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Angus cattle are blocky cattle (which is typical of every beef breed), but are not nearly as muscular as Charolais, Gelbvieh, Simmentals nor Limousins. He writes about positive psychology. Martin Seligman has authored five books on the topic (see below) and is considered the founder of Positive Psychology. They were developed from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeen shire and Angus in Scotland, and are known as Aberdeen Angus in most parts of the world. Bulls should have a muscular crest over their necks, whereas cows should lack this and have an overall feminine look. Angus cattle originate from Aberdeen, Scotland, where the climate there is not all that friendly to many breeds of cattle.

Angus are typically hardy, adaptable, generally good natured (though most often less so than Herefords, Highlanders or Shorthorns), and resistant to harsh weather. Historically, Angus cows weighed only around 950 to 1200 lbs, and bulls weighed around 1800 to 2300 lbs. Today, you may find a fair number of herds with cows that may reach over 1800 lbs, and bulls weighing over 3300 lbs, however, there are still other herds that have retained the smaller size. They have great calving ease qualities, great forage convertibility, good mothering ability, good milking ability, and great ability to do well on their own with minimal management, making them an ideal animal to raise in ranch-like conditions. Their thin skin and black hide, however, make them less-than-ideal to raise in tropical climates because they are able to absorb heat too easily and thus suffer from heat stroke and exhaustion.

Angus are great animals to raise in climates with moderate summers and cold, snowy winters.

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