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It's by nationally known relationship expert Michael Fiore and it exposes a simple, horrible truth about men . If you are serious about making positive changes in your approach to men and getting to the bottom of attraction, then this book is essential to helping you move forward.
So, Melanie DID end up marrying her high school sweetheart, Ulysses, because my game had saved after they were engaged.
They quickly got married and right away had a baby boy, Odhran Mackey (though he later changed his name to Odhran Viridian).
Shortly after, they had a baby girl, Chloe Mackey (she later changed her name to Chloe Viridian). In my legacy the colored generational thing is a curse, Sunny is the first to recieve the curse.
Pineapple is a childish slob cowardly woman, but somewhat irresistible, she has moved to Hidden Springs recently, and has a fascination for yellow stuff. After buying a cube appartment she decided to paint it yellow, and also bring the furniture she had in house of her parents, (also yellow).

By the laws of magnetism, she got her affair with Louis Swete, yes, he stills hates children, has no sense of humor, and is somewhat unflirty, but somehow, Pineapple taught him how to live and love again. And it happened, 2 days after love seeds flowered inside Pineapple Louis passed away, what used to make Pineapple the happiest woman on earth made her now to sworn day and night.
Pineapple was invited to a feast party at Emmaline Rhoen (due because her natural irresistible stentch? The baby was born exactly in spooky day, maybe that was the reason she was born with brave trait and also seem to have some prefference for walking barefoot in the snow (the first one was not choosen, i only choose loves the cold, i couldn't make mommy happy enough to choose both, the 2 days penalty of death plus broken hearthed combo didn't helped me at all).
Louis came from underworld to visit Lime constantly, even if he dislikes children he cares about his one. Days passed and Lime Swete had her birthday party, she gained the slobish trait from her mother, this added to her other traits had made her a winter fanatic tomboy that loves skateboarding.
It happened again, just a day after spooky day came, Lime grew up once more, and inherited her father Hopeless romantic trait, this tomboy aged well, however as this selfie shows in a house of slobs there is no need for a bathroom, the sink's only use is to remove the dishes, Lime started creating a garden inside her own room because she loves to get dirty. Louis Swete keeps visiting her brave daughter and making her wife to dismay almost everynight, they are still building bounds even in afterlife, who would say that this misanthrope would be such great father.

Teenage came with its respective humor changes, but Pineapple shows herself supportive all the time. However, days passed and this hopeless romantic slob girl who got those trait as an inheritance aged again, she registered herself as a self employed winemaker because she has been squishing fruit since teen.
I then thought that there would be a wasted generation but the bald boy's one was black and I sighted in relief.
This will be a mess, we are just in 3rd gen and already got 5 people, there is just room for 3 more.
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Lime was pretty interested in green stuff so this irish green gentleman was her target, due to her hopeless romantic trait she just had to look at his eyes over and over until he reacted by giving her her first kiss.

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