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Here is a great news for all State Bank of India users as SBI launches awesome net banking app for Windows Phone users. You see, for a while I was happily collecting stuff: 100+ DVDs (including multiple versions of the same movies!) to make sure my collection was complete, plenty of bookshelves to fit all of the books I acquired (even if I didn’t have time to read them all), and tons of video games and new clothes just in case I needed them. If you’ve decided this is the year you’re going to improve your life, here are the areas that had the biggest impact on my journey. 1) Simplify Your Health: Over the past few years, I’ve become healthier and happier than ever by simplifying my workouts and nutrition. By getting rid of the extraneous exercises that provide minimal value, and focusing on getting really strong with these select exercises, your body gets the stress it needs to adapt and build a strong body (without spending hours and hours in the gym). Stop obsessively counting calories, weighing food, and loading up your brain with mental clutter.
When you build a healthy body, it gives you freedom to stay off medication, spend less on health care, and fewer hours at the doctor or in hospitals, giving you more time to grow with new activities like swing dancing or rock climbing. Pick three big tasks to complete each day that will make the most impact in your business or job.
The unimportant but seemingly urgent tasks will continue to get in the way unless you give yourself permission to cut them from your most productive time at work to focus on the important.
3) Stop Clogging Your Life with Stuff: In 2011 I got rid of most of my possessions and set off a multi-year trip around the world where I lived in 20 different countries. By traveling light and wearing versatile, high quality clothing, I could change plans on a whim and move quickly.
4) Become Free to Grow: We all say we wish we had more time to do a fun or enriching activity, be it learning a musical instrument, learning a language, reading more, painting, taking a class, or exercising.
Why don’t many of us follow through on these new, fun and challenging hobbies that help us grow? We are trapped under the burden of our commitments and the false importance we put on things that don’t matter to us.
Over the past year, I started taking violin lessons simply because I thought it looked challenging and I love how it sounds. Again, my challenge to you is to pick 1 or 2 of these areas to start, and make tweaks today to simplify that aspect of your life. Steve Kamb is the author of Level Up Your Life, a step-by-step blueprint for life that teaches you to eliminate the unimportant and start prioritizing growth, adventure, and happiness. This is such an inspiring post and filled with little achievable steps that we can all take to changing our lives.
I’ve begun to select what I want to see in facebook and social media by seeking out pages that lift and inspire my journey and my efgorts, and in doing so the things I no longer need have begun to fade into the background.
Wow, thank you – a great post with some awesome tangible, easy to put in place actions I can take right now. Rather than getting rid of Facebook I opened a new account and only have friends and family in my newsfeed.

Now every Windows Phone user having account in State Bank of India can enjoy net banking features like funds transfer, Cheque Book request, Mobile Top up etc. When we do that, we often add complexity, stress, and obligations in our lives – racing to what we think will give us freedom. I dumped my unfulfilling career, sold the majority of my possessions, lowered my overhead, hit “restart,” and simplified my approach to health and time management. I follow the same routine week after week, and just focus on getting stronger with a few key exercises: squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups and push ups.
About a month after I began my trip, I threw away half of the things I had packed and brought with me. On top of that, when you spend less money on things, it frees up your money for experiences. Six months ago I decided to relocate to New York City, and two weeks later I had my few possessions loaded into my small car and made it to the Big Apple. If you’re a parent, your activity might be something that enriches your child’s life as well.
When you viciously cut things from your life that don’t make you happy or provide value, it gives you the freedom to pursue a hobby that interests you and makes life worth living. I only started improving when I cleared my free time of more news and clutter and noise and make practice a focal point. But most of us bury it by complicating our health, giving into distractions, filling our life with stuff we don’t value, failing to ruthlessly prioritize where we spend our time. I have embraced the simplified health–eating healthy foods without weighing myself or counting calories, and trying to stay active throughout my lifestyle, without the extra time involved with going to a gym. My main ones are Video games(mostly 3DS stuff), legos, some books, and Hot wheels(mostly the minifigure compatible guys).
For me, minimalism helps me choose courage in areas of my life where I’ve been hindered by worry, clutter, and stuff that ensnares me in its trap.
Personally, I work full time, am a single mom, workout 3-5 times a week, attend church twice a week and my daughter is in gymnastics twice a week. I eat pretty well but know that I’m still eating too much sugar and too many processed foods. I’ve been working on getting away from Facebook but have still been plagued by all the news feed pop ups! For my family and myself, things got a lot better when I, personally, began to pursue contentment for myself. It started when I had my first baby and couldn’t afford all of the fancy baby items that I believed made everybody happy. We spend more money on more stuff and then need to find more space to fit all that stuff, and the cycle can get out of control. It’s tough to be free when you struggle to focus thanks to the wonderfully intoxicating pull of useless internet sites.

Because I had lived below my means for many years, having rented an apartment with a few things rather than owning a big house I didn’t need, I had the freedom to choose my next step. But I challenge you to peel back a layer of stuff in your own life, whatever that looks like, and unlock the benefits of removing the excess. Choose to stop reading and watching depressing news articles and stories and know that the world will go on regardless.
I’ve been watching a lot of videos on timy houses and minimalism and surrounding myself with encouragement to stay morivated and press forward.
What you’ve said about living more fully is, I think, the ultimate destination for minimalism. I used to think if I got decorated the house this way, bought these clothes, renovated this space, etc.
I’ve been able to do things I never really dreamed possible by simplifying 4 key areas of my life. Minimalizing is tough work… but I like how you describe the progress as bring like layers. One struggle I have is balancing how much time I spend reading blogs (and writing mine) with reading books.
There is freedom on the other side; hopefully when we get there, we know exactly what we truly want.
All have really helped me open my eyes to the material-driven life I’d been living and gave me the inspiration to live more with less.
I do spend any truly free time I can find exercising, seeing friends, or working on my art, but those times are few and far between.
I feel the author’s point is not to just fill your time with random activities but purposeful ones. Now that my wardrobe, home, goals and life are simplified, I have cleared up time to teach my son, train my dogs, I self taught myself photography, picked up and actually stuck with playing my guitar, and every day am a step closer in my journey to where I want to be! I think it is presumptuous to assume that so many readers in this current economy are not genuinely too busy for leisure activities. But, when I thought this way, we spent a lot more money and I spent a lot more time de-cluttering. To me this would be the same time spent reading and replying to letters sent by mail years ago. My husband and I have three children, so we still have a lot more stuff than I’d like, but the mindset of not always buying, buying, buying has really cut down on that.

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