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SHANGHAI—It wasn’t so long ago that "Geng Le," the former policeman who founded one of China’s earliest gay websites was being forced to play cat-and-mouse with the Chinese authorities just to keep it online. When the government launched a campaign to "purify the Internet" in 2006, Geng’s site,, was repeatedly shut down. Employees at Blued, one of China's gay dating appsImage: company handoutNow he’s eyeing global domination. When Geng, whose given name is Ma Baoli, graduated from university in 2000, he didn’t understand why he wasn’t interested in finding a girlfriend and getting married like his classmates. The CEO of Blued, a gay dating app in ChinaSoon after, he started under the pseudonym Geng Le to protect his identity at his day job as a policeman. A gay wedding in Beijing, gay ’Friends’ on TVBlued is the most widely used gay-dating app in China but it now has competition.
Ling also struggled with his sexuality until reading a best-selling — and controversial — book called Homosexuality in China, written by a sexologist in the mid-1990s.
Zank is perhaps best known in the West for its likeness to the popular Boston-based gay-dating app Jack’d. Ling admits "learning and borrowing some advantages from Jack’d,” but maintains his app puts a higher priority on social-networking groups for users with shared interests, such as swimming and badminton. Can Grindr keep pace?Blued and Zank have done well locally because they know how young Chinese millennials communicate — both have a WeChat-like 'Moments' feed, for example, where users can post vacation photos or other pictures from daily life. That's why YouTube personality Davey Wavey teamed up with singer-songwriter Steve Grand to break down the "rules" of navigating Grindr and Surge, among other social apps.
You wonder what's wrong with the world because you think you are an intellectual who deserves better.
Geng’s website is now free to cover gay news from around the world, and even carries advertising for a company helping gay Chinese men start families through surrogacy in the U.S. He went online in search of answers and was shocked to read on Chinese websites that being gay was considered a disease that needed to be treated.
The website survived the government shutdowns until 2008 when the state-run Xinhua news agency ran a groundbreaking report about the struggles of gay people in China.

These efforts, along with the newly open environment toward gays and lesbians in the country, allowed him to launch Blued in 2012. When he was at the police academy, he fell in love with another recruit while training on the beach next to the blue sea. In 2013, a new gay-dating app called Zank appeared on the scene, launched by a computer engineer who goes by the pseudonym, Ling Jueding. Although gay marriage is not legal in China, and many people still hide their sexuality from family and friends, Ling married his partner, Gino Chen, in a ceremony in Beijing last month—the day after the U.S.
Blued also has an LGBT newsfeed and travel maps to find gay spots in cities like Toronto and Los Angeles. Blocked by the Chinese government until June 2011, the app’s user numbers have been steadily climbing ever since, though a spokesman for the company declined to give current figures.
But he’s quick to note that in terms of the guys, it doesn’t really matter which one you use.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. You open the first of many dating apps on your phone, because as much as you love your me-time, you don't want to end up like Ms. But a look at his profile and you realize this is not the man who will co-father your future children that you might or might not abandon.
The company received $3.2 million in private funding last year and launched an English-language version in June.
The company is also increasing its profile in China by partnering with the Beijing Gender Health and Education Institute to raise awareness of gay rights in the country.
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