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In a previous post, we showed you why you need an online space for your app other than the ones Google and Apple give you. Some people advocate that an app website is not made to engage users, and that a blog is not needed. If you decide you “only” need a landing page, then the two following tools might just be perfect for you. If you want a free landing page, you will have to put up with an Unbounce branded footer and limitations like a 5,000 unique visitor limit. Although they are new on the scene, they have more than 50 solid landing page templates (and are adding more every week). Because they’re the new kid on the block, their landing page builder is one of the most up to date. If a simple landing page isn’t going to cut it, then you will need to build a website. You’d like a blog to engage users and create content for SEO purposes from the very beginning?
WordPress is a really powerful tool that will allow you to have a full app website and blog, with almost no restrictions on what you can achieve.
WordPress is easy to set up on your own shared server (if I was able to do it, you can too), and it does require a little time to get it.
Yes, there is a free version of WordPress, hosted on WordPress servers, but it is really restricted when it comes to commercial use.

Theme frameworks like Genesis can also give you rock-solid theme architecture and a wide variety of child themes to choose from. Finally if you really don’t want to go with any of the options above, there is always Facebook. So those are some options if you want to setup a website or landing page for your app…on the cheap. If you don’t have a landing page for website setup yet, the best time to start is right now. About Latest Posts Sylvain GauchetHi there, I'm Sylvain and I've been working for several years on marketing mobile apps. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Using grunt and bower with bootstrap and angular, features nested views & routing and lazy load for large project.
It also has an image slider in the homepage for displaying the iPhone App’s screenshots.
They built it to be mobile responsive from the ground up so you can edit the look of your landing pages in desktop, tablet and mobile view at the same time and without having to recreate pages. Another resource is presskit(), which lets game developers create a detailed press kit easily that they can use when reaching out to bloggers for example.
You can build your app website from scratch or use a HTML template, but we strongly recommend you take advantage of the best CMS platform out there: WordPress.

The best part is that the WordPress software is free…but you will have to pay for your own hosting.
But the WordPress community is very large and once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to create new app websites really quickly. Some or pretty good, some were clearly made in a hurry and without taking into account what elements should be in an app website to sell more apps. Remember that Google will penalize websites that are not mobile responsive, so by using a framework like Genesis, you won’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t have the same level of functionality or theme options as WordPress does, but it is totally free and you can use it for commercial endeavors. This is not the preferred option for setting up a blog, so as soon as you are ready to spend some money, you should move over to a self-hosted WordPress solution. Yes, if you setup a Facebook Page for your app, it can act as a (hopefully) temporary landing page solution. It’s a template that you can use to create a website where you can sell an iPhone App or just distribute the app for free.

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