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There is a lot of quality reading on the subject of personal finance.  Below is a collection of what I believe to be the top personal finance books. I read this book in college and it completely changed my outlook on wealth and the lifestyles of financially successful people. The main theme of this book is rewriting your financial blueprint and eliminating mental and emotional barriers to success. I recommend this book as a good starter book for someone just starting on their path to money management.  The principles are simple and easy to understand but does not offer a lot of detail.
I know some people who swear by Dave Ramsey and have even joined groups that get together to review Dave Ramsey’s program. I am constantly reading books on this subject and I will be adding to it when I find quality works. For most of you the only real help you need is motivation and a plan.  Others of you may need help from a debt consolidation agency. Method #2 will actually save you more money in the long run so some people prefer this one.  The best approach is the one that works for you.
The goal of passive income is to generate residual income after the initial investment of time and money. Multiple Income Streams:  Income coming in from multiple (both passive and non-passive) sources. Many blog sites dedicated to identifying passive income list selling real estate or starting an eBay store as passive income when it is in fact non-passive.  Those types of income sources should be listed as possible multiple income streams but definitely require continuous work. Each of these passive income opportunities has its own risk and reward associated with it.  Before undertaking any investment I encourage you to conduct your due diligence to see if that venture is right for you, even if that means asking for professional advice. Some people give legitimate programs bad reviews but they will admit that they didn’t take the time or effort to make it work.
Thank you for reading this article.  Please post a comment if you have any questions or you can also elaborate on any of the examples that I have provided. This summer not only will we be enjoying free summer activities for kids but we’ll also be free to get dirty thanks to all free and clear! You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). When I think of summer I think of hiking, swimming, lots of popsicles, going to movies, going on a summer vacation, family reunions and playing with friends.
Craft Day – Get all your crafting supplies out and let the kids go at it making what ever they want.

Movie Night – We love having family movies nights, but if you know someone with a projector this is a fun way to do an outdoor movie night. Go to a Park – Splash parks are the best this time of year, but kids love any park, so just head out early in the day before it gets too hot.
Build a Fort – There is nothing better than building a big fort in the living room, getting toys and playing in it all day long! Write Letters to Family – If you have family that lives far away, write letters to them. Go to a Library Story Time – You might not find time to go to story time during the school year, summer is a great time to take your little ones. Learn Some Sign Language – Teach the kids their alphabet or other words in sign langage! Wash the Car – Get rags, sponges and a big bucket of soapy water and let the kids help you wash the car, hose them and the car off when finished!
Blow Bubbles – Give everyone their own bubbles and have a fun time outside blowing bubbles.
Kendra is a stay at home mom with 5 kids, she home schools her kids, and loves to have fun as a family. The camp experience is recognized by child development professionals as valuable in helping children mature socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally, and physically. Swimming: I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and several other small inland lakes so we could swim whenever we wanted. Library: Most libraries run a summer reading program, but ours also offers a lot of fun activities for kids and teens over the summer. Sidewalk Chalk: Last summer my kids spent endless hours creating intricate roads and towns with sidewalk chalk. For more information please see the disclosure page.May 4, 2015 by Sydney 8 CommentsHappy May the Fourth! Get a table, a pitcher of lemonade and cups and let the kids sell it to people as they drive or walk by. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I'm sharing the super easy marinade and recipe today #ontheblog #grilling #kebabs #instayum #foodblogger #utahblogger #franks #crowdpleaser #sweetandsour #pineapple #tastefullyfrugalSo excited to start decorating our home (after 2 years)! I was already doing most of what he taught so I didn’t feel the need to continue, even though I did learn a few good tips.

Pitch the tent or set up the camper and let the kids invite friends over for a backyard camp out.
As you know we are big Star Wars nerds here so we are out doing a lot of crazy fun May the Fourth activities today! Last year I came up with a whole bunch of summer fun ideas for the kids to pick to do each day of the week! I’m really excited summer is almost here and we can start doing all these fun outdoor activities. Check out the super easy tutorial for this light and bright wreath perfect for spring and summer! I know people who have drastically improved their financial situation by following Dave Ramsey’s program so I decided to include it here. Several major chains run $1 movies every week and they are even cheaper if you buy a pass to see all of them. One of our local theaters runs $5 Tuesdays – all movies on Tuesday are only $5 per person! Most state and national parks offer ranger led hikes and talks all summer long that are free or included with park admission. Set out a huge bucket of chalk and encourage them to get creative inventing their very own chalk city.
She is one of the kindest people I know and is also a great mom who has a ton of fun ideas for things to do with the family.
We went 1-2 times a week and the kids loved finding rocks, catching tadpoles and swimming with friends.
Recipe coming soon to a blog near you?? #poprocks #candy #bloggerslife #summertreat #comingsoonSchool is coming to an end and that means a summer full of fun (and probably a few I'm boreds too). I'm sharing over 120 fun and free (or almost free) things to keep your little ones busy including these super easy Watermelon Candy Popsicles!

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