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The trick is real, it works, and it just requires a little bit of creativity (and the emoji keyboard turned on). These are just a few examples that we created and recreated, so go crazy because the emoji story possibilities are endless.
It was supposed to begin in September this year, but has been put on hold until April next year after the ISPs and copyright holders couldn't reach an agreement on who would be responsible for the costs involved in administrating such a huge undertaking -- which includes the letters themselves, contacting offenders and answering the anticipated influx of angry phone calls.

The iPhone's camera app shutter button isn't always in the most convenient place -- particularly if you're trying to operate it one-handed. You know, the one where Internet Service providers would have to send a letter each time you er, "acquired" the latest episode of Game of Thrones without paying for it? You can use the volume button as an alternative, but there's another way to take a picture you might not be aware of.

They obviously weren't the same as the AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back, but what were they?

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