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ScopeControl, by DOVIDEQ medical, is a test and measurement device to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes, securing quality assurance and control.
By means of fully automated tests, ScopeControl measures and verifies the quality of the endoscope. See the specific tests and measurements ScopeControl performs to verify the quality of the endoscope under test.
We have selected ScopeControl to secure the brand-agnostic testing of endoscopes, for its automated testing and reporting. With ScopeControl we get to grips with quality management to become compliant with the covenant on safety when using medical technology in our hospital. By combining the best equipment and software currently available on the market, we are able to accurately manage the extensive volume of parts moving through the company on a daily basis. As part of our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, all of our metrology equipment is maintained and calibrated regularly and, therefore, kept in A1 condition.All manufacturing operations, from raw material receiving, to first article, to in-process inspection, to final inspection, support confirmation of critical characteristics and conformity of our standards with the customera€™s specifications.
It’s never really been quick or easy when I mine the data (which seems to be about once a year), but when I reassess the cheat-sheet I typically spend most of the time re-reminding myself of how to gather the info for the various browsers, all the while discovering new sources.
Rendering Engine: Webkit is the rendering engine in Safari and the version can be found in the user-agent string. The cheat-sheet is a list of browsers’ rendering engine and JavaScript engine versions. Here is a 17 minute video from MIX09 on Automated User Interface Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010. Written over a weekend, Sean Sullivan the CTO of Black Baud lab’s created an iPhone browser simulator, and it’s FREE!
Basically, what he did was take the Webkit rendering engine from Safari and embed it into a Windows application. always, when it comes to browser compatibility testing there is nothing like testing the real browser on the real platform. The rendering results will be based on the version of Safari for Windows you have installed and its Webkit version. A question from Tobbe Ryber has inspired me to jot down a few things I’ve been meaning to do in a more extensive blog post for a long time. You have the ability to easily make calls into several layers of the application under test using a few lines or code, without duct taping and bailing wiring a bunch of libraries or technologies together. There is a great library and Visual Studio add-on that allows you to automate multiple browsers (IE 7, 8, FireFox.

The IDE is top notch when it comes to development and debugging (and test development and debugging). Syntax issues with scripting languages (JavaScript, Ruby, etc.) can be a huge waste of time at runtime. You have the ability to easily move some of your tests up the chain to run along side of developers’ unit tests. Test results are in an XML format which means that if you want to use something other than VSTS to view results you can easily manage it. ScopeControl secures quality management of the endoscopes in use in the operations theatre, improving patient safety and total quality control.
This helps us to secure procedures conform the MIC committee (minimal invasive surgery) guidelines, says Guido Kortleven, head of medical instruments and control.
Firefox has spent a long time acquiring users, and when you have people uninstalling because of issues, well, it’s just not good. This tool allows me to write manual tests, automate tests, and then configure, control and run those tests in specified physical or virtual environment. Browser requests are being made through Safari Webkit using an iPhone mobile user-agent string.
Make HTTP requests, make Web Service requests, use COM, make database queries, the list goes on and on. Imagine automating something in the browser, making a call to a Web service and then calling the database to validate your results…All in a few lines of code.
Your time spent searching the internet or referring to a library’s specifications is far less with auto-complete.
If you write a test that runs for minutes, hours, or days it could fail halfway through due to syntax.
Using the mstest command line, it’s easy to have your tests run with a build in TFS or CruiseControl. By doing this you now have automated acceptance tests, so that releases to QA have higher quality.
Knowledge and use of the same language and libraries used for development, thus having a greater technical understanding of what you’re testing.
Easily share and discuss your tests with developers because they are familiar with the language you are using. Just a few minutes of usage instructions and you can operate ScopeControl and start testing endoscopes.

It reduces costs and is the best tool to avoid defect endoscopes entering the operating theatre.
But here is the kicker, all the defects were reported BEFORE the release date of June 30th. Although beta 1 is pretty rough around the edges, what I’m seeing is really exciting. My answer to your question in a nutshell is that you need to care as a developer or tester because fully understanding how browsers work, knowing how similar and different they are, and being able to quickly assess how a feature or change to a Web application will impact your development, testing or regression.
For further explanation and details watch the screencast: Browser Compatibility Testing Risk Analysis. Changes made in that branch could cause your results to vary between the real iPhone browser and the iPhone browser simulator.
Linux, PHP, and Perl) I honestly feel like I’m working with tools that equate to a chisel and stone tablet.
Through my playing around and research I’ve gathered a few links full of information, screenshots, demos, videos, and official documentation. Notice that the User Agent contains the same Webkit number, hence the rendering engine version can be gathered from the User Agent string also. Make sure you are aware of the iPhone browser version you need to be testing and the Webkit version that comes along with that iPhone browser version. When endoscopes are deemed defective, they are prepared for repair or exchange with a detailed report. Peruse and enjoy, but before you get started, go get a rag so that you can clean the drool off of the side of your mouth when you’re done.
All measurement results are stored for later reference, ensuring full quality management and reporting.
I suppose it could be gathered easy enough by installing each iPhone app version and then either doing a Help->About in Safari?

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