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The Start button will return when Windows 8.1 hits later this year, according to sources familiar with Microsoft plans.
The wider consumer response to Windows 8 hasn’t been overly positive, so the return of some familiar elements will certainly be welcome. When Microsoft axed the Start button back when Windows 8 hit, the company said it was a result of information from its Customer Experience Improvement Program.
Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times.
Windows 10 is the name of the new operating system by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and not windows 9 as some people may expect.
Windows 8 did not make the positive impact that was expected and just over 6% of PC users updated to Windows 8.  The design of the Windows 8 OS failed to catch the attention of many users because they were unwilling to accept the removal of the Start button that should appear on the bottom left corner of the screen.
Terry Myerson said the company needs a fresh start and sings of the praises of this new operating system and the ease of its use.

Windows 10 will feature a single platform where applications can be easily located, purchased and updated whether you are using a tablet, cell phone, desktop or laptop computer.
Joseph Belfiore, the vice president of Microsoft’s operating system department, proudly was showing users how to navigate through the application of the Windows 10 operating system at a San Francisco, CA press conference. This new operating system is the best of both worlds, it is the combination of a traditional start up window that Windows 7 had and it will still have the modern look and colorful tiles that Windows 8 users have experienced.
As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may move one Plasma Energy attached to one of your Pokemon to another one of your Pokemon. Speaking to The Verge, sources claim the button’s return will allow users to access the Start Screen, though it won’t include the traditional Start Menu. A recently leaked build of the 8.1 update revealed there will be a boot to desktop option, showing greater focus on the traditional computing environment, and not so much on touch-only input. Well, customer feedback seems to dictate that its absence is missed much more than anticipated.

Belfiore said the company is not giving up on switching totally touch screen devices.  Their ultimate goal is to find a balance that will appeal to both touch screen users and individuals that prefer the use of traditional keyboards.
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No other cards have been revealed yet, but we can assume cards like Deoxys EX and Thundurus EX will be in the set!
Below is an image of all the Eeveelutions, and then there’s also a video of Sylveon in action!

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