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Then join Sarah Morean as I, along with my Wolves season tickets, introduce her to the wonderful game of basketball. SARAH: Maybe I could have said it say Rubio but then I would have decorated it as if it had been in a food fight. ADAM: But I will tell you it’s impossible for shitty teens and bros to keep up that level of yelling for a whole game. ADAM: Yeah, it was pretty close and Oklahoma City, depending on what you’re reading, people think they could win the championship this year. I gave Sarah a quiz to test the limits of NBA knowledge she’s picked up from either inadvertent contact, passing interest, or just the psychic connection we all have. I provided her with a list of every city that has an NBA team and asked her to give me the team name. ADAM: Now you did something which is amazing in that you thought the Grizzlies were in Toronto. And finally, some thoughts from Sarah on her first game of the season, one of 33 (but probably actually 18 or so, let’s face it).

SARAH: Players, and also I think the crowd has a lot of respect for when really good stuff is done. A Naughty Poster on Monkey Incidence, Who else was involved in the incidence other than Harbhajan?
He moves very quickly, every time he has the ball, you think something amazing is going to happen. Some might blow your mind, but most of them, it takes a season or two to get their sea legs. At one point someone said, “Hey, A lot of people get assassinated, especially the political people in Washington.
I always feel bad when the other team does really amazing shit and everyone in the crowd forces themselves to be silent. That was good.” But with basketball, like when Lebron James this Friday steals the ball from Kevin Love, storms down the court and does an insane dunk, even people who root for the Wolves are going to yell OHHH SHIT. Athena Currier created the Sand, Axe and Raisins logos and Greg Means created the Bombers and Lumber logos.

A lifelong basketball fan, Adam will spend the 2011-2012 NBA season teaching Sarah about the game and helping her develop as a fan. Through the video medium, we highlight and champion the unique cultures that make our city thrive.
And you didn’t know what a rebound was until a few minutes ago, so you might not appreciate it.
I thought the Nets was like the most boring “say what you are” type of thing so that all the people who retire in that state would just be like, “Oh, the Nets! But Kevin Love is, for people who really like basketball, Kevin Love is an amazing player, but he’s not going to wow you like Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, who we saw at the opener.
So she would have to look at the city and ask herself “What is Portland’s defining characteristic when you make that characteristic a mascot?” Second, I gave her all the team names and asked for which city they came from.

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