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Whether you’re freelancing as graphic designer, web developer, copywriter or something else, you will probably need some tools to explain things on your clients. Every now and then are coming days when as a freelancer you have to start working on a new project.
There are many perks of being a freelancer, but dropping some of them in an article is never a minus. Good stock photography is what every designer, web developer and marketer will always need.
Freedom – you can be choosy about who you work for, vastly reducing a need for intense client managment.

Includes: a creative briefing template, an invoice template, a positioning template, a business model template & more! The Freelance Lifestyle celebrates the best products, training and experiences that appeal to strategists as a way of rewarding their hard work and brand building. This site is the culmination of years of not having access to great advice as a strategist, often learning on the fly and spending lots of time scouring the web without one simple hub of information, conversation and tools. If you’re a product designer or engineer, chances are that side projects have come up on occasion and just like any other design discipline that goes into freelance-land, requires some know-how in regards to accounting and best business practices. Thankfully, the freelancer-friendly resource site nuSchool has setup a handy general project estimator that takes multiple factors into account including how interested you are in the project as well as the size of the client…which can result in drastically different project estimates.

Once this number is established, the calculator raises your base rate depending on how important the client is and how much of an impact it will have on your portfolio and life, among other factors—all in just 5 questions.

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