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It’s kind of embarrassing how often I respond with a noncommittal shrug and “I don’t know” when people ask what I want to do. Host a Rom-Com Con (a la ABC’s Happy Endings) — A movie marathon for cheesy romantic comedies. Get into a watercolor war — Put watercolor paints in water guns, wear clothes you don’t care about messing up (hello, free campus Welcome Week tees!), divide into teams, hide, and attack each other. Iron Chef Cooking Challenge — Decide on a secret ingredient (or pick one out of a hat) and get cooking! Instant stress relief: revert to your 5-year-old self, build a sandcastle, then kick and stomp it down. Refocus your life: Define 2 clear, specific goals (one attainable and one reach) for the next month, next 6 months, next year, and next 5 years.
It's time to graduate from the dining hall, and we're here to help, with recipes and ideas for parties, gameday and every snack in between. The true Southwest awaits you in Albuquerque, but why spend money seeing the sites when there are plenty of free things to do in Albuquerque? Both playful and laid back, the classy bohemian personality of Albuquerque is a mash-up of Latin, Indian and European flavors fused to road-trip-era Americana. Gentlemen ranchers don their finest Stetsons to visit the opera and lawyers saunter into work wearing hand-tooled boots. Visitors will glory in New Mexico’s 310 days of sun a year while breathing in the high-desert air scented with sage and pinon.
Whether you want to shop for authentic Native American jewelry, try hot air ballooning, explore living history museums, sample local cuisines or hit the golf courses and spas, Albuquerque has you covered.
Visit this monument during the week to see some of the natural Petroglyph’s in Albuquerque. This monument is where the American Indian trade took place between the Tiwa and Tompiro Puebloans.
This Museum has many different Meteorites on display along with information to learn about meteorites. If you will have a rental car on your visit, or if its a road trip take a drive down part of Route 66.

Visit this winery to learn more about the unique wines they produce along with going on a wine tasting. Download free tags in a variety of colours here when you need tags for gifts, party favours or flowers. INSTANT FREE TAGS TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT These candy swirl tags will brighten up any gift and they make cute small cake toppers.
Perfect just as they are for a plain look or super to decorate, outline, or add text and embellishments. IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are polka hopping away from email deliveries to IMMEDIATE DOWNLOADS!
Eat something is my go-to answer, followed swiftly by go to the movies or grab coffee, and while they’re all fine and fun to do, they can start feeling a little, well, stale. Here, with no explanation and in no particular order, are 52 ways for you to make the weekend matter. Break each one down into 3-5 easy, actionable steps so you can see at a glance what you truly want out of life and your road map for getting there. We all have our talents, so figure out what it is you do that earns rave reviews or compliments, shoot a YouTube tutorial (or write one up) and share that skill with everyone on Facebook, inviting them to do the same. Has anyone ever asked you what your favorite movie or book is, and you just stare black at them blankly? Every day, list 2 things you’re thankful for and 2 contributions you made to the world, no matter how small or mundane.
Plus, 25 percent of our profits benefit student scholarships at the University of South Florida, so you can feel good about lurking here a while. Most of the events are celebrating Hispanic Culture, so check before your visit to see what event you can catch. Different events take place each week including live music, cultural history, and cocktail parties. Admission is free on Sundays from 9 in the morning until 1 pm, and on the first Friday of each month.
The museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian and was developed in 1969 as a place to educate the public about the development of the nuclear weaponry.

If you are interested in visiting check their website to see if you will be lucky and catch a freebie day. All different kinds of art are featured in this gallery including photography, new media art, painting, and sculpture.
Here you can view a beautiful sunrise and sunset and look out over the different fishing lakes.
May check out some things of interest tonight, and inspect the National Atomic Museum tomorrow before we head off.
Use them as is as a single tag or fold two flowers in half for a pretty little folded card tag. Use them plain, decorate them, use as cake toppers, cut them out and make two diagonal cuts accross the body to place a straw through.
Use them as single tags or fold two in half for a small double tag decorated on both sides. Expect certain fame and notoriety for becoming the Twitter Mall Food Court Sample Critic, because that’s totally destined to become a thing. Learn to juggle, perfectly pop champagne using a sword, tie a cherry stem with your tongue, whatever. Print these shapes on plain white paper to color or on colored card stock to make interesting cut-outs for walls or punch a little hole in, add a string and use as tags or decorations. You will have tags that are pretty on both sides! Instead of punching a hole into your tags to attach it, cut a small line into the tag with a craft knife and attach one of our free printable polka dot pieces of paper "lint" strips to it! Many colors, keep them at hand to cut and attach to your gifts and favors any time you need them.

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