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During the Great Depression, the country was hit with an extremely large unemployment rate. It is interesting to note that one industry actually did very well during this period of time.
In 1935, the Social Security Act was established to give assistance to the unemployed, handicapped and elderly. The demand this placed on the government created a need for a much larger government workforce. A combination of government spending, prompted by World War II and monetary expansion is what ended the Great Depression.
The Federal Reserve and the government can put conditions in place that are optimal for economic growth but, ultimately, it’s the people that drive the economic growth, through innovation and growth in productivity. The United States emerged from World War II as a super-power and maintained its status as the largest economy ever since. I think in 2008 we were heading down that road though it will take another major event for us to start down that path again. Well i have to write a page letter to my teacher though the eyes of people living through the great depression…. How about your whole family living in one bedroom, you are the only one working in the house of 1 mother and about 8 children, you are working five jobs but that’s still not enough. Hi I was wondering if I could use your photos for a school project, I would really appreciate it thank you!
I was wondering if you could tell me anything about a homeless person during the Great Depression, I have to tell what life was like being homeless in the Great Depression as if it was my life so I was just wondering if someone could help me out a little with the facts I would need to know I would really appreciate.
Manitoulin Island, in Canada, is the biggest island in the world, surrounded by freshwater. America 2050 calls for a Trans-American Freight Network with investments that will alleviate highway and rail bottlenecks, electrify the rails, and green the nation's seaports. It was created by a combination of a stock market crash, bad banking structure and tight monetary policy.
In 1932, Congress passes the Glass-Stegall Act which bans any connection between commercial banks and investment banking. This included implementing a 40-hour work week for workers of companies that participated in interstate commerce.
At the beginning of the Depression, there were approximately 553,000 civil employees on the government’s payroll.

They went with one economist theory as to why the Federal Reserve was a part of the collapse. Everyone seems to focus more on what they want or will lose in this day, than they do on what they have and how important it is to work with what you have, instead of dwell on what you don’t.
The Federal Reserve instigated the ENTIRE meltdown to give them more control over our currency. One shapefile is of the counties included in the megaregions with county-level demographic data attached.
These investments should foster the growth of our economy, reduce the systems impact on the natural environment, and help to offset the impact of the freight system on local communities. The whole world was negatively impacted by the Great Depression.  Below you will see the great depression facts, causes and the great depression timeline. It is thought that people went to the movies because, for a brief time while at the movie, they could forget their many hardships. Innovation helps to increase demand for goods and growth in productivity helps to increase the output of goods.
A little history about the Federal Reserve is that is not Federal, but a completely private bank, that controls and prints money out of thin air and controls the whole nations interest rates. The other is of the megaregions with the boundaries simplified and smoothed (pictured above). To accomplish these goals the federal government needs to articulate a national freight policy.
There was mass production in the manufacturing, telecommunications, movie and chemical sectors.
By 1934, nearly one-half of all residential loans were delinquent and over 1 million families lost their farms.
Comedies were big at this time and the Three Stooges provided a great deal of entertainment for many. Yes, they control it, not a free market, but a secretive bank that does not have to release their files to the public. The following illustrative map identifies key freight corridors, bottlenecks in major metropolitan regions, and the nation's global gateways where these investments might be focused. Because the capital requirements to start new banks were low, many banks were created during that time. The Federal Reserve itself was derived and signed into legislation after the first depression, with the promise to prevent further depressions.

In that single day, investors lost 14 billion dollars and by the end of 1929, 40 billion dollars was lost.
Once the selling began, more selling was needed to satisfy margin calls and liquidity requirements for banks. The government failed to act to stabilize or increase the money supply during The Great Depression. Americans found themselves with ever increasing amounts of dollars to spend which was then invested in the stock market and deposited in to banks.
This crash put a lot of pressure on banks and caused a great deal of money to be taken out of the economy. People feared that their bank would collapse since, at that time, there were no guarantees on cash at the bank.
The last thing I will say about this horrible un-American institution is that is was signed into power on December 23 1913, during Christmas recess, while most members were off with their families.
With the supply of money growing rapidly, banks were opening up at the rate of 4 – 5 per day. Passed under secrecy and without public rejection, because it only need a majority to pass.
Some banks were not able to fulfill the requests for withdrawal and closed their doors to people. This establishment is the reason why our economy today is spending out of control, that will untimely lead to the greatest depression of them all. They didn’t engage in enough open market activities, such as buying up the bank loans to restore the banking system. That meant ensuring that there were sufficient gold reserves to meet the demands of the depositor, as well as ensuring that there was adequate demand for currency.
People started putting money under their mattresses instead of risking putting it in the bank.

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