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Description: Read free online romance novels and other full books online including vampire romance novels, historical romance and many more romance genres. The scene of a western romance novel could take place anywhere from the mid-west or western United States in the 1800s to current times in the outback of Australia. Kate Oa€™Hara had a good job, good friends and, aside from her recent nasty break-up, a good life relatively free of drama until she woke up in bed with a handsome no-nonsense cowboy named Dusty Miller and discovers she's married to him! Caitlin Chadwick, 30, returns home to Valley View and the Double C Ranch after her grandfather dies. Major Daniel McDonald does not hesitate to bring his high-sprited daughter, Molly, to Fort Devere, where he is assigned to protect the new Cimarron trail to Santa Fe. Moya dreams of the stars even as a child, creating constellations from imagination and red paper.
Rhoda Tuttle moves to the desert for her health, only to be stung by a scorpion on her first outing. No one really knew what the owner of the popular bed and breakfast had in mind - even after her death. Whether it is the handsome cowboy trying to catch the attention of the beautiful woman, the challenges of the city-slicker trying to fit into western life or the man or woman looking for wide open spaces, the characters are often not expecting to find romance.

Western romance novels are just one of the many types of free online romance novels on PublicBookshelf. Carmen thinks that she and Alex are not giving their children enough attention and they should take a vacation.
Will she ever meet the person who taught her to let go and become one with nature and music?
Time spent with Garrett Winston, 40-year-old ranch owner and family friend to the Chadwicka€™s, leaves Caitlin wanting more.
The stoic and reclusive rancher has offered her access to a horse and 3000 plus acres in her spare time.
He underestimates the threats from nearby Sioux warriors, however, as well as the attention Molly attracts from his soldiers. Real life is not so lovely, but the Irish girl keeps her dreams alive even when she finds herself engaged to the wrong man in a hardscrabble American mining town. Charley Cartwell, or Kut-le, swoops in to save her, charming and frightening her at the same time.
Young Charley, or Charlotte, and her neighbor Roger grow up together as new practices makes lush crops possible even in the desert.

Traveling with four children and a reluctant husband is difficult enough, but they accidentally observe a drug deal and are captured. Although promised to marry her cousin Manuel Nevarro on her seventeenth birthday, she begs her father to break the engagement.
Rhoda wonders how this man of the land will measure up to her current suitor from the city. Their own relationship is as difficult as desert farming, but with nurturing, anything is possible.
For this to happen, Garrett must move beyond the past, his divorce, and not struggle with their age difference. As Garrett and Caitlin argue over Scotta€™s true reasons for being in Valley View, Garrett kisses Caitlin.

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