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International Career School Of Canada Grooming CourseNon-restraint, low stress grooming available by request,Specializing in puppies first cut and making the first experience a positive one. Recently we finished a major redesign of Rigor Labs, so we feel this is as good a time as any to quickly reintroduce all of our wonderful tools to the world. Next we built Online Curl, which can ping servers and webpages from anywhere and provides users with a neatly formatted response. Along with the redesign, our team is releasing our newest tool to the public: Website Speed Ranker. Online Curl allows users to add in different options to customize a cURL request and receive a response via formatted email report.

HARDiff, allows users to upload multiple HAR files and view the main differences between the files visually. Web Site Speed Ranker allows users to schedule a daily test of their website and the websites of their top competitors. Contrarily, Web Performance Grader leverages the same infrastructure as Rigor’s paid monitoring service and provides users with timings from a Firefox browser. This is especially useful for seeing how a website changed pre and post deployment, understanding the impact of a new technology or web asset on a website, or for comparing your site against your competitor. If a website is down, WhySiteDown will run a series of diagnostic tests to provide critical information about the failure, such as the response code, DNS status, and a list of possible solutions with additional resources.

Once the test is complete, the user will receive a daily report comparing their website against that of their competitors based on numerous KPIs including pagespeed score, render time, load time, asset count, and page size.

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