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MSN, which stands for "The Microsoft Network", is a collection of web sites offering content (eg. To get your free MSN email account in less than 5 minutes, simply follow the steps below and refer the screenshots in the slideshow. The registration form for the free MSN email account is divided across two pages - one in which you choose the particulars of the email address and the other in which you provide personal details. But there is a possibility that the password can slip out of memory, in which case you can reset this information by identifying yourself correctly.
FYI, the alternate email address field is optional because MSN understands that some people may be creating an email address for the first time [Slide 6]. Assuming the username you chose was available and all other inputs (including the verification) were correct, a second page of the registration form will load. Click the "Continue" button on this page to be taken to your email account which is on the 'Live' web site - a part of the MSN [Slide 14]. To check the MSN email account in future, you would probably need to go through the Hotmail sign in page. Atomic Mail Sender 8.69 Update We present to you the brand new version of Atomic Mail Sender 8.69! Creating a Hotmail account is a simple affair and on this page I shall provide detailed instructions along with screenshots.
The Hotmail account will be your Windows Live ID that also gets you access to other Microsoft services like Messenger, Xbox LIVE etc.
Anyway, the Check Availability button is conveniently provided to test if the chosen ID is not in use by someone else.
Note: Since Hotmail is a popular email service with millions of subscribers, getting an appealing ID might take a little time.

Before we move on to the next item in the form, I like to mention something important regarding passwords. Let us now move on to completing the form to finish the process of making a Hotmail account. This is typically done by providing the secret answer to a chosen question or through an alternate email address.
Type the email address in the blank field provided and hit the "Accept" button [Slides 11 and 12]. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser program, both of which you already have if you are reading this page online.
Once you create a Hotmail account, the same login information (username and password) would let you access other Microsoft Windows Live services such as Spaces, OneCare, Calendar, Gallery and many more.
Let's see how you can get a Hotmail account by quickly filling up the sign up form that has been loaded in the browser window. This is important as the ID has to be unique - you cannot use an ID if it's been taken by someone else. You can also try checking for IDs that are a combination of your first and last names or those that describe you in any other way. The form requires you to enter your password twice and it does this for a reason - so that you don't forget it immediately. A simple password which can be guessed (deciphered) easily may result in your account getting hacked.
The next section in the registration form is exactly for this purpose.Select a question from the drop down and type in the answer. This is to prevent the abuse of the MSN services by hackers and automated programs [Slide 7].

Note: Form fields having an asterisk or a star symbol (*) in front are required for successful form submission and account creation. If you are creating hotmail account for your business, your company name would be the ideal ID. A good mix of upper and lowercase letters, digits and symbols is the way to go and do refer the Password strength bar. I know of many people who when creating an account cannot remember the password they have entered a few minutes back. I ask you to show a little perseverance in this matter as a good ID will help people recall your email address. Over time you may have sensitive and personal information stored in your account and it would be disastrous if the password is leaked out! This is because the service already has hundreds of thousands of users and common usernames are hard to come by. You will be able to recall your password once you have used it to access your account a few times.
It generally takes around 30 minutes for these changes to take affect, at which point you can head back over to Zoho and start sending and receiving email from your new business email address.How To Setup A Free Business Email Account With Godaddy (or another web host)Godaddy, who is our recommended web hosting provider, provides 100 free business email addresses when you purchase a basic hosting plan from them. This will bring up a page with several options you can select, one of which says “email”.On the page that comes up after clicking the launch button, you will see a “create button” at the top. If you have questions about setting up your free business email address, drop me a comment below.

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