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Because the biblical text never says that, complementarians simply assume that since God did not mention other marriage relationships in Genesis 2, God will never bless other marriage relationships. Thinking people reject that fallacious logic Heterosexuals and homosexuals read and interpret scripture through the lens of their own presup-positions.
What they are taught at home and at church greatly affects their understanding of scripture. A first century Roman would be more likely to understand Paul in the context of Testament of Naphtali, or Wisdom of Solomon or in the context of shrine prostitution, all Jewish viewpoints then current in Rome. It is unlikely that Paula€™s first century readers understood his argument in the context of a twenty-first century, conservative Christian view of lesbianism and homosexuality. Obviously, Paul was not arguing that committed, faithful, same sex partnerships as we know them in the twenty first century, are wrong.Lacking our twenty-first century, culturally based perspective on lesbianism and homosexuality, Paula€™s first century readers would naturally conclude that the phrase against nature, did not imply a universal condemnation of committed, faithful, non-cultic homosexual partnerships.
Pagan temples of ancient Rome.Paula€™s first century readers would be more likely to believe against nature referred to shrine prostitution or street prostitution or non-procreative sex. Some of Paul's readers may also have understood Paul to be referring to pederasty or Roman orgies or women having sex with angels or women and men having sex with the gods, all common, first century viewpoints,.
Romans 1:26, a€?changing the natural use into that which is against naturea€? may refer to women having sexual relationships with angels or it may be Paul's restatement of the Jewish viewpoint that non-procreative sex between men and women is unnatural. The sex with angels viewpoint is based on Testament of Naphtali 3:3-5, a book commonly known when Paul wrote Romans. Only eternity will tell what harm such false teaching has done to millions of gays and lesbians. Homosexuals usually grow up in heterosexual homes and churches Early on, homosexuals learn heterosexual viewpoints, including Biblical Complementarity theory. Testament of Naphtali, written around 137-107 BC, provides historical context for Paul's argument in Romans 1. As their innate homosexual orientation begins to separate them from the heterosexual expectations of their parents, they begin to read scripture from a different perspective. They seek validation in scripture, of the same-sex attraction they feel as an integral part of their being. Robert Gagnon, the leading anti-gay crusader of the twenty first century, alleges that when T. Naphtali says "changed the order of nature" and "changed the order of their nature," that refers to homosexuality. Never mind that God affirms other kinds of marriage relationships in other places in scripture. Complementarians base their non-Biblical belief on an unrealistically literal reading of Genesis. They read into scripture what scripture does not say and then teach what scripture does not say as absolute truth.
Naphtali warned against emulating Sodom, which a€?changed the order of nature.a€? Instead of condemning the men of Sodom for homosexuality, however, the author of T. Naphtali compares the sin of the people of Sodom to the sin of the Watchers (fallen angels, the sons of God in Genesis 6:2-13). These fallen angels changed the order of their nature and had sexual relations with the daughters of men. There are many problems with Complementarian theory, not the least of which, that it is never stated in the Bible.
Naphtali references interspecies sexual practice - sex between angels and humans as against nature. Their false assumptions are culturally based, reflecting their personal opinion instead of God's holy will.

Naphtali, citing Genesis 6 and Genesis 19, is humans having or attempting to have, sexual relationships with angels.
Robert Gagnon, a leading anti-gay evangelical author, advocates biblical complementarity. But don't read too much into the word "Biblical" in this instance. What is against nature (changing the order of their nature), according to the author of Testament of Naphtali (and possibly what Paul referred to in Romans 1), is women having sexual relationships with angels.
Paul may also have been referring to heterosexual women who engaged in anal sex with their husbands, a practice viewed as against nature in ancient times because it was not procreative.Or Paul may have been referring to the ancient practice of heterosexual women who engaged in anal sex with men to whom they were not married, to avoid pregnancy.
That is the classic statement of the odd hermeneutic Complementarians use to buttress their position.
It is not an attempt by modern gay Christians to find an excuse for a€?their sin.a€™ It is the record of history. A first century Roman would be more likely to understand Paul in the context of Testament of Naphtali (humans having sex with angels) or in the context of shrine prostitution or in the context of heterosexuals having anal sex to avoid pregnancy. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Doctrine, summarized the Catholic position in November, 2006.
But ye shall not be so, my children, recognizing in the firmament, in the earth, and in the sea, and in all created things, the Lord who made all things, that ye become not as Sodom, which (5) changed the order of nature.
That conveys a convincing clue that complementarity as taught by the anti-gay crowd is not sound doctrine. Robert Gagnon of Pittsburg Theological Seminary, is the leading anti-gay evangelical of our time.Modern Complementarians like Dr. Gagnon believe Paul intended his readers to understand that every instance of lesbianism and homosexuality is against nature. What we are disagreeing with here is the unscriptural teaching that the Genesis account of Creation gives scriptural warrant for the false Complementarian teaching that God intended to outlaw, forbid, prohibit, every other kind of marriage relationship, based on the Genesis 2 account. Modern traditionalists interpret against nature to mean against a€?the material shape of the created order and against the way God intended human beings to function.a€? Is the modern traditionalist, complementarian view grounded in historical fact or is it merely twenty-first century opinion, imposed on first century scripture? That is reading into scripture something scripture assuredly does not say. In His eternal wisdom, our loving God makes about 5% of the human population gay and lesbian. It simply points out that God demonstrated to us in the Old Testament that He personally does not promote Biblical Complementarity Theory (one man with one woman, to the exclusion of all other relationships) nor does God endorse or promote absolute complementarity. Biblical Complementarity proponents must assume facts not in evidence in order to defend their theory. Their beliefs are based on what they wish the Bible said instead of on what the Bible actually says. Wildflowers in GreeceComplementarians believe homosexuality is contrary to the intent of the Creator as expressed in Genesis 2. That is not a wise foundation on which to base one's beliefs. Complementarians assert that something the Bible does not say, but which they wish it said, is absolute truth.
Homosexuality is alleged to contradict the sexual complementarity of males and females in Goda€™s original design. That false and unbiblical theory is to be rejected by everyone who takes the Bible seriously. Helpful links to more info You may be surprised to learn that what you were taught about marriage is different from what the Bible actually says.
Because homosexuals do not reproduce, complementarians allege that homosexuality is rebellious and against nature, therefore, scripture condemns it. Scripture condemns same sex shrine prostitution (a pagan religious fertility practice), not lesbianism and not homosexuality.

Celibacy negates the sexual complementarity of males and females because celibates neither engage in sexual activity nor reproduce.
Celibacy intentionally rebels against Goda€™s plan for male-female sexual union and procreation. If the Complementarian viewpoint is valid, we would expect scripture to condemn celibacy yet scripture commends celibacy, I Corinthians 7:7-8. 26-27 as a universal proscription of lesbian and homosexual practice, apart from a shrine prostitution context, does not fit Paula€™s argument. Scripture cannot mean now what it did not mean then.The Bible deals with worship of the Canaanite fertility goddess under the rubric of Molech worship.
Moloch or Molech idolThe context of Paula€™s argument in Romans 1 is the history of Gentile and Jewish idolatry. Paul illustrates the sinfulness of the Gentiles by tracing their idol making, idol worship and refusal to retain the true God in their knowledge. The effect of Gentile idolatry was a particular kind of illicit sexual practice, shrine prostitution, which is forbidden from Genesis to Revelation. In their desire to interpret Paula€™s condemnation of shrine prostitution as an attack on all homosexual practice, Complementarians lose the logic of Paula€™s argument by reading their twenty-first century cultural values into the text. There is a better way to understand against nature as used by Paul in Romans 1 which is historically and scripturally accurate and which does not require the text-twisting Complementarians must do to support their interpretation.Did Paul condemn lesbians in Romans 1:26?
The numerous Old Testament passages which condemn same sex shrine prostitution indicate a consistent trajectory of truth upon which Paul based his idolatry argument. Has Paul suddenly deserted his argument about Gentile idolatry, to issue a one verse condemnation of lesbians? Since Romans 1:26 continues Paula€™s argument about Gentile idolatry, then the behavior Paul describes in v. If they dona€™t make the Bible a high priority, if they dona€™t believe and teach the Bible, dona€™t waste your time. Here is a real-life example of a prominent gay partnership in scripture - the amazing true love story of Jonathan and David is the greatest human love story in the Bible. Jesus identified the sin of Sodom and it was not homosexuality.I am saying that the Holiness Code was aimed at Israel, in a specific place, the land of Israel, in a specific time period, while Israel was in the land, living under the Law. And what some Christians wrongly interpret as a universal prohibition of all gay relationships is, in reality, a prohibition of shrine prostitution in worship of the Canaanite fertility goddess.What was a sodomite in the Bible? Was it a homosexual, as many conservative preachers insist or was a sodomite in the Bible always a shrine prostitute who worshiped the Canaanite fertility goddess?Those who believe that the Centuriona€™s pais was only a servant and not the same sex partner of the gay Centurion, cite Greek lexicons to prove their case. Since most Biblical Greek lexicons do not mention beloved or same sex lover as possible meanings of pais.

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