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When applying eye shadow, don’t use darker colors as it may make your eyes look smaller. Broken Bones occur by accident or because the bone have some deficiency such as a lack of Vitamin D and Calcium.
Symptoms: Deformity of the extremities, obstruction of the normal movement of limbs, pain or a sensation of rubbing between two bones. Suggestion: First, immobilize the person with the fracture by placing that part of the body in a splint until a competent person (a physician) can set the bones correctly so they can mend together.
It is recommended to stop eating refined carbohydrates like sugars since these eliminate calcium. An abscess is the accumulation of pus in a given part of the body, whether internal or external.
Abscesses can form in any part of the body: the skin, the brain, the arms, the gums, the teeth, the stomach lining, the ears or the kidneys. Causes: The most common cause is infection produced by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which enters the body through an injury or by means of direct contact with the contagion.
Suggestion: In some cases, a small operation is required to open abscess in order to drain the pus that has accumulated. 3 tablets together ones a day for 14 days, thereafter 7 days gap and again 3 tablets ones a day for 6 days.
Zing – 50 mg Germanium – 100mg.
At the root of the hair, a pigment known as melanin which is responsible for giving color to the hair is present in the follicles. The first and foremost step to stop your hair from turning gray is to manage the stress and worries in a healthy way. If you have much gray hair which is easily visible, then you should choose to apply henna to restore the dark color of your hair. You can also apply one teaspoon each of lemon juice, Indian gooseberry juice and almond oil to prevent your hair from premature graying.
We all know the usual suspects forA gaining weightA or being obese; sedentary lifestyle, sugary drinks, fried foods, alcoholic drinks and even genetic predisposition. Are you among the people who regularly go to the gym, religiously follow a weight-loss diet or take weight loss pills yet the numbers on the scale keep creeping higher?
Nobody told you that getting depressed will gain you pounds and it is not just for those who are heartbroken and have turned to ice-cream. It is always important to figure out what is causing your chronic stress or you may end up with Cushinga€™s syndrome. Lack of sleep triggers a stress reaction in the bodya€™s physiology that results in active storage of fat. Medication such as anti depressants may have an unfortunate side effecta€”weight gaina€”depending on the individual and the dosage. It is worth noting that the situations that surround the prescription of drugs have something to do with stress or do cause physiological stress. Use of weight gain steroids will of course bring about weight gain but this may not be the desired effect in the case of anti-inflammatory steroids such as prednisome. Taking steroids for lupus, arthritis and asthma may unfortunately result to cushinga€™s syndrome, a condition in which you are highly exposed to hormone cortisol.
These are effects that can be reversed or delayed as long as they are identified and accepted. This unavoidable condition results to a slow metabolism; the amount of calories burned is less at 50 than at 20.
Inadequate amounts of vitamin D, iron or magnesium can affect your metabolism or reduce your energy levels such that youa€™ll find it difficult to take healthy-lifestyle steps.

It is important to assess the above reasons to know if you are on a level playing field with that runway model you so admire. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They use too much effort in the eye makeup to achieve a Caucasian look but unfortunately it is not a good practice at all. Other make up artist don’t use mascara anymore so that the eyeliner can focus the eyes by drawing a line as close as the lashes. During recovery, it is necessary that new tissue be formed to join the broken bones together and the damaged tissue be repaired. You should apply pure coconut oil on the scalp and hair and massage it gently before going to bed. Likewise, we know too well measures to avert excess weight; exercise, low fat diet and overall lifestyle change. I mean; some people work out every day and cut back on junk food, but only seem to gain more weight. Indeed, some stressed people regard food as something that brings comfort or something that can be used as a coping mechanism. Getting therapy will lead to a more effective fight against weight gain as the battle won in the mind will be reflected on the body. Now this has nothing to do with a lifestyle change and is solely the effect of popping pills.
It is slightly disturbing when you realize the list of weight adding medications seemed so harmless at first; such medicines as heartburn medicine orA high blood pressureprescriptions.
This hormone, as we earlier said, increases appetite.Weight gain may occur prominently around the neck and face.
The insulin in diabetics is not produced optimally causing sugar to be turned to fat uncontrollably.
Thata€™s because the condition can force you to cut back on your exercise leading to weight gain. Also, modifying your exercise programs to avoid weight-bearing exercises may help you avoid pains due to plantar fasciitis.
As a result, you may feel weak to exercise and you may turn to sweets and simple carbs to boost your energy levels. Sometimes the condition may be as simple as water retention or gained muscle mass causing recorded weight gain.
The best brush is the one that has a fine brush with firm bristles for precise application.
Therefore the following is required: Protein, minerals(Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and potassium) and Vitamin A,C, and D.
You should also remember to include vitamin B, iodine, iron and copper as a part of your food.
Others live a sedentary lifestyle and have never really been overweighta€”like a friend who eats sugar all day and never seems to gain a pound. Additionally, suffering physical or emotional trauma will lead to weight gain in a characteristic way and so will persisting in a stressful environment. Lack of sleep, moreover, may cause changes in hormone levels thus increasing appetite and hunger and you may feel not as full even after eating. Slight changes in the bodya€™s metabolism and increase in appetite lead to noticeable increase in weight over a month.
The amount of weight gained usually depends on the length of time on the drug and the strength of your doses. Women stop producing much estrogen after menopause and begin to pile up fat around the abdomen.

Digestive issues such as slow bowel movements may compromise your digestive system leading to excess pounds.
We will be giving you tips on applying makeup for Asian eyes to emphasize and draw focus to those little eyes without making them look bigger.
Brushes that have a mix of natural and synthetic bristles are better than those that are synthetic as it doesn’t spread the color evenly to the brows. The best bush has to be soft and glossy synthetic bristles because it just slips smoothly on the skin. To have a smoky look you will need a smudge brush which has soft bristles and a small rounded head.
They are easy to digest and have numerous health benefits like protecting your heart, preventing constipation, improving lung capacity, slowing aging process, lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, smoothens the skin and many more benefits as mentioned above.
Curry leaves, Indian gooseberry, coconut oil, amaranth vegetable and application of henna with coconut oil are some of the most successful remedies for preventing hair graying. But if more than 50 percent of the hair turns gray before the age of 40 years then it is known as premature hair graying.
Your food should have fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk, fish and dairy products. Finding that magic bullet will take away all the frustration but, as we shall see, requires a different approach. Thata€™s because a stress hormonea€”cortisola€”is secreted and, as a result, your appetite increases. Sometimes all that is needed is a vacation to recharge your batteries and become able to deal with the same pressures that used to depress you. This means that the body has a below average metabolic rate since the amount of thyroid hormone produced is inadequate.A Gaining weight becomes easyA since not enough calories are burned daily. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is another hormonal problem mostly in women of childbearing age.
If hormone levels are normal both men and women have fat deposits away from the tummy and arms. A This partly explains why when looking for aA weight loss program, it should be tailored to an individuala€™s root cause of weight gain. These Asian eye makeup tips will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes instead of making them look bigger. An eyelash curler can make your lashes look more luscious and you have to curl them first before applying the mascara so that it won’t break.
This premature hair graying problem can happen due to certain health reasons like anemia, stress and thyroid, lack of vitamin B12, vitiligo and low bone mineral density. Avoiding oily and spicy food, soft drinks and refined flour would also help in preventing premature hair graying.
The phenomenon also happens to those who are stressed at work and being active does nothing to curb the weight gain. Women with this condition, unfortunately, are resistant to insulin thus leading to weight gain. Below mentioned are some of the remedies which can help you in slowing down the premature hair graying process.

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