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Based on the conversion ratio of 5 out of 100 visitors becoming members, if you send 100 visitors to the site a day, you make $6,000 a month. The FREE Affiliate Site Giveaway program gives your site visitors an added benefit of a Free Money Making Website (complete with a proven money-making marketing plan and support). 2) Free proven marketing plan for free website owners as well as back-end offer training materials (for which you earn 75% commissions). We are looking for affiliates who are serious about making money online giving away the #1 Free Money Making Website program on the internet.
We provide full support and training and give your referrals a variety of up-sells so that you make as much money as possible. Most people select the Free Money Making Website that requires monthly hosting because of the additional benefits of free marketing credits, their own domain name, one-on-one marketing coaching, and other benefits. Another upgrade offer is provided for an enhanced level of online coaching and additional written AND video training materials for which you earn 50% ongoing commission (every month your referral stays as an active member). Also, in the email followups sent from our website, we always encourage the subscribers to take advantage of the upgrade offers for which you earn a commission before going to any other website to take advantage of an offer.
The Free Money Making Websites, ebook training upgrade, and bonuses are based on tested methods that have been proven through case studies to make millions of dollars online with only a part-time effort. The market for people who want a turn-key system to make money online and to learn from experts is a very large one. We give you tools and cut-and-paste promotions to make money marketing the Free Website Program and upgraded training offers.
As an example of how much money you can make, if you send just 100 visitors a day, and just 5 out of 100 visitors gets a free Money Making Website (and some of these refer other website owners or get the training ebook and video upgrades), you could make over $10,950 a month.
As you know, results vary depending on the ad you used, the keywords you selected, and many more factors. Based on what is working and what is not, we can help you improve your campaigns to help you earn more money. Before reading on, or even getting started, commit to yourself that you will stick with this program until you have made at least 3 to 4 sales. If you have questions, let us know, as we provide live support to help you make money online.

We make sure all materials and designs used in the promotion of this website are professionally designed and developed. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer and are planning on sending a large amount of traffic and would like custom designs or text created for you to help you get your campaign going, just contact us. If you are just looking to make a quick buck by using illegal marketing tactics such as SPAM, or other techniques that are not permitted, we recommend that you pass this affiliate program by. If you are honest and ethical and are looking to make a long term profit with a company that is dedicated to making it work for you, then let's work together. When you sign up on the, we automatically set you up with an affiliate account where you can see detailed statistics at any time for the free website program. Send promotions to rented lists, harvested emails, or any other type of SPAM: No- Never Do This!
Duplicate our marketing materials and put on your website: No - Not without written permission.
We know there are all kinds of experiences that you may have had before, but we have designed this affiliate program so that you earn as much as you can. OurEquation portfolio varies from local to international clients, from website designing to complete Corporate Identity building.
We have helped many affiliates increase their incomes significantly by only making a few minor changes to their campaigns and we will do the same for you.
Customer support is provided through a well organized system with full time customer support staff. You can market using banners, text links, classifieds, co-registration emails, or many other methods. Some sites convert much better, and pre-selling the visitor with a review or endorsement works much better than just a banner. One aspect of this system that is not available in most sites is that you have immediate feedback of how your campaign is working. Feel free to contact us by chat or submitting a question and we will respond quickly to it.
You should be able to do this very easily with the information and support that we provide.

As industry veterans of various service, product, and information websites (as well as affiliate marketing), we know that it is absolutely CRITICAL to pay affiliates correctly and on time to assure a long-term mutually beneficial successful relationship.
You can rest assured that you will have your commissions issued every month on the 1st and the 16th for your sales. While we have a team of professional writers and designers, we review and test everything before it is released.
You get paid by us with PayPal for the people who get an upgraded Money-Making Website or for joining the Net Wealth Dr.
If you need to be paid by wire for a special reason, contact support to coordinate the details.
An example of pre-selling is to do a personal endorsement or review of the Free Money Making Website Program. You can also get cut-and-paste ads to use, reviews to post, sales emails to send to your subscribers, and much much more! Most new Money Making Website owners select the upgrade option where they have their own domain name, one-on-one support, $200 plus in online marketing credits, and many more benefits, for which you earn a $40 per signup commission. There is also full-time pre-member support staff to answer questions by chat or email quickly and convincingly to convert people with questions into members. You can rest assured that you will have your commissions before the 15th of every month for the prior month's signups.
We have over 6 years of online marketing experience, and use everything we have learned to help you make money as an affiliate marketer. Second, we have numerous successful internet businesses and are affiliates ourselves in many cases.
We also have a full time member support team with expert online marketers each, with an average of 2 to 5 years of online marketing experience to help the members make money, and to ensure that you keep your commission for the sale. We believe 100% that the key to long term success it to treat affiliates (and everyone in that matter) with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

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