging technologies is key to Sage's success, so you can be confident that as technology moves on and legislation changes, your software will keep pace with them and keep your business running smoothly. Consider this: not getting proper training for Sage Line 50 accounting is like driving a car without any appropriate training. If you use Sage Line 50 then our video training is exactly what you need to learn Sage accounting. Every small business owner is under great pressure to save money, maintain profits, keep the business going and hold on to their most prized possession - their Staff. Using Sage Line 50 Accounting already helps to keep you in the lead, but using it wisely will keep your company going when others will fail.
If you need help with upgrade installation, job costing set-up, inventory set-up, or training, we're here to help!
Certain materials made available on or through this website are owned by Sage and cannot be used without the prior written permission of Sage. This launches the help centre and provides information about the features on that screen which also link to the "ask Sage" articles giving more in depth information for those who want it. The remedy couldn't be easier than understanding your business finances properly and making the cutbacks in other less business-critical areas. There are also 19 video lessons demonstrating how customers can configure the software specifically for their business.

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