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Two-factor authentication, as the name implies, requires users to supply normal credentials (a username and password, for example), but adds a second, real-time token to the login to verify the user’s identity.
Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by apps, and Google Authenticator and its similar alternatives are my pick. The workflow on this is straightforward, and can be used offline – tokens are algorithm-generated, and do not require a live internet connection on the user’s device. You give the user a code to add to the Google Authenticator app, or show them a QR code to scan for the easy way. This is supposed to be easy, so start by grabbing the NuGet package GoogleAuthenticator (here’s a link). Issuer ID - this is the issuer ID that will appear on the user's Google Authenticator app, right above the code.
ManualEntryKey – if the user can’t scan the QR code, this is the string they will need to enter into Google Authenticator in order to set up the two-factor account. Given that this two-factor authentication method is time-based, it is highly likely that there is some time difference between your servers and the user’s device. Thanks for the quick reply, Example like if I scan QR Code from my Nexus Mobile, a method which can return this information like Nexus with Device ID for log purpose.
So if I again scan same QR Code from my IPad I will get IPad return with some unique deviceID for again logging purpose. On the other hand, you could capture the same user-agent value when they use the two-factor login for the first time, and then you would know what device they are using for two-factor login.
Can you tell me how to use the function, GeneratePINAtInterval, and explain that what to do?
It's text that shows up in Google Authenticator to help the user identify which account it is.
You can still provide a setup code to your users without an issuer ID or account title; this just helps the user especially when they have multiple accounts in Google Authenticator. Is there a nuget package for sending text message using google two way other than just a nuget for the google authenticator app.. There are plenty of services and packages to do that; however it's not free, which is the scope of this library. Ah, it's up to you where you put it in your app - but typically the "setup" part would be its own page somewhere in your app where you present the user with the QR code to scan with their device, and then record their secret key along with their account. We have regrettably discovered that our long-term support partner has been mismanaging recent support requests. Our clients include NEC, Disney, Samsung, Glaxo Smith Kline, iRiver America, Government departments and many more.
Three different integration options are available, providing you ultimate flexibility to customize your users experience. Search results are shown directly within the page your user searches from using advanced AJAX like overlay technology. Download our free developer version now, with all features enabled for localhost development, and free Lite edition license for your website. Visual Studio 2015 Preview adds new tools for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) development, including a Visual Diagnostics tool, a Timeline tool, and a redesigned Blend designer experience. The release also includes full integration of the Unity Tools for Visual Studio, which enables developers to use the Visual Studio IDE for Unity application development.
Visual Studio Community 2013 is the newest fully featured addition to the Visual Studio product lineup, aimed at students, open source contributors, small companies, startups, and individual developers.

If you need cross-platform mobile development tools for Android, iOS, and Windows, this is one of your best options. At first glance, you might think this seems like Visual Studio Express, and you’d be right. If Community is free and includes targeting multiple platform support (though it’s still a Windows-only developer environment), what will happen to its predecessor?
Microsoft today also reemphasized its commitment to helping organizations embrace a DevOps culture and revealed that more than 2 million registered developers are now on Visual Studio Online. The first piece of news is that Release Management for Visual Studio is now available as a Visual Studio Online service preview, a capability previously available only to customers using Team Foundation Server. Next up are Cloud Deployment Projects with built-in blueprints, part of the Azure SDK 2.5 tools for Visual Studio made available today. Finally, Microsoft today also demonstrated the next-generation build system for Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online on stage.
Most interestingly, it will be capable of building code from external systems such as GitHub by leveraging the REST APIs and service hooks infrastructure available in Visual Studio Online. These last two are not being released in preview, but given everything listed above, we think developers will forgive Microsoft.
Our order processor program will send your order to you instantly via email right after your payment is processed. IMPORTANT NOTES: If you purchase the DLL version first, you may not use your payment as credit if you decide later on to get the other package with complete SOURCE CODES.
Some of us true developer-blooded just don't want to have compiled version and wanted the real deal. I studied B.Sc(Maths) in Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College,India and I studied MCA in Kalasalingam University,India. There are a few sites (like Authy) that will operate this as a cloud service for you at a monthly or usage cost, but there’s no need. With these PIN codes changing every 30 seconds, you must decide what an acceptable ‘clock drift’ might be. If you're looking for something at the IIS-module level that adds two-factor authentication kind of like basic auth or NTLM, I'm not aware of a drop-in module that will do that.
This role has been moved back into our development team, who look forward to providing you with fast, efficient service. The release will include a few key improvements to the WPF platform, including support for transparent windows and multi-image cursor files. Visual Studio Tools for Unity (VSTU) 2.0 Preview includes better support for debugger attributes and visualization for objects. It is free, and it includes all the capabilities needed to create non-enterprise applications across desktop, devices, cloud, web, and services.
Visual Studio Community 2013 also includes dozens of great Visual Studio tools, including Peek, Blend, Code Analysis, Graphical Debugging, and full C# refactoring. More developers gain access to tools for a wide variety of technologies and platforms supported by the ecosystem, and extension authors gain new opportunities to build for a larger audience. Since its release in October 2013, the suite has seen 7 million downloads, Somasegar told VentureBeat.
They enable environment configuration to be captured as code (a key DevOps practice) and managed along with cloud projects and solutions in Visual Studio. Even better, a new cross-platform build agent will allow teams to run builds on non-Windows machines, allowing developers for the first time to build for iOS and OS X by running builds on Macs.

We were able to seamlessly integrate Ecommercemax into our online quote and checkout processes. Unlike any other solutions, this is NOT dependent on any middle WebService between your own hosting server and Fedex. We use PAYPAL Instant Payment Notification (IPN) - which ensures that you will have immediate access to the product you purchased in seconds. Sample web project (complete code-behind C#) that demonstrate how to generate shipping labels(s).
This component also gives you the unique ability to extract the raw or actual REQUEST and REPLY XMLs.
Further, this website does not imply representation of UPS or relationship with UPS in any form. Gives out a rich set of output properties like an array of structured record of shipping rates, and more. Now I am working as a Developer cum Project Leader at Kalasalingam University and I am doing freelancer works too. Likewise, if you develop systems that require users to log in with a username and password, you should be offering it. Google offers a completely free solution via the Google Authenticator app for iOS and Android, with an equivalent app just called 'Authenticator' for Windows Phone. What I want to implement next is the generation of backup codes (using these set of One time backup codes the user can login if the phone is not accessible).
I've try to change the account name the same as what is written in my code and the key that is generated.
Generally two-factor auth needs to be built into the IIS application code that you're running. Last but not least, Microsoft has also released a preview of Visual Studio Emulator for Android.
Ecommercemax has performed flawlessly, consistently returning accurate shipping data in an instant.
Don't bust your brains trying to develop this solution from scratch, get the codes here so you can concentrate on your other tasks. Includes instruction for absolute beginners like those who don't even have a Fedex Account. This is a very useful and powerful tool for developers who want to see the actual XML nodes being passed to and received by the component. By using two-factor authentication, you dramatically reduce the attack footprint – no longer would a nefarious individual have to just guess your password, but they would have to guess your password AND a PIN number that changes every couple of minutes.
I was surprised there were no really good libraries to use this method of two-factor authentication in an implementation. This means that if your user’s device is perfectly in sync with the server time, their PIN code will be ‘correct’ for a 10-minute window of time.
It is cross-platform and open source, and apps can run side-by-side with different versions of the framework on the same server.

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