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I step in to the outdoor patio area of the club to find a lot of people who look like each other. I find my friends, get a drink, and start people watching, since no one at the club looks like they are having enough fun to dance. Later that night, a girl whom I had previously met at another club pretended not to know me. With Dirty Paki Lingerie, #BG #WCW Aizzah Fatima creates a piece that "confronts all the “hot button issues” without being solely about them.
Even the well paid actresses who entered #Bollywood on their niche of looking brown, have over the years conveniently toned down by several shades.
Grishma Patel-Physician Assistant Program from St John's University - "I look forward to finally starting my career as a PA.

More girls in backless black dresses, long flatly straightened black hair, all weighing less than 100lbs with mundane expressions on their faces. My friend points out Manish Malhotra, surrounded by a few women, wearing a fashionable scarf, though it’s 70 degrees. It is really about small moments in the lives of #PakistaniAmerican women; different women at different stages with wildly different stories and outlooks. I’m wearing a fairly conservative red dress, standing behind the crowd of Indian girls at the door who are all dressed in black, four-inch stilettos adorning their tiny feet. I think the guys were also wearing black, but I was too busy wondering whether the girls eat Indian food to stay so skinny to focus much on the guys. I wasn’t happy about the SoBo snobbery, but I will always remember that time I met Monica Dogra at a club and how she was even cooler than I had imagined her to be!

After some back and forth with the bouncer, I finally get in when my friend comes to get me from the inside. Then he pointed out Suraj Pancholi, Jiah Khan’s ex-boyfriend, looking very casual in his backwards cap. Her character in “Dhobi Ghat” moves to Bombay for work and finds herself involved in some side projects.
We chat for a few minutes and she seems genuinely interested in what I had to say and talks a bit about her experiences in Bombay.

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