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The bike had to go back to Kawasaki UK for its first service, but it’d typically cost around ?100 including VAT, oil and filter.
I mentioned last month that the panniers that came with the bike (a ?461.95 option) looked great, and offered a useful 56L of storage, but just didn’t work for me – a full-face lid will fit in each one, but neither of the two laptops I need for work. This is an important point – chose your luggage carefully when buying the bike, as I’m in the lucky position of being able to simply hand the panniers back. Riding home from work a couple of days after all this, I heard a ‘pop’ as I turned a corner.
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There’s a bit of a buzz through the seat at around 8000 rpm, though it just makes the bike feel more alive, and I’ve never found it intrusive over long journeys.
Lugging a heavy rucksack on the 100 mile commute was too much, so I swapped to the 47L top case.
Designed by former Kawasaki factory team boss, and inventor of the ‘Team Green’ motocross schools – Alec Wright, it’s normally off limits to journalists, often being home to the latest engines before they’re announced: training beds for the country’s mechanics. I waited a few seconds, and the bike felt fine, so I assumed it was just a stone flicking up.

From there I've had three Honda CBR600s, two Ducati Monsters, a Honda Dominator, a Honda CRM250, a Honda MTX125, a Yamaha DT80, a Yamaha Fazer 1000, a Honda Pan European, a Honda VFR800 and a Yamaha SR125. On our channel we upload every day short, (2-5min) walkaround videos of Cars and Motorcycles.
That’s it now until 3800 miles, which should be even simpler, as the oil won’t be due another change until 7600 miles (though that’ll be a big one, as the plugs will want replacing then). The only comfort niggle I’ve got is that after about 50 miles by bum starts to ache a little. I’d have hoped to add it, and only add the panniers on bigger adventures, but the rear grab rails that support the panniers have to be completely replaced.
It depends what you use the bike for: The panniers look much more stylish than the top box, but for me at least, they’re not as practical. With stainless steel benches, racks of cool parts, and acres of tools, I was in my element. Despite an unintentional leaning towards Hondas, I loves all bikes, and am as content to be tinkering in the garage as I am to be riding on the road or a track. For many riders, the yearly oil change will come around before the mileage, and if you tend to lay the bike up in the winter, then the best time to get this done is just before you put it away.

To be fair, it’s the only part of me that seems to be bony, but I’m hoping to try a gel seat soon, to see if that helps. I was also counting my blessings on the ride back from Kawasaki’s head office in Buckinghamshire – the M25 was at a standstill, and I got through much faster without the panniers, which are slightly wider than the bike’s mirrors… a worrying dimension when filtering through the pot-holed London Orbital. 30 seconds later I was overtaking a lorry and two cars when the bike started dragging itself down the Tarmacs’ camber. With an irate driver right behind me, all I could do was roll to a stop, and hope they had the common sense to go past me. I’ve never had such a catastrophic flat whilst riding before, and it’s not something I fancy trying again. But we’re thrilled to admit our mistake because Purchase the Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust Honda CBR600RR 2013-2016 at RevZilla Motorsports.

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