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If we want to create a dynamic web page, then we have to create a dynamic url that will create a parameter query contains a variable string. Distinguishing between static url and dynamic url is the url dynamic always ends with a query parameter. When you have made ??a query parameter, then was put on the file that will be made dynamic by adding ?, behind the file name.
Step in creating a dynamic url has been successful, I hope this explanation is easy for you to understand. If the variable request name is user, then you just change variableofquery above with the username. Upload this file in localhost server or website hosting, and open it in the browser by making variance request.
Conclusion, dynamic website page and dynamic url is quite easy and practical to use for building a website.
Magento Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of the Magento e-Commerce platform. Thanks Rahul but while loading a eCommere Magento website it take a lot of time to load so i thought that we can also use API's just to fetch products and data but will that save my load time ?? What are some waterproof materials that meet my criteria for folding origami stars and cranes eggs?
CREATE DESIGN ™ advertising and website design agency has developed an on-going relationship with SDK. CREATE DESIGN ™ website design agency was then appointed to design and develop the new SDK website.
In 2011 CREATE DESIGN ™ website development agency, evolved the website platform and was totally redesigned to include a full content management system (cms website) as well as a document management module. The secure document management system allows clients to track project progress, access all relevant project documents and for all participating consultants to group documents and post project reports. CREATE DESIGN ™ website development agency, created a unique cms website in which the client has full control in updating.
The Content Management System allows the client to add extensive information on projects and so creates a comprehensive online showcase of their work. Our relationship with Wonki Ware started in 2003 when CREATE DESIGN ™ was commissioned by Wonki Ware as their advertising agency to develop a concise product website, an online overview of the Wonki Ware product range.
A content management system driven products database (cms) now provides the client with easy access to the content on their website. All the product photography on the website was done by CREATE DESIGN ™ in their professional photographic studio using studio lights to capture the products true to their colour and form. After developing a succinct, easy-to-follow website catalogue CREATE DESIGN ™ advertising agency moved on to develop all the print-based marketing materials for Wonki Ware and their new online range of products. CREATE DESIGN ™ photographers styled and photographed the Wonki Ware products for an on-going series of printed adverts that have run in major interior design publications. All the photography and styling for this Wonki Ware campaign was created by CREATE DESIGN ™.

CREATE DESIGN ™ developed a fully updatable product focused website for the extended Wonki Ware product range. The Wonki Ware collection was converted into an online product database featuring product features and specifications. Each Collection consists of various different products and the details page features all the different shapes available in each collection. Fancy Pants a niche baby products line based in the Garden Route, approached CREATE DESIGN ™ website design and development agency to design an e-commerce website that would be a full online shopping catalogue of their range. The vibrant colour palette used by CREATE DESIGN ™ website agency is inspired a whimsical landscape theme.
CREATE DESIGN ™ website design and development agency, created a unique illustrated theme for the content management system driven website.
The website catalogue has an ecommerce facility with multiple payment gateways to accommodate various different clients.
The advantage of creating a php website is that we can create a php page becomes dynamic, in which the content and appearance of the website page can be changed automatically without the need to make changes to the html code of the page. There are 2 ways, the first is by using the request function or using the database website hosting.
In the query parameters, you simply specify the name of the variable permintaan and when there are more than one variable and then add & as a connector between the variables in the dynamic url. That we need to create a dynamic web page is a php page because the command format in creating dynamic website page would be run through php script.
This is done automatically without the need to spend much of our time to edit the html code of the file. CREATE DESIGN ™ studio worked with the management team to establish what the company envisaged to be a clear elegant corporate identity. The process required the exploration of new concepts for the company logo while keeping in mind the brand equity established over 20 years. The website design evolved as well to include a unique Mondrian inspired navigation bar and provides a clean canvas on which SDK can display client projects.
Due to the evolution of the Wonki Ware business and the increase in product offer, CREATE DESIGN ™ initiated a full website re-design. All ranges and products are updated and maintained by the client making the website maintenance of their full online products catalogue a breeze. CREATE DESIGN ™ has developed a strong brand identity and design style for the Wonki Ware corporate image over the years. A website has been online will never be complete if not accompanied by a hit counter that can be utilized to analyze the development of blog trafic. This php script is very simple and easy, certainly you can practice it on the website without any constraint.
The CREATE DESIGN ™ agency illustrators developed a unique illustrated theme for the interface of the website which includes illustrations that portray the fun, eco-friendly child-friendly nature of their products.
The website was developed on a powerful content management system platform (cms website) which provides the clients with full control over the website content.

Only by creating a special page that can call a query of the database server or through a request function, the page is able to display the data corresponding to the query. For this tutorial, we will discuss the easiest way is to create a dynamic website page with the request function. As explained in the second paragraph, in creating dynamic web page will be assisted with the request function. Through a process of developing and distilling the essence of the ideas, the typeface, line and exact proportions of this minimal brand were defined. The new corporate image crystallised through the brand design process into a new stronger corporate identity.
The content management system driven website allows the clients the ability to update project case studies and document downloads.
The comprehensive dynamic website catalogue also facilities ease of online ordering for clients both in South Africa and internationally. They continue to design new point-of-sale marketing material and handle the graphic design of marketing and advertising materials such as; postcards, adverts and brochures. Here, we will discuss how to create a page view counter code with the help of php scripts so that you can know how many readers of every page in your website.
The website and the advanced database, also allow for user registrations to facilitate a speedy e-commerce experience on the online shopping catalogue. The branding was used across a full suite of corporate stationery - business cards, letterheads, email signatures and signage.
The new colour palette is bolder and more modern and adds a touch of colour to bring the site to life. CREATE DESIGN ™ has built a strong relationship with the client and filled the role of brand guardian and advertising agency for the Wonki Ware brand. Multiple payment gateways have been included to provide the consumer with their choice of payment method.
On January 22, 2009 Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States. An interesting design concept introduces novel solutions for multi-layered navigation - a new approach which does not employ the conventional and traditional JavaScript menu systems. The online shopping experience is well categorised and clear in its simplicity of layout and design. Subtle use of flash allows for a comprehensive overview of each project without clicking too many buttons.

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