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However, Lightning Services are more than capable of looking after your bike whatever the make - custom, classic or modern. Steve is the highest professionally qualified photographer in Leicestershire and one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the UK. There's always a friendly welcome for owners of all makes of motorcycle at Lightning Services' premises in the village of Hilperton near Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Lightning Services offer Spares and Accessories sales, Motorcycle Fixed Price Menu Servicing, Motorcycle Tyre Supply and Fitting services and Workshop Repairs for all makes and types of motorcycle. Our Halon bank is equipped with state of the art facilities capable of recovering, recycling and storage of Halon for Critical Users.
Although Lightning Services is not an approved MOT Test Station, to complete the range of services on offer, they offer a MOT Test Service in conjunction with their local partner Riverside MOT Centre.
Fixed Price Service Menus are offered for most makes and models as well as Insurance Company Aproved Repairs, Engineering, Component Overhaul, Restoration, Refinishing and Customisation services.
There's a specialist motorcycle only tyre bay - they even use the correct weights for wire spoke wheels rather than spoil that custom or classic wheel with stick on types.
By combining the use of high quality consumables, OEM and equivalent or better aftermarket parts, years of experience, specialist knowledge and attention to detail along with the latest in Computerised Diagnostic Systems, Lightning Services can meet the needs of owners with the latest models as well as those with classic machines. As well as OEM and Pattern parts, as an authorised dealership for the top names in the Harley Davidson and Custom aftermarket, Lightning Services can supply a wide range of parts for your custom bike, too. They can also commission bespoke motorcycle parts that are suitable for restorations, mild street customs or even the wildest of custom bikes. Baz also offers customers full custom bike building and for classic bikes full or part restoration services. Custom control cables and stainless steel hydraulic brake and clutch lines are made on the premises to pattern or to customer supplied specification.
Lightning Services has a loyal local customer base for their repair, routine servicing and tyre services - from commuter through sports, touring, custom and classic motorbikes. Parts orders come from as far a field as Finland and South Africa as well as all over the UK.
Lightning Services' owner, Baz, has almost 35 years engineering experience and just as many years experience of riding and working on British, European, American and yes even a few Japanese motorcycles over the years. With almost 25 years Harley Davidson experience - from Pan to Twin Cam - as well as more than 12 Years experience of Buells, its obvious why American V Twins are Lightning's speciality.
Mind you, with over 60 years combined experience of British Motorcycles between them, Baz and Kevin are more than likely the men to look after your British Classic too.
Baz is hands on with both customers and their bikes - working in the workshop and tyre bay as well as the front of shop and parts counter. Different bike, she's work in progress, ongoing fabrication for mounting a gilroy saddle and custom luggage stand offs. These guys know what its about, love doing it and like doing it well, only place I'd use and I highly recommend Lightning Services! From the moment I contacted Baz at Lightening Services, I felt reassured that he was a friendly professional passionate biker interested only in doing the best for his client. I had a full 10K service and Baz noticed some problems which he pointed out for me to consider.
The advice was gratefully received and I had the work donea€¦ I was pretty surprised by the improved handling and smooth engine runninga€¦. I usually like to do all my own work, but was struggling with a difficult job due to a previous owner using copious amounts of thread lock. There are not many I would trust with my Moto Guzzi, (including Guzzi Dealers) But I have complete faith in Baz and Kev. Considering the difficulty of the job in hand, I was impressed with the Value for money achieved. Previously I had used them for powder coating my Wheels and was impressed with quality of that job too.

Yes getting your Guzzi apart was a bit of a swine of job due to the corroded and damaged fasteners and over use of locking compound.
However, those of your bike's fasteners affected are now all stainless steel fitted with care, anti-seize and thread as appropriate.
He recommended PT shocks and Springs for the rear and same company progressive springs for the front combined with quality and correct spec fork oil. Wanting more power and less stifled engine he recommended V and H pipes and fueller, S&S stealth kit and enormous K&N filter. Again we were looking for the best value for money and the result was spectacular improvement, but again, as with the suspension, spot on estimate and in the time advised. Especially pleased with the feeling that Lightning was looking after my wallet as well as the bike. In the last few months, Baz has given it a general service and tune up, has over hauled the carb and done a top end overhaul, fixed a number of oil leaks, tidied up the wiring and dealt with a number of general fettling issues. Beyond just doing a great job, Baz has been ready with advice, opinions, suggestions and reassurance. What gives me great confidence is that he's also quite happy to say "I wouldn't bother to do that" when my ideas seem a bit unnecessary. Rounded off with a lovely set of Vance and Hines pipes and all is well, , ,!!!Baz is full of knowledge and always willing to answer questions!!! With over 25 years Buell experience between us, Kevin and I should know what we're talking about.
Hiding Triumph's nest of wiring from the headlight inside the steering neck gusset was more of a challange but we got there.So glad you're pleased with the result. Always as an ear on the blower if a bit of advice was needed, no matter how trivial, and always on hand for general anaesthetic stuff. After all we do know our Buells, with more than 25 years of Buell experience between us that's not surprising. Good to hear you're spreading the Buell word and that your cousin off to buy one this weekend. Rusty old tanks need a quality ethanol istant fue liner and carbs that've been stood benefit from our Ultrsonic Cleaning and Overhaul Service - and at only A?60.oo per carb plus parts, it's a bargain service. He let me have cost estimates all the way through, and was very honest and up front about it. Baz is friendly, and explains things very well (I've never had a bike before so I don't have much of a clue about the mechanics of it). Finding somewhere you trust to take your expensive items is hard (I'm lucky with my car my brother is a mechanic and deals with it), I've never had to take any vehicle outside of the family and I trust Baz with my bike and will certainly recommend him. The extra day was actually down to the incorrect colour fairing panel being picked at the distributors warehouse. He even pandered to my whim to have the shock powder coated so it was colour coded to my bike!I was also struggling with the original break and clutch levers and Baz suggested new dog leg levers.When the shock was ready to be fitted to the bike, a suitable day was arranged and Baz and Kevin had my bike for 4 hours, the shock was fitted as well as the new levers, again all colour coded to make my bike look even more gorgeous!Baz is always on the end of the phone or email and is full of great information, you won't go wrong using Lighting Services. We're always pleased when we get a new customer as a result of personal recomendation from another customer - it's worth far more than any paid for glossy magazine advert.
The lowered Hagon shock we fitted really did sort out the seat height problem and we're pleased that you find the click2adjust Titax levers we recomended make the brake and clutch controls more manageable. The colour coding of the shock spring was well worth the effort as was replacing the Titax gold adjusters with black ones to complete that stealth look.
I'd ridden it home like this last time out and there was now a smell of burning from the starter motor.What a helpful guy. He spent time on the phone discussing the problem, then suggested I call over with the bike for him to have alook at the next day. He explained that the initial fault was the switch and that he has changed quite a few for this very problem. The upshot was that I needed a new switch, and as a result of my riding home with the starter motor running a new starter relay and starter motor. I called home on Baz's phone to arrange a lift and left my Harley in what appeared to be capable hands.A few days later I received the call I was waiting for. I am pleased to have found such a knowledgeable enthusiast in Baz to look after and service my Harley in the future.
With around 27 years Harley Davidson experience on everything from Pan to Twin Cam I like to think I'm capable as you said. Mind you the great thing about working with classic and custom bikes as well as contempory models is that you're learning all the time.Thanks for the vote of confidence.
We've had the pleasure of your Harley Softail's company a few times now for servicing, tyres and custom work. Hopefully, with our help you have the confidence to stay in the Harley fold for a few more years yet. It was to remove and fit wheel bearings to both of my wheels that were to be powder coated. However, when it came to paying for the job and I asked for confirmation that the price was A?50 plus Vat Baz said that was per wheel. Now, clearly I was not happy to be told the price was double what I expected to pay but Baz was adamant he had not misquoted me and that he had said it was A?50 per wheel. I found that Baz was extremely reluctant to understand what I was saying, which I suppose is understandable given that from his point of view I was asking to half the price. But he would not even try to appreciate my position in that the job had now doubled in price. He simply said that he does not misquote, that his prices for this service are fixed and on his website.
That is all fine but not relevant to the simple issue that I was given a price verbally without seeing or being directed to the prices on his website.

He also said that I had messed him around when asking for the bearing sizes so I could supply them myself. This was a change from what he had said previously because I had thanked Baz when he gave me this information and apologised for the hassle it might have caused and Baz told me it was 'not a problem'.
To then hear Baz contradict himself by saying that I had messed him about and that it was a problem as he likes customers to order parts through him was confusing and contradictory. I suggested that we should have written the price down to avoid any confusion and he said that was not necessary as his prices are fixed, again that does not help me because all I remember is being told it was A?50 and did not see and was not shown any fixed prices. I am not saying they are not there, just that I made the decision to ask Baz to carry out the work based on our conversation and nothing else. He also said that if he had written it down I would have accused him of writing it after I left the workshop, this again is uncomfortable to hear. This was a very unfortunate situation and very regrettable made all the worse by the defensive and very unhelpful attitude shown by Baz when there was a problem. Baz quoted me A?50 plus vat for the job and then said it was per wheel, eventually charging me A?40 plus vat per wheel.
So the price Baz eventually charged me was A?40 plus vat per wheel but it certainly was not the price quoted as Baz now says.Secondly, Baz has attempted to discredit me with the following comment about my dealings with other businesses saying, 'Stuart queried and then attempted to re-negotiate the invoice cost with both these other businesses after the job was completed'.
I was not given and did not discuss a price with the local engineer before he helpfully removed the fasteners.
This was not an attempt to 're-negotiate the invoice cost' as there wasn't an invoice to re-negotiate!
In relation to the powder coater, I was not happy with the quality of the work on some of the parts and brought them back for the owner to comment. That owner then quoted me a ridiculously expensive price to do just ONE of the parts again which I thought was out of order.
Again, I did not attempt to 're-negotiate the invoice cost', all I did was point out the poor quality of the work I had already paid for!Therefore, given what actually happened, I find Baz's comments untruthful and underhanded. I also note that of all my comments Baz has only challenged, incorrectly, the price I was quoted leaving the account of the unreasonable attitude Baz displayed in response to my legitimate concern, to stand. I have been honest and factual and, therefore I feel, given a fair review of what happened. I do feel badly let down by this Company and Baz's response has only added to that disappointment.FINAL COMMENT 13-08-2010No Baz, I do not wish for a 'tit-for-tat exchange' either.
However, since you are keen to repeat and add to various myths about our encounter I will make one final effort to dispel them for the benefit of anyone reading this and thus enable them to make up their own minds having heard both sides. I am afraid that Baz's apology for publishing incorrect and misleading information regarding my dealings with other businesses does not detract from the fact he made them in the first place. As Baz says, he did repeat the circumstances to me and so was fully aware of my side of the story yet that did not stop Baz from repeating them here.
To now backtrack and suggest he might have been misled does not alter the fact that Baz made them in an ill advised attempt to discredit me. That Baz removed and refitted the sprocket carrier bearing without further charges, grateful though I am, does not really lessen the blow.I had no choice other than to pay what Baz wanted as he would not release my property to me under any other circumstances, Baz made that perfectly clear. We did not discuss my restoration project and as for Baz's comment about 'assurances of no hard feelings on either side', I gave no such assurances whatsoever. I can assure everyone that I pay close attention when someone gives me a price and find it far more likely that Baz, as someone who quotes on a frequent basis, would not recall the detail of every occasion. I find that Baz's services, once I discovered their true cost, did not offer anything approaching 'excellent value for money' and if the justification for such extortionate charges is to compare them to main dealer prices then I don't think Baz has enough, or any, competition.For me Baz your comments have eroded any remaining benefit of the doubt you might have been owed. I am very sorry to say that reading your response merely proves to me just how unreliable and untrustworthy you have been with me. Especially as I also removed the old and installed the new sprocket carrier bearing free of charge. We offer a wheel bearing service on a fixed price basis which for this type of wheel & bearing is A?40.00 + VAT Per Wheel. I have been informed that Stuart has also fallen out with the firm who powdercoated his parts and a local engineer who removed some damaged fasteners for him. The information regarding Stuart's dealings with other local businesses came from the businesses involved.
If I have been misled as to the circumstances and repeated them here (as I did to Stuart at the time), then I apologise for that. After I quoted for the work to remove and replace the wheel bearings, Stuart returned and I was asked what additional charge would be made to remove and replace the sprocket carrier bearing.
I am satisfied that the quality of the work carried out was to our usual high standard and offered excellent value for money. When the invoice was settled and the parts were handed over Stuart and I further discussed his restoration project and I gave some advice and guidance. After this we parted with a handshake accompanied by Stuart's "thank you" and joint assurances of no hard feelings on either side over any misunderstanding regarding the price.Personal recommendation is important to us here at Lightning Services.
It's great to find someone in the west wilts area with the skill, patience and willingness to help. Where there's no supplier we trust we expand our tooling and services to bring another service 'in house'.

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