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Whenever a shiny new gadget comes out, we ask the question: does it carry the Australia Tax?
Some economists from CommSec got together and did a bit of maths this week to find out, of the 46 nations where the iPad Air 2 is currently available, which is the cheapest. Australia is the 8th cheapest place in the world to buy an iPad Air 2, while the US is 10th cheapest in the world.
The cheapest place to buy one is in Japan, provided you can manage to find one without tax. The most expensive place in the world to buy an iPad Air 2 is in Guatemala, where the gadget retails for $707.58.
I have done the same study and just published yesterday with almost the same results, but with information about the shop like shipment, payments options.
The ISS is getting a little renovation done, courtesy of its very first attachable space house, which is almost ready to inflate.
If you live in British Columbia, don't try to sneak out a quick text while driving just because you don't see any cops on the road.
Nuclear experts say this famous photo of an apparent mushroom cloud rising above the city of Hiroshima is not what it appears to be.
The big event in Los Angeles has come and gone, and the world now knows that Microsoft is indeed throwing its hat into the ring with the Surface tablet.

On the pricing front, all we know is that Microsoft said that the Surface would be comparable to other ARM tablets (or Ultrabooks, in the case of the Pro model). Another unknown is just how many Windows RT apps will be available in the Windows Store come launch day. They are the best 10-inch tablets on the market right now, but true perfection is tough to achieve. Despite the fact that the US price is the benchmark for the index and Australia is cheaper, there are even cheaper countries in which to buy an iPad. The RCMP, Canada's version of the FBI, have started using DLSR cameras attached to massive scopes to spot distracted drivers from as far as 1.2km away.
The towering plume is actually billowing smoke rising up from the raging firestorms that followed the explosion. Affectionately coined MMi, we're a community over 900,000 strong who love modifying our iPhones. Watch videos showing how to apply makeup perfectly according to your face shape, highlight your best beauty features and cover irregularities! Microsoft has yet to announce specifics about the processor (such as the number of cores and clock speed) and the resolution of the display, and we also don’t know how much the Surface tablets will cost. It’s very likely, then, that the Surface for Windows RT will sell at or below the price of the iPad.

We know for sure that certain big-name apps and games will be on offer — like Evernote, Netflix, Kobo, and Cut The Rope.
Check out pictures of the latest makeup styles and be up-to-date with the hottest makeup trends! We’ve gathered together the most common iPad Air and iPad Air 2 issues we’ve been hearing about, and provided a rundown of your potential solutions and workarounds.
Follow tips on skin care and makeup application techniques, and get glowing skin and flawless makeup!
The new iPad pushes 264 PPI, but if the Surface display looks as great as members of the press said it does, the general public probably won’t consider this difference a shortcoming. But if the average user can find the key apps they expect to find, this shortfall won’t matter much either.

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