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Host libraries are Arlington, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Marysville, Mountlake Terrace and Snohomish. This work by The News of Mill Creek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Mill Creek Technologies designed and implemented this website with HTML5 technology from Adaptivethemes for optimal viewing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Halloween season is fast approaching and as all pet owners know, this a particularly stressful time for our furry friends.
Try and "desensitise" your animal to loud noises by playing special "scary noises" CDs at low volumes and gradually increasing the volume over a number of weeks. We are having our open day in our newly renovated Stillorgan Veterinary Clinic on Saturday the 6th of September between 2-4pm. There's nothing worse than the moment of panic that sets in when your pet starts acting strangely, has an accident or generally just becomes very unwell quite rapidly.
All of us at some point have witnessed a dog dragging its bum or "scooting" along the floor. Dogs have a set of stiff hairs protruding from the sides of their muzzles that are popularly called "whiskers." These are not at all like the nonfunctional whiskers that men sometimes grow on their faces.

We all know how cats love to keep themselves clean and if you are a cat owner yourself you can probably agree that a large amount of your cat's time is spent cleaning and beautifying itself. Covers tables, (dual) bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, misleading charts, presenting data, tallies.
All workshops will be held at the libraries except for the Arlington workshops, which will be held at City Council chambers, 100 E. So if you plan to leave your nearest & dearest in with us, please don't leave it until it is too late. So below we have all put our heads together here at Village Vets to come up with some handy "Survival Tips" for you and your pet this coming season.
We would like to invite everyone to come down and see our new building and new cattery, see behind the scenes and meet the Village Vets team!
Cats have similar hairs and people often refer to these as "feelers" and this may be a better name since 'whiskers' really are sophisticated devices that help the dog feel its way through the world.
There has been a massive increase in the amount of cases of fleas we have been treating this year and that beautiful weather is exactly what is to blame! A common side effect of this fastidious approach to personal hygiene is that some cats then develop hairballs.

This resource takes account of the changes demanded since Ofqual published its thematic review of Functional Skills in January 2015. There will be BBQ finger food, free pet checks for your furry friends and goodie bags to go home with!
Most of the time, the problem is resolved by a quick phone call to your local vets in order to get an appointment. They are quite different from most other hairs on the dog's body, since they are considerably more rigid and embedded more deeply into the skin. Due to the fact that we have had a relatively mild winter and then this fabulous summer it means those fleas are out in force! We often get phone calls from owners worried about their cat having vomited up a UFO (Unidentified Furry Object) and often enough, it is a hairball.
Sometimes, though, these things happen in the middle of the night, on a bank holiday or some other inopportune moment.

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