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An Endless Argument: Should American policy be based on our own national interests (protecting our independence, borders, security, power and interests in peace) or should we take the “high road” and base our policies on moral principles (human rights, democracy, freedom) that could serve as a model for others? Foreign Policy Goals Preserve independence and integrity Security for nation and citizens Prosperity for nation and citizens Revenge or prestige? Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address “kindly separated by nature and a wide ocean from the exterminating havoc of one quarter of the globe” Jefferson expanded upon Washington’s warning against “permanent alliances” to include “entangling alliances” and reinforced the principle of non-involvement in European wars. War of 1812 ? Illustrated the nation’s willingness to violate the policy of neutrality when it became advantageous to do so. The Monroe Doctrine (1823) Stressed America’s special interests in the Western Hemisphere and remains, with some modifications, viable today. American Indian Policy ? Expansion has implications for American Indians ? Resist, co-exist, migrate ? Treaty of Greenville (1795) NW Terr.

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In response to fears that European powers including Britain might expand its influence into the Western Hemisphere.
Sullivan “And that claim is by right of our manifest destiny to overspread and possess the whole of the continent which providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us… The God of nature and of nations has marked it for our own…” John L. Steven (1)- Bruno, Jonathan (3)- Callaway, Hannah (1)- Campbell, Kimberlee (1)- Carr, Jennifer (1)- Chenoweth, Matthew (1)- Cherry, Anne (2)- Choi, Youngeun (Kaitlyn) (1)- Christopher M.B. Allison (1)- Chua, Flossie (1)- Clough, Emily (3)- Creamer, Cosette (4)- Daley, George (1)- David Luberoff (2)- De Grandi, Claudia (1)- DePace, Angela (1)- Deterding, Nicole (3)- Dittmann, Jason (1)- Dominguez, Jorge (1)- Donofrio, Nicholas (5)- Dorin, Rowan (3)- Dowling, John (1)- Durayappah-Harrison, Peter Max (1)- Enos, Ryan (3)- Fraga, Bernard (1)- Frange, Adam (1)- Franklin, Melissa (1)- Freilich, Chuck (1)- Friedman, Jeff (3)- Galletta, Dennis (1)- Gelman, Andrew (1)- Gernot Waldner (1)- Gest, Justin (4)- Gharavi, Maryam Monalisa (1)- Gill, Michael (3)- Gillett, Rachel (5)- Gilpin, Vicky Sue (1)- Glynn, Adam (1)- Goldenziel, Jill (1)- Goldin, Claudia (3)- Gopalan, Giridhar (1)- Gorman, Sara (1)- Gray, Andrew (1)- Greene Joshua (1)- Grenier, Jim (3)- Grossman, Shelby (3)- Guzeldere, Guven (1)- Haig, David (1)- Hall, Edward (1)- Hamilton, Andrew (1)- Hamilton, Jack (1)- Hanken, James (2)- Harrington, David (3)- Harrison, Alexis (1)- Harter, Odile (2)- Heller, Michael (1)- Hinton, Christina (1)- Holland, Alisha (1)- Howell, David Robert (1)- Hureau, David (1)- Huth, John (8)- Isakov, Alexander (1)- Jack, Anthony (1)- Jackson, Kellie Carter (1)- Jerusha Achterberg (1)- Johnson, John (3)- Kafka, Gareth (1)- Kaliner, Matthew (4)- Kaplan, Nathan (2)- Katherine Powers (1)- Kelsey, Robin (2)- Kernion, Jackson (1)- Kestin, Greg (2)- Kiely, Robert (2)- Kimel, Sasha (1)- Komins, Benton J.

The International Labour Organization estimates there are at least 10 million working children in Africa alone.
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