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If you are into developing websites, the first thing you would want to focus on is exactly how the website looks and feels. This particular article lists down free responsive  Mobile web templates based on HTML 5 and CSS 3. SKOKOV is a great design idea for Creative Corporate website, Company Profile, Personal Portfolio, Creative Blog and more… “SKOKOV” is a creative modern and multipurpose Responsive web and Mobile Template. Retina is a good design for Creative Corporate website, Company Profile, Personal Portfolio, corporate, non-corporate, Call centres, Creative Blog and more… “Retina” is a creative modern and multipurpose Responsive web and Mobile Template. Pix Photography folio Mobile Website Template.It’s loosely based on a photographers folio website but you could use it for anything really. Ios7 App landingpage template can be used to start a IOS or Android Mobile App showcase which is  perfect for marketing your mobile application. Today’s free responsive website template is ‘Pump’ a product based website design and layout, that could be used to sell your sexy new product. Bloom is a portfolio Single page Responsive website template which can be used for personal portfolio website,  corporate or product showcase website. Swiss is a clean and minimal Single page responsive web template designed with Html5, Css3. Find around 15+ free responsive Mobile Website Templates and choose best Responsive Mobile Templates for your new project. The original Inland template is a light and feature-packed multi-layout template with the design in focus, with a simple slideshow and multiple layout options.
Business mobi in Belize Hole, is a perfect fit for those who launching a website for their business.
Based on the Basic Reader template design, and adjusted for better readability on small-screen, mobile devices. Variant Pure is a multi-layout template with three different layout options: Two two-column layouts with a sidebar and a vertical navigation menu, and a one-column layout with a horizontal navigation menu. An alternate version of the Variant Mobile template has been added, with a lighter colorscheme and a dual-column layout.

Portfolio is a Free Mobile Website Template which have great contrast of colors, feel free to customize. Disclosure: Some of this article may included affiliate links and we will get a small commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). The user experience matters not only to the developer (yourself) but also the traffic that will eventually be driven to your website.
Not only are these templates responsive (which means they will offer a similar experience on cellphones and computers) but they are also 100% free. You can use this template for any kind of website, we build this web template in corporate style but you can use this template as per your requirement. Mode is a Corporate or non-corporate website template which is responsive mobile friendly use mode to start your company details website, it’s beautiful and clean design perfect for company. I’ve gone with a very bold pink coloring with some great geometric shapes in the header background. Intet is a wedding website template which is responsive mobile friendly use intent to start your wedding details website it’s beautiful design perfect for wedding. The design uses large image space and simple content areas to present your products in the best possible way! These Mobile Templates are fresh design solutions for the webmasters to create fascinating free mobile website templates and layouts.
It is mobile responsive and  is designed by Freebiesxpress’s Minima – Free PSD Template. Minima is clean, and simple. Business mobi in pomegranate, is a perfect fit for those who launching a website for their business. This version, called Inland Mobile, adds a new wrapper and customized styles specifically for small-screen mobile devices. The original is a simple design with a standard 2-column layout, while this mobile version writes out the content in a single column with optional navigation links in a horizontal button menu at the top. Examples for each layout are included in the template, and the single-column layout was made with mobile devices (such as touchscreen phones) in mind.

This was requested by a template user looking for absolute minimalism and a template that would load lightning fast.
The fact is that the era belongs to the smartphones and chances are that a user will browse your website via a smartphone so it is equally important to consider the experience that your website offers through the medium. Webworld designed with a good color scheme and good flow of elements are the strong points to consider if you plan to use this free web design template. It is suitable for freelancers, design agencies and Design studios looking to showcase their work. Playlist supports iphone, android, all high end touch mobile devices and we also tested it in nokia c3 and it works.
Improved readability and small file sizes are two benefits, if you want to build a site specifically for mobile device visitors. No images have been used for the design so this is a small and visually simple template that loads really fast even on slow internet connections. When not in front of computer screen, he enjoys fishing, travelling and spending time with his Family.
What you can do solve that issue, or offer a better experience is use HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Concept.
You can download these templates for free and use them for absolutely any purpose without any limitations or obligations. Still, the design matches the original Inland template, which allows combinations for sites with both full-size versions and a mobile version.
Start a new website, download the templates or otherwise make your existing website responsive and smartphone friendly with the following templates and let us know what you think.

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