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By far the largest gay parade in Spain and with around two million people taking to the streets, one of the biggest pride events in the world.
The Madrid Orgullo (orgullo is the Spanish word for pride), however, is perhaps also the least gay of major pride events, as it has gradually turned into the main fiesta for madrilenos of any orientation. The gay part of the business revolves around the last weekend with most of the parties taking place from Thursday through Sunday and the parade on Saturday. Check out our recommendations for gay-friendly hotels in Madrid if you are planning to visit for Orgullo.
Slightly bonkers and completely OTT, come to Sunday tea dance Choco Churros for some crazy fun with the locals. Though out and proud, Paris concedes that Pride was conceived the other side of the Atlantic.
Should the idea of a big-ticket club night not appeal then enjoy the route of the pride march which slices through the Left Bank from Montparnasse at 14:00 on Saturday and ends up at Place Bastille via boulevard Saint-Michel, boulevard Saint-Germain, Pont Sully, for a pink revolution of al fresco fun – and just a short walk from the Marais where bars will be full to bursting of party pride people. In homage to the Mattel icon, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs is showing a 700-strong plastic-fantastic army.
Boys teeming with style, attitude and a male version of that je ne sais quoi – few parties epitomise Paris like this.
It's some of the easiest fashion to make fun of, but 1970s disco fashion for women was freeing and exciting, as well as overtly sexy. Those who deride polyester don't realize what a boon it was in the 1960s and 1970s for hard-working women and even men.
Part of what was so exciting about 1970s disco fashion for women was that there was so much that was acceptable - which is to say, pretty much anything - and so much from which to choose.

But while women could show as much leg as was legal, they were also free to cover up as much as they chose and still move with comfort and flair. Because disco was so widely derided after it passed, the fashions that had characterized it went for virtually pennies in thrift stores, if they were even resold at all. For the best luck and quality, as well as ease of hunting, it's best to look for original disco fashions in online vintage shops, where they usually divide the stock by era. It so overshadowed other pride events in Spain that it was moved back a week to allow regional events to flourish. Activities are centred around Chueca, and at night the streets will be jam packed with concert-goers out to enjoy the free live acts in the neighbourhood’s squares, but you may be hard pressed to spot the likeminded. Swimsuit candidates and good fun, followed by DJs and live acts at Plaza Callao (just off Gran Via). A symbol of the embrace of the stateside roots of Pride was the number of mega parties popping up in recent years.
Aspects of that fashion continue to come back into vogue, even as some never wholly went away. Easy to care for and almost impossible to wrinkle, it meant much less time needed to be spent in laundering and ironing. Dresses with a 1940s sensibility were popular, although they tended to have looser bodices and a more empire waistline. In the 1950s and 1960s, a teenager might be able to get away with going to a dance in capri pants or jeans, and some Beatnik women did so as well (in the movie Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn does a sexy dance in black capris), but most women felt obliged to wear a skirt for dancing. So you can have the best of both worlds by making your own disco styles using cotton, silk or any other breathable fabric that still moves well when you dance.

During the day, the terrace at Roommate Oscar and the pool at El Lago de Casa de Campo are the focal spots of gay activity.
Polyester also allowed for fabrics that sported vibrant prints and yet were reasonably priced. Miniskirts, especially of the flared variety, were very popular, as were the ultra-daring skin-tight and abbreviated hot pants. Whatever polyester's drawbacks, it does hold up well so many of the original 1970s disco fashions for women, despite having been worn and danced in many times, can be found in remarkably good condition. Things like the knee-length or minidresses and hot pants can be very sought after and thus expensive, whereas jump suits don't tend to create the same excitement. Although it does not breathe, it allowed for loose and inexpensive clothing that looked great when spinning on the dance floor.
Hot pants are still desirable club wear and a lot of women gravitate towards these vintage hot pants as a way of being sexy and funky at the same time. Women who went dancing regularly had a great time exploring wildly different looks on different nights. A deceptively simple disco dress, knee-length with a flowing skirt, sash and sleeve detail, can be at once flirty and sexy. If you're tall, they can make you look striking and if you're not tall, they make you look taller.

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