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Where can I buy it from or (even better) where can I buy something, preferably very much alike, for a smaller price?
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I helped launch Very Irresistible Givenchy (VIG) in Dubai in 2005, and it's been one of my favorite evening scents since then. They sure got the name right, I only ever had a mini version of it over a decade ago but I can still remember it.
I remember smelling this a couple of times and thinking it smelled of a waxy gardenia flower. A few days ago I intended to add it to my collection despite of this bad experience, since I can now appreciate fragrances differently and hold on to something offputting if I want to be rewarded. Dark mysterious, my very first gourmand fragrance which till date wins me compliments at work.
A classy, well blended, organic and subtle gourmand that offers the wearer a very enjoyable three phase evolution. Beautiful scent when sniffing the bottle or spaying on paper, but i get this awful nutty nutella mix when applying onto my skin. Sticky grapefruit, fresh mint, spicy woods and sweet hazelnut and coffee tones mix into one rather dark and delectable offering, for true gourmand lovers.
This is a young fragrance, probably best suited to guys under 35 dancing in a club, largely for its pulling power. If you're looking for a sweet scent, this is definitely more interesting and sophisticated than Thierry Mugler's "A*Men". Never waved a Givenchy flag after blind buying IMO the horribly synthetic couldn't pass for a Glade room freshener Pi. Unfortunately, this turns overly masculine on my skin within two minutes, with that harsh aftershave note that dominates so many 'for men' perfumes. Half an hour later it develops further into not-wearable-for-me territory with this spicy burning note that reminds me of the 'fire herbs' my dad always throws on the barbeque to make it smell awesome. If I find this in store I think I'll get it for my dad, I think it would smell good on him. This one is very good, not something I'm gonna buy probably though - I think it's not my style. The cologne person in the bathroom at the bar sprayed a cologne on me last night, and so I left the bathroom. You can hardly find it on the shelves of perfume stores and is getting rare even at online retail stores. Elegant and understated, but very well designed, light touch opens with intense notes of grapefruit and mint, that the tone of green and fresh fragrance. The base comes with hazelnuts which enhanced the tone more gourmand touch woody by cedar, the fragrance dries, making a woody gourmand green, unique and beautiful! Your intuition will be your best guide to recognizing an emotionally mature man.  Many women make the mistake of ignoring their intuition when they meet an attractive guy who shows interest in them.
Beyond intuition, there are a few specific things you can look for to help you determine whether a guy is emotionally mature enough for a committed relationship. Want to find a man who is ready for marriage?  Then look for a man whose friends have been getting engaged or married within the past year.  It speaks to his stage of life, and statistics seem to suggest people are more likely to look for a serious commitment when their friends begin to tie the knot.
An emotionally mature man will rise to the challenge.  He will see merit in the discussion and show great interest in what you hope to find in a romantic relationship.
An immature man, on the other hand, will either show very little interest in what you said, or he will disappear (because he realizes you are a mature woman who knows what she wants and who is unlikely to be easily used).
After consuming this short-guide, you will possess a secret that men cannot express well because it is so foundational to their view of the world that they don't even realize it is there.
Interestingly enough he was the one that questioned others as to whether I was single before approaching me, and then on the first date spoke about how he ultimately wanted a committed relationship long term. Hi James I have a guy who I have been out with for coffee and lunches a few times and then that slowed right down even after he says he craves me. Now every woman who reads this thinks a man who shows little interest from time to time is immature. If you deal in extremes when dealing with life, it’s best you first try to look at your own emotional maturity before judging a potential relationship partner. Ofcourse, I am quoting just one sentence in the whole article, but I wanted to make this point. Maybe he sees this as his last opportunity to “have fun” by getting involved with a lot of different women before he makes a commitment to one woman, but I doubt it. My ex’s male best friend number 2, has never had a long relationship ever (he is 40 years old), and is the kind who just gets drunk, and either hits on a drunk woman or starts fondling them up.
My ex has friends who are married with kids, but he does not see them that often, as obviously they are busy with families. In the past I have taken on board the opinions of certain female friends, and later realised that these friends were in fact incredibly bitter about men and relationships and that I couldn’t trust their judgment. The best approach is one that focuses on reaching for the deeper wisdom hiding somewhere within him. Results can vary, this information is not a substitute for personalized help from a licensed professional.

Have you ever wondered why most men leave their beautiful wives and their comfortable homes in pursuit of some other affairs in the office, in the streets and sometimes with their house maids? Most women do not know how to keep their men happy in the bedroom; therefore such men are made to become vulnerable to other women. As a woman there are some things you can do to keep you man running to the bedroom every time he sets his eyes on you.
Never reject your man: Most men can withstand insults and rejection in public but, very few men can withstand sexual rejection from their wives. Be involved and excited:  Most men complain about their wives non-involvement and lack of excitement during intimate moments.
Your attitude matters: Above everything else your attitude will decide the stability of your relationship. Porter had a $4,800 USD Burberry shearling on sale at 70% off ($1,400 USD) – available here.
This charming fragrance doesn’t go unnoticed, it attract with its originality and with a successful alliance of freshness and classic appeal.
No other hazelnut or coffee fragrance comes close to this--Uomo Valentino is warmer and sweeter, and S.T. Maybe the juice was wrong, because I found a note that was very offputting (like a rotten cherry). Yeah, sure it's synthetic, but the smell is so good that you feel "why is this not a dessert?". It opens up with citrus-mint burst and you might think it's another citrus fresh fragrance good for summer.
Wow this is a beauty.Yes it smells like chocolate mint when it goes on, but the payday is in the woody nutty dry down. It smells like roasted nuts and a few coffee beans, and it's a fresh kind of sweet, with just a hint of dark musk. The mint note to me is more of a feeling than a recognizable scent; it's not like smelling chewing gum, it's more like that feeling when I breathe in when it's cold outside. I love that scent like I love the scent of peanuts: really nice to smell, not so much to smell of. It smells like a York Peppermint Patty, a Junior Mint, an After Eight Mint, or whichever chocolate-mint candy you are most familiar with. But it's very fresh and pleasant Hazelnut in this one is very well blended while in Guerlain Habit Rouge L`Eau I didn't like it. The notes seemed perfect, a first dab on a piece of paper, the whiff from the tester, all good.
So I walked around for about 30 seconds and suddenly realized that I smelled frikkin awesome.
This phase lasts seconds and already enters the intense touch of coffee, which brings us back to cocoa, chocolate mixed with notable touches of sesame. For me, the fragrance feels about an hour and a half, now whether it's me or the perfume, I do not know, I would say that prior to the perfume, shame, shame, unfortunately!
He will be hoping to find a woman who is emotionally mature and thinking about relationships seriously.
There is a man at my weekly dance class, who always makes a point to greet me and make connection ( hugs me, asks how I am, he asks me every week if I will be coming to the next dance) We have meet before many years ago so there is an ease and friendliness based on that.
In the gym we chat constantly and he watches my every move and goes out of his way to look for me when I am out of sight. You will not find a good relationship when constantly judging a person or wishing for someone to be a certain way and getting dissapointed when it turns out the person is not what you were hoping for. Patience, empathy and taking time for each other are more important things when dealing with a relationship and I want to emphasize that a couple should really take the time for each other to get to know each other, since we are living in a world where everything is in a very fast pace and we have to cope with lots of stress, which makes it easy to put a low priority on a relationship. He agreed on settling down later next year but in our Zambian culture,the man has to introduce himself to my family as a way of showing intentions of marrying me some day.
My ex is aware of this behaviour and that its wrong but nonetheless he continues to hang around with this guy. At first I’d accepted this friend, but when I saw how downtrodden his poor wife was, I began to have my doubts.
When we were dating his friends were all in the same phase (dating and looking to get married to their respective partners). Any use of this website constitutes acceptance of our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Societal and religious views may frown against these affairs but from recent studies made by a renowned psychologist the following was discovered. A fragrance for a man that gives off his magical aura, becoming totally and completely…irresistible. It easily sits on me 12 hours but rather stays close to skin and is detectable in closer touch (perfect for intimate occasions!).
If it stayed like that for even 30 minutes I very well may have scoured the internet for a bottle. It is deep, dark, and rich with just the slightest hint of hazelnut and some light woods to balance everything out and add intrigue. I keep expecting him to ask me out, because sometimes I get the feeling the attraction is mutual, but he hasnt so far ?? I am starting to wonder if he may be in a relationship already.

Strangely after friend 1 separated from his wife but then got back together with her which I now understand to be reluctantly, my ex started to distance himself from me. When me and my ex split up friend number 2 was apparently really pleased he had got his mate back :((.
His heart belongs to this one woman and he has accepted that they won’t ever be a couple. My husband was the 2nd one to propose to me out of his group of friends and soon thereafter everyone did the same. Open a discussion about the power he has in his life and how his choices are powerful (for good or bad in his relationship with you and in the legacy he builds for his own life). The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Blink Publishing LLC.
If your man makes a sexual move towards you during this time; kindly ask him to give you a few hours to rest to recover with the promise to make it up to him. Sadly, it's been discontinued, but an India-based able to peddle an unboxed 50ML bottle for close to what is used to sell for, USD43.
As of this writing, I wasn't able to find any of such items below $125, typically being north of $140. The coffee note was great with the greenness of this and I wish to find this scent one day. If I had to sum it up, it's the same drydown in Pure Malt Creation 2013 by Thierry Mugler, but without the fruits.
It is however VERY synthetic and there is something about it that just doesn't sit right with me. Having said that, the first minute or so was still great, I had the same feeling like when testing L'Instant pour Homme Extreme - citrus fresh sharpnes with a gourmand background that avoids sweetness just like a 99% percent cocoa chocolate.
What is surprising me is tht he has changed and posponed dates four times since 2011,of which the last one was September this year,I’ve tried asking why but because he hates talking about issues,he would stop coming to my place and playing around with different women openly and going to bars until the following morning with his friends like teenagers. Indeed it seems this friend spends every opportunity to criticise his wife and express his unhappiness. When my ex is with or has spent time with his brother, his attitude towards me seems to change. I can feel a lot of coffe with a hint of hazelnuts, but I can swear I feel dark chocolate here too. This fragrance has so much potential, but there is something harsh, and off-putting about it. I was about 12 drinks deep so I don't remember how long this lasted or anything, but either way, I'll probably buy this to add to my collection. Then a few weeks ago at a work event this friend called a group of younger girls in the office by a derogatory term, for no reason at all.
I think he misses his brother and has applied for jobs in the same city where his brother lives. Yes I know it takes two, but never ever underestimate the influence of their friends for good or ill. I feel like he puts the same amount of importance on our marriage as he does on his friends even though he won’t admit it.
It really starts to bother me after a few moments and I've never received a compliment from it.
Oh well, I so wish this didn't happen but after just a few minutes the mint and citrus seem to form a nasty bond with the sesame which to my nose translates into a stale greasy skin odour, with a little big of wet dog thrown in for good measure.
My friends and family like this about me, but I’m insecure about it in the world of dating and relating with men. I don't really get any "coffee" accord from this, although I never do in fragrances because I drink so much of it every day! I am sure this won't happen to everyone, but please do test on your skin before deciding to get a bottle of this interesting fragrance. To me, VI also has this strange "green apple" accord as well, but it's may just be the colour of the juice and my nose playing tricks on me.
I then removed mself once more from the picture as I realised that this is not what I want and two weeks later he is contacting me again asking “where I am”? Inside I am dying because I have never been so attracted to someone and really want to get to know him.
Talk about him, how much he means to you and, how you treasure every night or moment you share with him. Regardless, this is such a dark scent that I would only want to don on the very coldest of winter days (or nights). If you live in a colder climate, enjoy gourmands, or are simply on the prowl for a winter fragrance, you might consider this chocolate-mint confection, however, the harsh bitterness that comes with it may completely turn you off as it does me.

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