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A lot of ex pats start small businesses in Thailand, could be a bar or a restaurant, possibly a guesthouse or some kind of touristic venture. You’ll need to ask around other expats if they know every body or local websites and newspapers like Craigslist can also help. While you can get quotes as low as 7000 baht, you won’t get much under 15 000 ($500) because while the cost of living is lower in Thailand (and even more in Pattaya than Bangkok),  the designer was educated in the west and he still needs to maintain his standards of  living and pay off his expenses in his native country.
While most older sites online were built using HTML (and most sites in Thailand in general), these days it’s recommended to go for a content management system, and preferably open source. Website databases vary greatly in function and complexity from collecting visitors' email addresses to store and retrieve thousands of transactions.
Dynamic website content and the fast and easy navigation and retrieval of web information will give the much needed competitive advantage that determines the success or failure of an e-business. That said, it is imperative to analyze, design and develop a dynamic website to effectively meet the needs of each business and its customers. If the design is well crafted from the point of initiation, it not only produces a faster and user-friendly database, but it also saves development time and unnecessary modifications by the end of the day. BitraNet specializes in developing dynamic website databases as part of large scale projects. It seems that many businesses have made search engine optimisation their primary focus for 2012. Proprietary software is actually both expensive and bad…open source is free and a lot more sites are using it giving your  Thai webmaster extra information, leverage and support. This requires a thorough understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs. We will listen to your needs and develop a website having an " Administration Module which works as a Back Bone for the website ", which will ensure that your business succeeds. Except for the largest of companies, most companies do not have an internal web design and maintenance department, so most web designers, out of necessity, work as freelancers. Best to stay away from South  East Asian desigers as they don’t speak very good English and it will be hard for you to explain to him what you need done for your website.

Before impressing the boss or businessman individually, first you have to impress him with your resume that serves as a prerequisite. WordPress is the most user friendly if you want to manage your business yourself, Drupal is pretty hard to manage but very powerful, Joomla is usually a good compromise if you can find a template you like, all these types of websites can be done in both Thai and English.
This custom web database design, development and integration will represent a substantial part of the development time and costs for B2C and B2B websites. If you include your photo, make sure it is a professional looking one, and not you and your dog. Skills are be highlighted in a vivid manner in accordance with the job you are applying for. Keep your profile updated with interesting jobs, any new experience or certifications or education you may have received.2. The following collection has astounding and really flabbergasting resumes that are extraordinarily made with good colors and appropriate style.
Freelance sites have a rating system whereby customers (satisfied or unsatisfied) can rate a contractor’s performance.
If you receive a low or negative score, respond to it, but without whining: professionally explain what caused the problem.
If you are new to the freelance site, you will not have any ratings, so create your own by quoting past clients on your profile. Web design is a very wide field, and most designers have probably fallen into a niche, based on what they like to do, what they know the most about, or references from one firm to the next in a certain field. Look for underserved markets. If you check the number of web designers on each of the freelance sites you bid on, you may be surprised at how large your competition is. It may be difficult to compete against this kind of supply of providers, so look for areas that the others may be overlooking. You know what your work is worth, and what the going rate in your field is.  In the freelance field, you have to take two other items into consideration.
You are not in an office, working full time for an employer, so don’t expect to get the same per hour rate.

You have eliminated many of the costs of being an employee, and your rates need to reflect this.
In addition, when you are just starting out, you may have to bid a little low in order to get those first jobs, and first top reviews.
If you have bid on a project, and haven’t heard for a while, follow up (as long as it has not been awarded). Advise them that you are happy to answer any questions, that you are setting your work schedule, or that you read something interesting in their field. If you receive a question from a prospective client, answer immediately (another reason to check every day).
Don’t let them wonder if you will be just as unresponsive once you get the job.If you want to work with different clients than you have to know they are safe and reliable to work with. Check this out to find easy ways to do a background check on any of your clients or employees.Did you enjoy this article? Creating a personal connection can make a world of difference.The other piece of advice I suggest is to create a bit of an experience for the client.
Most services and price points are pretty much the same when it comes to web design for small businesses.
The best way to differentiate isn’t to create some unique selling point, but to create a unique experience for the prospect.
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