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New for fall '11: I've added a second page of presentation backgrounds: download Powerpoint slides! Cac b?n t?ng s? d?ng PowerPoint d?u bi?t, trong ph?n m?m nay da tich h?p s?n nhi?u ki?u background d? cac b?n s? d?ng. Copyright © 2012 Animated PowerPoint Templates, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Piggy Bank powerpoint template is one of the best powerpoint templates available for free download. Download and use these free PowerPoint templates in your PowerPoint presentations anywhere -- for business, education, medicine, legal use, design, projects, fun, visuals, scrapbooks, school and teaching projects, portfolios, etc. In PowerPoint 2007, it's easy to use shortcut keys like Crtl+E to center text rather than accessing the option on the Ribbon or the mini toolbar. All templates found in Bestpowerpointtemplates are uploaded by site users for education purpose only and the templates are linked to respective template designer''s page. Business Executive powerpoint template is one of the best powerpoint templates available for free download.

For the graphically challenged or those pressed for time, the templates (or “themes”) that come with PowerPoint can be a great starting point for presentations. The themes that come with PowerPoint range from OK to “what the heck were they thinking?” I suppose that the best thing these themes have going for them is that the colors always go well with the backgrounds.
So what can you do when you need to format a presentation quickly but you don’t have a corporate theme? Of the 40 built-in themes that come with PowerPoint 2010, I would say that only a couple of them are good for corporate slide decks. Clarity, Essential, Median, Module, and Origin (you can see the theme names by hovering over them on the screen pictured above) are a pretty decent starting point for a last-minute corporate presentation.
Follow this step-by-step guide on the down-and-dirty method for quickly creating customized themes. Nhung qua qua trinh s? d?ng, b?n s? chan ng?y nh?ng hinh ?nh “c? l? si” ?y va mu?n tim cho minh nhi?u m?u m?i d?p hon. You can always get in touch with us through the feedback form if you have questions on editing these designs, or want more info on licensing.

Themes give you a designed layout, the font choices have already been made for you, and the colors have been selected to match the overall look of the slides. By going to the Design tab and hovering over the different themes you’ll find, you can instantly see how each choice affects the way your slides will look. All of these are clean and have minimal background elements, giving you lots of slide real estate for your important messages. Granted, it’s no substitute for a professionally designed theme and style guide but it could work out all right.
Nay toi xin gi?i thi?u d?n cac b?n 100 m?u n?n tuy?t d?p danh cho PowerPoint, t?t c? d?u r?t d?p va ch?c ch?n cac b?n s? “hoa m?t” khi trong th?y chung cho ma xem. Generally speaking, the less “blingy” and more subtle the theme, the better it will be suited for corporate use.

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