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I usually prefer downloading torrents for watching movies but there are times when you want to watch a movie just casually and you don’t want to waste your bandwidth as well. IMDb is not just a popular movie database but also a good resource for watching documentaries and films. Unfortunately Hulu might not be available on various countries, but if you are lucky with any VPN or Proxy, you can enjoy some free movies there.
We love action movies not because of its physically violence and thrilling chases which seem so cool and smart and qkuicken our nerves and breathing, but the spirits they implicate within.
Gone in 60 Seconds - The film, starring Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall and directed by Dominic Sena, is a crime & action film telling a retired master car thief who is forced to come out agian. The Expendables - Directed by Stallone and wrote by David Callaham and Sylvester Stallone with Dolph Lundgren, Eric Rocerts, Jet Li, Terry Crews, etc. It provides you with free watching of movies online and downloading it in just a single click! The website works perfectly on all devices, so those of you who enjoy watching movies online on their mobile phone will be pleased. If you think any other site deserves to be in this list, kindly let us know and we’ll update it. Loves to hang out with friends, addicted to movies and music, wannabe photographer, tech lover, and pretty much living an internet life. Is the movie's theme a revenge mainly, is the movie a bad one which mostly shows off the hero's feat of speeding car or physical strength? There're still many deepgoing screenplays, preeminent directors and outstanding action actors, they have contributed many masterpieces to the media industry. The action film is directed by Chris Nahon and famous for its realistic fight scenes with less wire work or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) adopted. The hero, Memphis (Nicolas Cage), once made a record of stealing 50 cars in 72 hours, is threatened to kill his younger brother if he haven't helped his former crime boss to steal those cars in list within deadline.
I’m pretty sure we all used YouTube for watching movies but there are some other worthy websites for watching movies. Whether the movie implies the way of "to voilence with voilence" or inspires you the forgiveness or other positive attitude to life and human beings?
The film is related to heroin smuggling, kidnapping, gunfight, murdern, escape, as well as hero's (Jet Li) rescue, reconnaissance, innocence, and hand-in-hand combat.

The story ends up with a big vicotry of the Expendables after a series of violence fighting. Except for the top aciton movies of The Rock, Hitman, Shooter, Bad Boys, Tomb Raider, Wanted, Mr. The story is wrote and played based on Jet Li himself and to those enthusiasts of Chinese Kung fu the film Kiss of the Dragon really is a bonus for them and lets them satisfy a craving. Within minutes you can create banner ads and Facebook ads to start targeting and search retargeting to reach new customers for your business. Smith, Charlie's Angels and so on, there're tons of other genres available like iPad romance movies, Comedy, Cartoons, HD movies and more. A Good Day to Die Hard flick was created in 2013 and it belongs to Action, Thriller, Crime category.
Impulsive character of A Good Day to Die Hard movie is going to make you feel good while watching it with your family. It is true, A Good Day to Die Hard is one of the greatest movie to see in Action genre in 2013.
Six years after successfully restarting the most important character of his entire movie-making career, Willis has to watch it all crash and burn to the ground with this loud, dumb and plain boring fifth chapter, the erroneously-titled 'A Good Day to Live Hard'.
Indeed, while its immediate predecessor 'Live Free or Die Hard' banked on a winning formula of old-school heroics with new-age sensibilities, this sequel is firmly stuck in the past – and the worse thing about it is that it would only be passable by the standards of an 80s action movie. Truth be told, Willis isn't at all the reason why this fails to be a good day for the 'Die Hard' franchise.
At the age of 57, the man can still run, carry a mean weapon and kick ass – not to mention his trademark squint and unflappable wisecracking attitude.
To put it simply, Willis is still very much the John McClane we've loved in the 80s and 90s and even in the very last movie before this one. But much as Willis tries, he is severely let down by a toxic combination of weak scripting and even weaker directing – the former of which by Skip Woods and the latter by John Moore.
Little in either Woods' or Moore's filmography suggests that they are capable of rising above mediocrity, and this exercise in blandness is proof of that foolish consistency. Let's start with Woods' script, which clearly thinks it can be a 'Mission Impossible' by way of 'Die Hard' – so instead of putting the New York City detective in his home turf, or for that matter, his home country, decides to transport him all the way to the Moscow to wreak havoc. To reconnect with his long lost son, Jack, who has apparently turned bad and is now imprisoned in Russia.

Nowhere in the rest of the story does Woods manage to convince us that the change in location is worth the while.
Even though we are now well into the 21st century, Woods still seems stuck in the last, so not only are the good guys and bad guys drawn along the lines of Americans and Russians respectively (cue the stereotypes about both nationalities), the plot has something to do with as archaic an institution as Chernobyl.
Oh yes, we're back to foiling some nasty Russian's nefarious plan of using the uranium from the site to build weapons of mass destruction. To make matters worse, Moore is too daft to realise that the very premise in itself strains credibility. How else can you explain why following scene after scene of destruction around the Russian capital, there is no sign of any law and order agency? Are we supposed to believe that the police are too busy or nonchalant to care about some highway chase that decimates pretty much every one of the city's infrastructure it comes across?
Or that no authority responds to some helicopter firing round after round after round into a high-rise building? We like that our action movies are escapist, but not when they ignore every shred of common sense simply for expediency.
The fact that we pay attention to these details is in itself telling, for despite a frenetic pace that goes from scene after scene of action, the movie remains a bore.
Most of McClane's lines are in the context of his father-son relationship with Jack (Jai Courtney), but are hardly witty or engaging. They are also frustratingly repetitive, consisting of John lamenting how Jack nary shows him any respect as a father, or John lamenting how he had expected no more than a vacation in Moscow, or some inane topic like whether they will grow a third hand after stepping into Chernobyl without any protective suit. If John's lines are horrid, the rest of the characters can be no better – and what really takes the cake is when John's nemesis Alik (Rasha Bukvic) talks about how he used to be a pretty good tap dancer whom no one appreciated. Even more lamentable is how this instalment, if played right, could have been an exciting new page for the 'Die Hard' series, with John passing the baton to his CIA operative of a son Jack.
Yet this fifth chapter is easily the worst 'Die Hard' entry and quite possibly might sound the death knell for the franchise. If John McClane had a penchant for landing in the wrong place at the wrong time, then 'A Good Day to Die Hard' is Bruce Willis' unfortunate mistake of being in the wrong movie with the wrong people.Iconoclastic, take-no-prisoners cop John McClane, for the first time, finds himself on foreign soil after traveling to Moscow to help his wayward son Jack - unaware that Jack is really a highly-trained CIA operative out to stop a nuclear weapons heist.

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