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There’s now a wide range of gay dating apps available to find love, a date, or just some casual fun. We’ve compiled a list of the best gay dating apps for iPhone and Android and taken a look at some of their key features. Whether you’re looking for a partner, a friend, or a friend with benefits, there’s an app for that! The apps creators also claim that up to 300,000 users are logged into Grindr at any given moment. As well as allowing you to have both private and public photos, Hornet lets you find guys anywhere in the world. Recently, Hornet have been beta testing a web version of their network, making it more convenient to get into your conversations and browse guys around you from the comfort of your computer. Like other apps, you can send private messages and pictures, plus, it also features up-to-date bear bar listings in your local neighbourhood.
Manhunt is part of the Online Buddies group which claims to collectively connect 10 million men globally. Guy Spy offers unlimited chat and multiple photo uploads, plus, you can record and receive voice messages, exchange videos and instantly send your location. If you choose to upgrade to GuySpy+, you can see who’s been checking out your profile, who’s added you as a favourite and who’s liked your photos.
For those looking for something a less risque than other apps, may be the gay dating app for you.
PlanetRomeo’s app is compatible with Apple Watch and other features include the ability to save your contacts and group them with tags. According to its founders, Manjam gives people in countries where same-sex relationships are criminalised the freedom to connect and express ideas openly without prejudice. Manjam founder Mitch Munro says “In some countries being caught with a gay dating app installed on a mobile device could mean the difference between life and death. Manjam’s creators claim it receives more than 3 million visitors and 67 million page views every month, across America, Europe, the Middle East and Southern Asia.
Like most other gay dating apps, u2nite shows you other users in your area, however your search for partners is anonymous and secure as the app blurs your exact location.
Apparently there comes a time in every (allegedly) salacious dating app's life where it tries shedding its perceived sins by going mainstream. Kickstarter, Reddit and others say that internet providers abuse net neutrality by exempting their services from data limits. With more than 60 million messages exchanged every week, the all-new SCRUFF 5 is the dating and social networking app of choice for a community of more than 8 million gay, bi, trans, and curious guys worldwide. SCRUFF has the most guys you are into: guys next door, geeks, muscle guys, jocks, bears, college guys, military servicemen, chubs, rugged leather men, daddies, queer guys, and more. Download SCRUFF for FREE and start checking out guys immediately on the most advanced and reliable gay app, newly redesigned for iOS 9. Supercharge SCRUFF by going Pro--subscribe to unlock the most powerful features of any social app for iOS 9. Dattch, the lesbian dating app, has moved up a level to provide a solid beta for invite-only users.

The earliest version of the app launched last November and Founder Robyn Exton says that there have been weekly adjustments led by the reaction of its community.
As with most good ideas, Dattch came from personal observations at the right time when Exton was looking to do something new. Exton says that gay women tend to use Internet dating a lot more than heterosexual women because it’s harder to meet other gay women, but that the experience is never quite right.
Exton says that many of the current lesbian dating sites are an extension of sites originally created for gay men and that this doesn’t serve the intended community. The idea of men making fake profiles to browse a lesbian site might sound spurious but Exton has been surprised at the rate and extent to which this happens.
Dattch currently verifies profiles manually, so each person is checked out at least to make sure they are female.
The beta testing so far has provided a rich seam of information about the gay female market that will help to fund the app in future.
This level of engagement leads to a strong area for advertising and a targeted group of women that marketers will doubtless have an interest in. The relationship between sex and technology is a strong one that has led to innovation in payments mechanisms, viewing habits and more, so it’s no surprise that an app like Dattch could also lead to change for a wider market. If she manages to crack that nut, the solution could be valuable to anyone managing an inbox with varied contents. Exton has spent a lot of time with the London startup and gay communities doing her research. Although she has worked with developers and designers to get the app up and running, it has been an important step in understanding the nexus between gay women and technology. That’s a slim selection of people to try to create something with a very specific audience. Sources tell Bloomberg that "the sale process is early and no deal is assured." The same sources also don't know what Grindr's valuation could be in a sale.
With the PlanetRomeo app you will gain access to one of the worlds largest gay dating communities around. Here’s a list of the most popular gay dating apps currently available for iPhone and Android along with each applications key features.
Grindr says it has over 6 million users across the globe and that this number is growing by 10,000 new users each day.
The feature allows you to connect with guys visiting now and arriving soon in destinations around the world.
This helps with planning future business or pleasure trips ahead of time instead of last minute browsing upon arrival.
It claims to have over 5 million members and you can view profiles from around the world or right in your own area. It’s the only gay dating app on iTunes approved for those 12 and up, which clearly differentiates it from our the other gay dating apps on this list and focuses more on socialising.
This means that whenever you buy a product on Amazon from a link here, I get a small percentage of its price.
For Grindr, that's being the exclusive live-streaming option for a show at the upcoming London Collections Men event.

We hope you have such a great experience that you never need support--but wea€™re here if you do. At the moment it has a focus on London but Exton has big plans for international expansion once things are up and running to suit the audience in the UK.
From here, profiles will be linked to Facebook to see if applicants are women and if their profiles are well established. Though it would be a fine world if everyone could be out and proud if they chose to be, not everyone wants to be identified by their sexuality. Exton says that gay men have some of the highest browsing figures on dating apps and that gay women tend to want to browse and talk even more. Solving the email problem is a project that many people are trying their hand at, and the inbox on a dating site is not so different.
Rather than restricting the functionality of the current app, she aims to add value and additional features. So far the reaction has been mixed, “When I first started talking about this so many people are familiar with Grindr and how it works that as soon as you say you’re making a dating app for gay women, they say, ‘they won’t use it, it’s never going to work because women don’t want to just hook up immediately’”, she says. She says that she would tell anyone considering leaving their 9-5 for a digital startup to get working on this first. But if the current services leave so much to be desired and so few people are training their focus on finding a solution, Exton and Dattch might just have the right combination to provide what is needed for an underserved market.
Using Venture, SCRUFF members can list and view places to rent on Airbnb and other services. That helps support rukkle by offsetting a fraction of what it takes to maintain the site, and is very much appreciated.
You can now submit support requests, and view their status and our agentsa€™ responses without having to leave SCRUFF.
You need someone who understands the market and gets tech, to be able to put all the piece together. You’ll see they set up an account yesterday, have no friends but they like Dattch and something like ‘Lesbian and bi girlies of London’. Users will be able to pull information from other profiles if they choose, but Dattch doesn’t use or keep any of the data. Grindr claims to be the biggest male mobile social network in the world, with more than 5 million users in 192 countries. But according to The New York Times, you won't be watching the runway from within the app itself -- users will get a link and a code to watch on a mobile browser. So, to know how women behave and how they want to use apps would probably take a woman in the first place to do it. Grindr's VP of marketing, Landis Smithers, says that for a portion of the app's users, fashion is a pretty big deal and future projects like this could include music and night life.

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