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WatchLOUD turns up the volume on the best curated content, from hip-hop to celebrity hijinks, cool kicks, funny sports GIFs, and everything in between. ABOUT USWatchLOUD turns up the volume on the best curated content, from hip-hop to celebrity hijinks, cool kicks, funny sports GIFs, and everything in between. I think by now absolutely everyone on the internet has seen the infamous Goldfish Video, even though it’s “getting taken down in 24 hours”.
Every time I showed this video to people, I got a ton of replies asking me WHAT IS PRESELECTION?
Preselection is a principle which dictates that women are more attracted to men that seem attractive to other women.  The term “attractive” is quite relative. If other women are with a particular man (either in a relationship, laughing at his jokes, etc) that man must be desirable to some degree. In order to leverage the power of preselection you NEED to demonstrate that you are preselected by other women. Photos – Have photos of you and attractive women on your phone, your online dating profile (if you’ve got one), your facebook page etc.
It can be inferred by being unaffected by a woman’s beauty – The fact that you are NOT affected by her beauty, the fact that you are NOT constantly complimenting her looks like all the other groupies she has, must MEAN that you have previously been with or at least in the presence of equally attractive of more attractive women.
Preselection basically dictates that if you’ve got value from other women, you’ve got value from any woman. Once you’re done with this one, make sure to visit our comments section below or hit us up on the Twitter space and let us know what you think of this nonsense!

This has to be the most pimptastic move of 2014 but it makes you wonder if he was this smooth or was she just that horny. Don’t get me wrong, the TAO program is absolutely fantastic, and Josh (the creator) knows his stuff, but that video just creates a LOT of unnecessary hype about the whole PRESELECTION issue. The video claims that preselection is the MAIN reason dudes get laid (and that you can too) and it claims to teach you how if you watch it all the way to the end. To spare you the details of that study, it basically proved that women are more attracted to men that ARE already in relationships as opposed to single men. We can raw-bang an unattractive chick on a night and not care at all if we might have cached some STD or even gotten her pregnant. You need to be a gentleman about it but let it be known that you’ve bashed the panties of other women that are equally or even more attractive than the woman you’re trying to bang now. Being seen in the presence of other hotties will only convince her that there’s something about you that she really likes. Everyone can approach a hot woman and have a pleasant conversation without getting a horrible rejection. The whole concept is not complicated at all and with a bit of knowledge any man can leverage its power to get laid.
It will just help you look more attractive and appealing to other women, similarly to how good looks, a fit body, good fashion sense and fat wallet does. These dudes are f*cking hilarious, they decided to play what is probably the worst prank of the year!

Obviously, it leaves you hanging and that’s why I wanted to END this WHOLE preselection myth today and show you exactly how it can get you laid. Basically, if attractive women see you NOT getting rejected and that you’re OK in the presence of other equally attractive or more attractive women, they will be attracted.
I don’t care how many women disagree with this statement, it happens on an evolutionary level and it has been proven by science. If you do that in public, and the woman looks like she’s having a good time talking to you, OTHER women will see it. With that in mind, preselection is probably one of those things that ANY man can leverage, regardless of his looks and wallet size.
If they bang someone, they want to at least know he has some sort of value, that he is worth banging (ofc there are exceptions).
Being known to sleep with many women (if they are quality women) can and will only increase your attractiveness scale, regardless of what she says.
After you’ve finished the conversation the others will often come in your vicinity hoping for an approach. If you act then, on the spot, like a true pro, you’ve just mastered one of the BEST openers in existence.

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