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While in the HI-SEAS habitat I wanted to challenge myself creatively and I also wanted to inspire people to follow the mission. A Mars Couplet: A couplet is a two-line poem with a simple rhyming pattern (same meter and the endings rhyme). A Mars Cinquain:  A cinquain is a poem about a specific topic, consisting of 5 lines, and a required number of syllables. My Mars Proverb: A proverb is a poetic form that uses rhyme, rhythm, and metaphors to provide vivid imagery and to teach moral lessons.

My Shape Poem: A shape poem is a poetic form where the words form a visible picture on the page. Yuan Dynasty helmet, probably belonging to a high-ranking officer or general involved in the Mongol invasions of Japan.
What that really means is that I take a lot of photos and videos of the crew, habitat, and anything else dealing with the mission. It is poetry in which the first letter of each line spells out a word when read vertically and the word is usually the subject of the poem.

These poems were originally posted on the website and on the Facebook fan page.

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