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Safe Fifer is a multi-agency child safety event, held in Scotland, supported by Fife Constabulary, Fife Fire and Rescue Service and several other agencies and businesses.
This year, one important consideration was the increasing problem of online child safety, and in particular the dangers of posting information publicly on social networking sites. Colin Maxwell, lecturer at Carnegie College, said “The local police wanted an interactive and engaging way of warning school children about posting information publicly on social networking sites. The safety message will be extended to high school pupils over the forthcoming months as PC Steele has joined forces with Anne Deas of Fife Education Service to train school teachers to deliver the material.
Part of the presentation consists of a video developed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, which can be seen on Youtube. In a previous post, I blogged about how to embed an Adobe Captivate simulation in a PDF in order to supplement a static PDF and bring it to life using Rich Media. Since then many people have asked if it’s possible to do the same using an Adobe Presenter project.
The answer is yes, however the process is a bit more complicated because of the nature of an Adobe Presenter project. Here’s a very realistic rubber stamp mock-up to help you create a distinctive showcase of your badge, logo or symbol. Showcase your logo design and give it an authentic vintage look by using this high quality mock-up. The layered PSD includes smart objects and instant handmade grungy ink impression for a flawless result.
Use these beautiful and original photo based iPhone mock-ups to showcase your mobile app or theme. This is a neat mock-up that’s perfect for creating a photorealistic display for your t-shirt design. This is a photo-realistic mock-up that will help you preview how your apparel design will look like printed on a hoodie.
This is a food themed iPhone photography mock-up great for showcasing and promoting apps, mobile websites and more. This is a stylish folder mock-up that will help you create realistic presentations of your design.
These photo based iPhone and iPad mock-ups are a great way to display your mobile app with style. This is a new vintage logo mock-up to help you create a beautiful display for your branding projects. This tripod easel PSD mock-up is great to showcase your advertisement, artwork or design in an urban environment. This is a freebie that helps showcase mobile apps or themes, a photo based Samsung 5S PSD mock-up.
This is a great iPad photo mockup you can use in your own presentations for your clients to showcase their website or app on this mobile device. This is a high quality original mock-up to showcase your artwork or poster as displayed on a street billboard. This freebie is a fresh, summertime inspired MacBook Air mock-up. Use this photorealistic, fully editable resource to present your apps and web design projects in a beautiful manner. This is a set of photography based elegant vintage mock-ups including 3 styles: Golden letterpress, Regular and Vintage letterpress.
Showcase your logo as a wall mounted sign or just add depth to it with this photorealistic mock-up. Create a flawless presentation for your package design projects with this great PSD mock-up. This business card design was conceived for dark themed designs and it includes smart layers to allow you to create a flawless presentations in just moments. Create a neat display for your vintage branding projects with this high quality logo mock-up.

Recently, I took advantage of these possibilities to create a presentation introduction that mimicked the scrolling yellow text that begins the Star Wars movies. For this tutorial, you need only a background, a text block within a movie clip, and guides to aid the design process. I created a starry background in Photoshop using filters and curves, but you can use any photograph of the night sky, or even a solid background. Place each of these elements on Frame 1 of their own layer and lock the guide and background layers (Figure 1). The Star Wars text effect creates perspective along the horizontal x-axis, so you can use the red or orange control to add perspective until the movie clip’s edges align with your guides (Figure 2b).
Note that Shift-dragging with the red axis control will snap the control to 45-degree angles, but Shift-dragging the orange axis control has no effect. At this point, your text should have the right amount of perspective to align with the guides in 3D space and behave as though it’s in a three-dimensional space. 3D movie clips in Flash Professional CS4 also have Vanishing Point settings, found with the Perspective Angle setting, and will recede in depth toward the Vanishing Point coordinates. Selecting the 3D Translation Tool will reveal an overlay on the 3D movie clip consisting of two arrows that control the x-axis and y-axis, and of a blue center point that controls the z-axis.
Note that these directions are based on the object-based tweening model that’s new to Flash CS4 Professional.
At this point, you can polish the animation with an opacity tween near the end of the frame span, which fades out the text as in the Star Wars movies. I noticed for whatever reason, if you rotate the text using the transform menu’s 3D rotation type-in by -90 degrees on the x axis, the edges of your text will line up perfectly with the 30 degree guide lines.
The event, which attracts several thousand school children from across the Fife area, is intended to drive home safety messages in a variety of important safety areas. To help deliver the safety message Fife constabulary enlisted the help of local college students and staff to create an interactive presentation about using social networks. They wanted a simulation of a social network site that was interactive and could incorporate video. In other words, while Captivate publishes a single Flash file, Adobe Presenter publishes multiple files and thus the key to embedding a Presenter project is to consolidate all these files in Adobe Acrobat.
Along with the usual smart objects, the PSD file includes realistic textures, folds displacement mapping and filter actions.
The PSD file allows you to change the color of the garment and place your design via smart objects so that it will blend with the folds and creases of the hoodie. The PSD files are incredibly easy to use, just replace the image inside the smart object with your design, make any adjustments if needed and you’re good to go. Replace the screen image with your own design via smart objects, make whatever adjstments are necessary and have your presentation done in minutes. For obtaining a flawless presentation you have to apply your design using the smart objects. Use the smart object to replace the screen design with your own and you’ll have a flawless presentation in no time.
The PSD file is fully layered and uses smart objects that allow you to easily place your design and have your work done in minutes.
Just add tagline and you are set! Both PSD files include smart objects so you can easily replace the iPad screen.
Drag and drop your work inside the smart layer, edit the background and you’ll be done in no time. The text block must reside within a movie clip because Flash CS4 Professional’s 3D tools work only with movie clips. You can angle the guides as you like; mine are angled 20 degrees in either direction, and I found that 30 degrees was too steep to be legible.

In the beginning, each element (guides, text, and stars) resides on Frame 1 of its own layer (inset). Drag either end of the red axis control around the center point, or drag any point on the orange axis control straight up.
Because the 3D Rotation tool pivots everything around the center point, doing this will keep those points aligned with the guides even after perspective has been added. The movie clip will conform to the stage’s Perspective Angle, a property that dictates the angle of view.
If your guides are long enough to visually intersect at the vanishing point, you can use the intersection coordinates for your Vanishing Point settings and precisely control the vanishing point’s position. To create the illusion of receding into space, the clip must change its z-axis depth and maintain its y-axis position. You can’t handle the clip itself with the 3D Translation Tool, just the arrows and center point.
The 3D movie clip’s z-axis value will change and the text will appear to recede in 3D space towards the vanishing point. Choose Insert > Motion Tween or right-click the frame span and select Create Motion Tween.
Move the playhead to the first frame and use the 3D Translation Tool to drag the z-axis control point down until the text is just below the stage. Move the playhead to the last frame and use the 3D Translation Tool in the same way, dragging up until the text has receded beyond the top of the stage. This is because elements are literally going off the pasteboard, and it’s common when dealing with huge changes in position or depth. If you right-click the frame span, you’ll notice that Flash CS4 Professional has tagged the tween as a 3D Tween. You can also add a mask layer to hide the text at a certain point, or simply let the text scroll beyond the stage.
On location, or in our studio, if you need a professional quality photo for print or new media, epic software delivers.
The best choice of software for constructing this was Adobe Flash, as it was easy to make graphics, add video and create interactivity”. If you have a corporate identity project right now, then check out these brilliant free mockups for designers and download the ones you like most. A higher Perspective Angle will make all 3D objects on the stage appear closer to the viewer.
As with the Perspective Angle, the Vanishing Point settings are global settings that affect all 3D movie clips. Drag either arrow to move the clip along the x-axis or y-axis and to duplicate the Selection or Free Transform Tools’ behavior. You can do the same thing by changing the Z value of the 3D center point in the Transform panel.
If it appears that your text is scrolling too fast in one part of the movie and too slow in another, select the tween by clicking on the frame span and change the Ease setting to ease the animation either in or out.
To change the Perspective Angle, select the 3D movie clip and change the Perspective Angle setting, which is in the 3D Position and View section of the Properties panel. The default setting of 55 degrees worked for me, but you may want to tweak your own setting depending on your typeface.

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