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At least half of reproductive-age women suffer from painful menstrual cramps that begin shortly before the start of menstrual flow and continue for several days.
For some the pain is a mild annoyance, but for others it can be so severe that it interferes with daily activities. Severe menstrual cramps are actually among the most common reasons for missed work and school days among young women.
For treatment, many women rely on over-the-counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen for pain relief, and conventional physicians may even prescribe birth control pills, which prevent ovulation and reduce the severity of cramps.
Both of these "solutions" carry significant risks of side effects while doing nothing to treat the underlying reasons why menstrual cramps occur.
Now researchers have uncovered another option that might ease menstrual cramp pain naturally via the "sunshine vitamin," or vitamin D. During menstruation, your uterus contracts to expel its lining, a process that's triggered by hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are associated with both pain and inflammation, and higher levels of these substances are linked to more severe menstrual cramps.
Vitamin D not only helps to decrease the production of prostaglandins, it also helps decrease the production of cytokines, which promote inflammation in your body. These are impressive results, however I would caution you against taking this massive dose of vitamin D, especially without medical supervision, as it is possible to overdose on vitamin D when taken in supplement form especially when your vitamin A (not beta carotene) and vitamin K2 are not properly balanced. The ideal way to optimize your vitamin D levels is through safe sun exposure, as this carries virtually no risk of overdosing on vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is currently at epidemic proportions in the United States and many other regions around the world, largely because people do not spend enough time in the sun to facilitate this important process of vitamin D production. So the first step to ensuring you are receiving all the benefits of vitamin D is to find out what your levels are using a 25(OH)D test, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Sun exposure is the BEST way to optimize your vitamin D levels; exposing a large amount of your skin until it turns the lightest shade of pink, as near to solar noon as possible, is typically necessary to achieve adequate vitamin D production.
If you visit a conventional physician complaining of menstrual cramps, you're likely to leave the office with a prescription for one of two medications: an NSAID or an oral contraceptive. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are linked to serious gastrointestinal risks, like bleeding of the digestive tract, increased blood pressure and kidney problems.
Hormonal birth control methods like "the pill" contain synthetic progesterone and synthetic estrogen -- something that is clearly not advantageous if you want to maintain optimal health. In fact, studies have found that HRT increases post-menopausal women's breast cancer risk by at least one percent per year, and HRT with progestin increases your risk by eight percent per year, potentially going as high as 30 percent after just four years of use!
Furthermore, using birth control pills to relieve menstrual cramps is counterproductive, because you may end up simply exchanging them for another health condition.
If painful menstrual cramps are interfering with your quality of life, there are a number of safe, natural strategies to consider, in addition to optimizing your vitamin D levels.
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The director of the company, Bex Baxter, made the decision after watching many of her staff members suffer through work days because of Aunt Flo. Baxter’s understanding policies have us all ready to interview to be a member of her staff…immediately. Berg believes paid leave for menstruating women is tricky because it’s human nature to take advantage of such a policy, whether your symptoms are severe or not. Beyond company best practices, other feminist critics oppose the menstrual leave policy, fearing it would reinforce stereotypes that women are the weaker sex and can’t control their hormones. Although we can understand the validity of that argument in a corporate environment seeped in patriarchy, the fact is, the pain that comes with your menstrual cycle is driven by hormones and uncontrollable. Do we really think the best option for women who suffer from dysmennorhea (the medical term for debilitating menstrual pain) is for women to just drug themselves for days?
Although the solution to this ongoing issue is up for debate, we’re just happy the topic is on the table. Two months after taking the vitamin D, the women rated their pain more than 2 points lower on a scale of 1-10, and all had stopped using painkillers. Very high doses of vitamin D3 supplements may lead to hypercalcemia (high blood calcium) over time. This is linked to a number of serious health conditions including cancer and heart disease, not to mention that researchers in the above study found that the lower a woman's level of vitamin D, the more menstrual cramp pain she experienced. It is this marker that is most strongly associated with overall health, and it is the one you should ask your physician for. If sun exposure is not an option, a safe tanning bed (with electronic ballasts rather than magnetic ballasts, to avoid unnecessary exposure to EMF fields) can be used.
The dosage that is right for you will be determined, ultimately, by how much is needed to keep your levels in the therapeutic range above.
Aside from the fact that these only cover up your symptoms, and do nothing to heal the problem, they carry significant risks.
This applies not only to prescription medications like Celebrex but also over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, Advil and Motrin. These contraceptives contain the same synthetic hormones as those used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which has well-documented risks, including an increased risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and breast cancer.
And if your prescription contains the synthetic hormone desogestrel, your risk of fatal blood clots nearly doubles! It is also helpful to restore abnormal hormone physiology, which can contribute to PMS symptoms. It has unique properties that allow it to modify the metabolism of estrogen, promoting optimal estrogen balance and supporting healthy progesterone and testosterone production.
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Despite this, they feel they cannot go home because they do not class themselves as unwell,” says Baxter.
Why are we out here popping Advil and Naproxen in the office just to stand upright, while our soul sisters abroad are curled up on the couch with a pint of ice-cream and a heating pad?
On the other hand, those who had taken a placebo reported no reduction in pain, and 40 percent were still taking pain medications.

This can result in deposits of calcium in your heart, lungs or kidneys, and the damage can be permanent if your vitamin D levels remain elevated for too long. The point of vitamin D testing is, of course, to be sure you are maintaining a therapeutic level of vitamin D in your blood. These are made even worse since most women with menstrual cramps seek long-term relief, and may take the drugs for many months or even years.
The severity of PMS symptoms in women has been linked to elevated estrogen, with symptoms becoming more severe as estrogen rises.2 DIM exerts a balancing effect on hormones and may benefit conditions like PMS, which are associated with estrogen-progesterone imbalance. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked.
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