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The good news is that there is another model for problem solving and idea generation that avoids the drawbacks of brainstorming; it is called BrainSwarming.
In a recent webinar hosted by Harvard Business Review, Tony McCaffrey, innovation researcher and expert, explained how BrainSwarming generates ideas efficiently and quickly to solve problems and spur innovation. Herea€™s how BrainSwarming works: the process is conducted in silence, so there is no critiquing of ideas, removing any fear of judgment and reluctance to contribute. In BrainSwarming, participants build off of each other's ideas, adding sticky notes on a white board (a physical or virtual one). While the graph build-out phase occurs in silence, it is important for participants to talk together about the results afterwards.
BrainSwarming is widely applicable to all types of business problems requiring innovative thinking. The BrainSwarming idea-generation model can be adapted to solve any problem with a goal, including problems of technology or engineering, marketing or advertising, strategic planning, or new product development. For example, McCaffrey described how the method was used to discover new uses for the foil bags that hold juice.

Learn about putting together more effective PowerPoint presentations This Investor Relations site contains information about Microsoft Corporation and provides information about the business relevant to shareholders, potential specializing in presentation slide design information visualization through. When BrainSwarming, people work in silence, collaboratively fleshing out a structured graph as they build off of each othera€™s ideas. As people add ideas, a graph takes shape, a visualization of the creative process unfolding. The goal is written at one end of the white board (often the top), and the resources used to solve it at the opposite end.
Consider the problem of a UPS driver whose truck got wedged under an underpass; how might he liberate it without help? Hampshire College wanted a new slogan that expressed the freedom it afforded students to create their own majors and chart their own academic paths.
The innovation developed out of the seemingly obvious observation that as containers the bags might be full or empty. Unlike in brainstorming, there is no need to remember the ideas suggested; they are right there on the graph, accessible to all. If during the build-out process, it becomes apparent that a wider or narrower definition of the goal would serve the purpose better, it can be refined.
Bottom-up thinkers might work off of the resources, listing all of the associated attributes or components (adjectives or nouns) they can think of for each. Empty foil bags may show up on supermarket shelves next to the resealable plastic bags sometime in the near future. The ideas of introverts are squelched, and rarely does anyone emerge feeling clarity about the way forward.
The method is versatile, able to spur innovative thinking in product development, marketing and advertising, engineering or any other area of business. After 65 years of scientific testing, there is plentiful evidence that brainstorming is no more effective at generating more or better ideas than people working alone, McCaffrey said. Branching from the goal are the general possibilities, not yet thought out; for example, lower the truck, elevate the underpass. Intuit would like to thank the following advisors for their help developing this presentation: Provide you Free powerpoint presentation business models Its not PowerPoints fault that presentations have become boring and useless.

Judgment of ideas is suspended because assumptions and other cognitive biases often impede innovation. Amid the unstructured chatter, it is tough to keep in mind the ideas that were on-target and worth thinking more about. Users can download free PowerPoint layoutstemplates The best way to share PowerPoint presentations on the web. As the graph develops from each end, two solutions soon emerge: lowering the truck by deflating tires or lowering the truck by stressing the suspension system (Figure 2).
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