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Nelson Mandela made the front page of the London Herald on Monday, February 12, 1990-celebrating his freedom. During Mandela’s time of imprisonment, many artists sang Freedom Songs dedicated to Mandela.
This showed that people were in support of him and that he wasn’t alone in this fight for freedom. There was a cry across the world to end it, as this shows, even in England, who started the racist policies in the country while it still ruled it.

Freedom Songs had an overall significant role in South Africa’s liberation struggle – “the melodies, harmonies, chants and cries”. Around the world there were embargoes on South African products and many other harsh economic sanctions until the end of Apartheid. Freedom Songs lifted and encouraged the spirits of those who fought Apartheid, and have been widely known and appreciated by the masses of oppressed Africans during their years fighting for freedom.
Therefore, Freedom Songs played a vital role in helping to win South Africa’s new democracy.

They refer to the physical abuse that Mandela received while he was in prison as a call to let him out. Also during the song they call …for the people to listen to the cause of the ANC, which was leading the fight against the regime in South Africa at the time.

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