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It’s a solid fact that real world companies have been trying very hard to infuse their brand into the web, due to the popularity of the internet. For giant corporation like Nike, they can probably invest a small part of their fund to hire top-notch web designer to build an epic site, but for small companies without funds and design experience, it will be a crucial challenge for them to get their website existed online with nice design and functionality. Designed by Template Monster, Art of Business provides you a completely professional corporate environment to showcase your company and products.
Another very high quality site template built with brilliant typography, great color scheme, and professional content slider. Although the site is originally designed for personal work showcase, the site design itself suits very well for business site also. First stands out from common business templates with its fresh, creative and elegant design, making it a great choice for business user. Here you go, a HTML5 powered, professionally designed layout with brilliant typography and corporate color scheme. While most business templates are designed with bright color scheme, Lawyer and Attorney offers you a dark yet elegant layout to showcase your company or service. If you are tired of business templates with heavy graphic and color scheme, Mondays probably meets your minimalistic needs with its clean and fresh design. Smart Biz is an universal business template with modern touch, which makes it compatible to most kind of business. Genoa is a business-oriented WordPress theme designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Just as its name, Simplybiz impresses your site visitor with its simplicity and professionalism. Webfolio comes with ads support, content slider and even Flickr photostream, absolutely a feature-rich theme for your various business needs. Released by the same company that publishes Webfolio, Wise Business comes with business friendly features like testimonials page templates and real-time contact form with email validation. Released exclusively by our site, Polo360 is suitable for a wide range of site like portfolio, product page or main business site. Designed by GraphicsFuel, Corporatix is a modern business template with completely slick and creative design.
Exponet is a well designed Photoshop template available to you with a home page and an about page design. Produced by Web Designer Raid, Handmade is another very slick Photoshop layout perfect for business site. Besides its clean and modern layout, Openmint includes a content part in the footer area that features company’s partners, which is greatly desired by most companies.
Product layout is actually a freebie released by HVDesigns, followed by the tutorial that teaches how to create this slick layout.
This free advanced Photoshop template is purposefully designed to suit portfolio, agency or business site. Guided by Journey Digital Media, this tutorial will show you the detail to design a clean and solid fictional business layout. Web Flash Slide show Creator Application is considered into the best web image gallery generator Plugin Application that helps you create the best website gallery with template from picture collection. The following tutorial will show you how to use the easy web site album Generator Plugin Application program to create gallery and generate simple script code for inserting in html page.
If you want to create an audio album using the generator program, you can also add background music into the gallery. How to embed your Flash gallery in to your html web site page with the simple script code and upload?
After you publish the Flash image album, you will get 7 files (3 folders, 2 html pages, 1 SWF file, 1 XML file) in the output folder.
Sidenote: sometimes Adobe Illustrator gets testy and doesn't show the numbers as you type them into the zoom area highlighted below. The Artboard can be toggled between visible and invisible by going to View > Hide Artboard.
You may find it easy to establish balance and a nice hierarchy by first drawing simple grey boxes on your page.
After you have a general idea of what the layout will look like you can add guides and remove the grey boxes. Using only the guides as a reference, add other elements like navigation, text, and tighten-up where the logo, images ,and icons will go. There are a couple different ways to prepare a design for use inside a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor, like Adobe Dreamweaver. If you saved your images to the same location as before, you will notice the Images folder on your Desktop now includes the additional images you just saved. It's all very well using MySQL Workbench for all our examples, but you might be wondering how to create a website with MySQL?

Querying a MySQL database from your website is not much different to querying it from MySQL Workbench — you use the same SQL statements for both. A better solution would be to do what most other websites do — use a server-side programming language to interface between the website and the MySQL server. The server-side script would first connect to MySQL, then it can run any query that it needs to. This option generates PHP code that connects using the parameters for the connection that you're currently using. Simply paste this code into the PHP document that needs to connect to MySQL and update any fields as required. This code uses the MySQLi driver, which driver is used by PHP to provide an interface with MySQL databases. This option allows you to generate PHP code that embeds the SQL statement into a PHP script. ColdFusion is another server-side programming environment that enables you to connect to a MySQL server. The above code assumes that a data source connection called dsnFruitShop has been previously set up. ColdFusion allows you to connect to a database via its administration interface (ColdFusion Administrator). Under Add New Data Source, enter the name you'd like to call your data source, and the driver.
Enter the details of your MySQL server and the name of the database you'd like this connection to be used for. Now you should be able to add the driver via the ColdFusion Administrator as shown in the previous steps. The steps listed on this page assume that you at least know how to make a basic website using the scripting language involved. Apple knows about that, Coca-cola knows about that, even local fresh mart near my home knows about that. Here we’ve collected 35 high quality resources which include WordPress themes, HTML templates, PSD mockups and even step-by-step tutorials to help you build a website that meets your business need.
I must say that the quality of this template exceeds most templates found in premium market. It includes WordPress-specific features such as image slider, real-time contact form and Twitter integration. It also includes built-in page templates to allow you to change the way the content looks with different layouts. The best part of this Photoshop template is it comes with home page, about page, service page, portfolio page, and contact page design, almost everything you need to build a complete website. Although it looks quite complicated, graphic layers inside the template are well-organized for your easier customization.
Make an easy Flash picture gallery and upload to web site by inserting the script code seems wonderful.
The Creator Plugin Application offer various beautiful Flash templates for users to make their galleries and generate simple script code for embedding in html page.
This plugin software program offers various free beautiful templates for users to design their galleries. If you want to insert the gallery into your html web page, you can just add the simple SWF file in it. When you open your website, you will see that your image album is displaying online your website page. I've chosen this width because this website will likely incur internet traffic who have average to large monitors. I like to place a blank screenshot of a browser window on its own layer while I'm designing, to get a good idea of what my website will look like when it's done. The problem with this is that it takes a little longer than showing and hiding guides (Command + Semicolon Key) So, I find it best to use guides and hide the Artboard. The thin rectangles represent where I plan on using text while the large grey boxes will be images.
It is helpful to toggle your guides on and off (Command + Semicolon Key), while you are finessing the layout.
I find it much easier and faster to accomplish as many design elements inside Illustrator so I can concentrate on programming and coding the website when the time comes.
It is usually cleaner if you draw your guides about 1 or 2 pixels outside of the area that you are slicing. Use the Slice Select Tool (K) highlighted in the upper left corner to select the specific slices that you want to save. Since my navigation is not made up of images or an abundance of colors I have decided the best file type for the navigation will be GIF, then click Save.

Alternatively, you could place on and off states somewhere in your document, create all your slices, and export them together. I have extensive hands-on experience developing concepts and projects from inception through implementation. But of course, I'm sure you don't have a little gremlin sitting inside your website just waiting around for an SQL query to type every time someone visits your website? Well, it's not a full-blown PHP generator, but it will generate enough PHP code for you to paste into your website so that it can connect to MySQL and run your queries. It also generates the PHP code to iterate through the result set (so that the results can be displayed to the website user).
Here, you create a "data source" connection which you can refer to within your code (as we did in the above example). This step by step WordPress blog tutorial will explain the difference between a blog and a website and will show you how to create a blog properly so you can ultimately create a blog business and get paid for your passions! You can either download, work on a bit and put it online directly, or hire a web designer to perform the customization until it fulfills your company’s need. The template also comes with necessary page design like home page, service page and portfolio page. But how to create your easy web site picture gallery and upload to html website by inserting the simple script code? If this is the case, simply press return after you enter your values, and your document will be resized to the number you entered. Over the course of laying out a whole website you will find it much easier to press a quick key command rather than going to the top of the screen and selecting from a list every time.
If the guides you drew don't work as well as you thought, definitely adjust them as you see fit. The hover state (when the mouse is over the navigation) will be red, while the off state will be grey. Also, note that if your user a web supported font, then you may decide to use html text instead of images.
Use a workflow that you find comfortable and best for the particular project you're working on. If this is the case simply delete the text before or after you make the slices, but previous to saving the slices for the web.
You can quickly experiment with design and give this phase of the web design process the attention and thought it needs. After all, you'd need to find a gremline with a good knowledge of SQL — not easy to find these days! It's outside the scope of this MySQL tutorial to go into the details of creating PHP websites. Once you've set up the data source, it can be used on any ColdFusion page on that ColdFusion server. You need to get a web site Flash image album generator plugin (Flash Slideshow Creator Application), which allow you to make easy image album with free template and generate the simple script codes for inserting into html page in simple steps.
Feel free to zoom in and out while working on your layout, but be certain all your text and design elements are readable when viewed at 100%.
To use guides to make slices first drag guides onto your page around each object that will require its own link. I have found that I sometimes need to repeat this step three or four times before Illustrator actually will make slices. However, if you're interested, I've written a PHP tutorial that covers the basics of PHP (including database driven websites).
Also, we'll use the recently released Website Elements Freebie to mock up the design as well. Use the drop down highlighted below (or simply type in the percentage you want) to change the zoom to. Save your slices for the web (discussed in a later step) and repeat this process for other areas of the layout.
JPEG images work best for items that have several colors, while the GIF file format works well for items that have large areas of color and not many colors in general, PNG file format works well for transparent graphics (though may require some work to adjust for older IE browsers). Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Below I have four icons, each icon will lead the visitor to a different web page or area of the site.

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